Friday, December 01, 2006


Britain’s Sunday Observer ‘newspaper’ has featured an article by David Smith, quoting Tony Blair’s “sorrow for shame of slave trade” (which happened around 200 years ago) going on to say further that Blair condemns “this crime against humanity” as he supposedly expressed his deep sorrow that it ever happened.

To say that I am flabbergasted would be a gross understatement.

That Tony Blair can be so outstandingly hypocritical is almost unbelievable. While his own legions of secret police rampage throughout Britain trying to silence thousands of dissidents through persecution and torture he piously pretends to be sorrowful about something that happened so many years ago? The gross human rights crimes he and his royalist henchmen have, and are still committing today, will at some point in history go down as being amongst the worst human rights crimes committed anywhere in the world, let alone Britain.

Tony Blair’s criminal actions against his own citizens is bad enough, add to that his unlawful actions of fully supporting the illegal war in Iraq, that has so far cost the lives of at least 1.165.204 Iraq civilians, plus at least the lives of 3,921 U.S. military personnel will be remembered as one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever recorded. The $484.859.188.988 spent on supporting this evil war could and should have been spent on better things.

In a recent article titled (This Article Could Get You Arrested) written by Henry Porter in The Independent, he wrote about the curtailment of civil liberties in Britain. He quoted from some e-mail correspondence he had had with Tony Blair, the prime Minister. In this article Porter twice stated that Britain was not a police state. Yet he then went on to describe some of the new laws brought in by Blair. These laws are amongst the most repressive introduced by any nation anywhere. For demonstrating in the street, for instance, and shouting your protest to anyone who cares to listen to them, you can be arrested and may face five years in prison. If you write e-mails complaining about the activities of some company or other you dislike, for whatever reason, it will be considered as ‘harassment’ and deemed to be a criminal offence. If you carry a banner saying that the British government, or anyone else, stinks, it will be considered as being ‘anti-social’ and criminal offence. Which again means that you may be sent to prison for five years. If you think that Tony Blair and his fascist cohorts are a bunch of assholes, which I most certainly do, and agree with whoever wants to get rid of them, which I do, you may well be put on file as a ‘terrorist suspect’. For being so you are subject to ‘house arrest’ which in no less than internal exile, which means that not only will you be confined to wherever you live but also denied the use of a computer, the Internet and a telephone. All your mail will be read and you will not be able to communicate with any friends who might still happen to be around. Your home will indeed become your prison. This is already happening in Britain and it has been for some years.

I was in South Africa during the Apartheid years, and like many other writers there I suffered under their repressive police state laws, which included 24 hour phone taps, daily harassment, persecution and torture by microwave weapons, supplied to them by the USA and their CIA. Law’s and repressive method’s which Britain has now duplicated in full. Blair admitted to Henry Porter that his intention was to ‘harass’ dissidents until they left the country. Strangely, Porter thinks Britain can’t be a police state simply because Blair e-mailed him. If Jack the Ripper e-mailed him I wonder if Porter would think that he was innocent of his crimes too?

By using the term ‘harassment’ Tony Blair has avoided the full implication of what MI5 actually does to political dissidents under his ‘harassment’ laws. So, being a British subject and also a political dissident, in that I hate fascism and have no hesitation at all in condemning it outright, (we did fight two world wars against fascism remember) I will tell you what really happens to dissidents under Britain’s so-called harassment laws.

1. MI5, Britain’s internal security service will at first begin a smear campaign against their dissident target. These smears include just about anything you can think of, but always include the allegations that their target is a communist, a liar, a thief, a plagiarist, a gross masturbator, and a consistent troublemaker. Their denigration of dissidents knows no bounds.

2. MI5 will warn off any of the dissidents friends who try to remain in contact with him / or her. Few if any friends do stay in contact. The dissident’s family will also be intimidated into opposing him.

3. The dissidents phone will be tapped for twenty-four hours every day. His /or her surface and e-mail will be intercepted. Even Blog’s are censored in Britain.

4. The dissident’s computer will suffer many problems and their Internet connection will drop constantly. MI5 controls the telephone company in Britain, the post office, radio, television and the press. Indeed, the notorious British ‘Official Secrets Act’ allows MI5 to control anything it wishes?

5. MI5 agents home will enter the dissident’s home almost every time the dissident leaves it. They will damage his property; steal books, book manuscripts, or articles, photographs, money and anything else they can get their dirty hands on? They will also damage electrical appliances, including computers, tape recorders, video recorders and other items. These actions are designed to eventually drive the dissident into penury and deprivation.

6. They will damage the dissident’s car or cars.

7. They will openly have MI5 stooges follow the dissident and try to provoke him / or her into arguments and fights. These agents will also try and get other members of the public to physically attack the dissident. Whether the dissident retaliates or not he will be labeled as a troublemaker.

8. The dissidents home will be bombarded with loud and offensive music around the clock. Any close neighbors, as other people are, will be provoked into denigrating the dissident at every opportunity.

9. The dissidents home will be bombarded with microwave beams from nearby property, which can and may cause many very serious physical ailments, and quite possibly a fatal heart attack.

10. If the dissident has a job he will probably loose it. If he is self-employed his customers will be intimidated into going somewhere else. He is unlikely to remain in business for very long.

11. If the dissident is considered to be enough of a ‘threat’ MI5 will ‘arrange’ motor ‘accidents’ in which the dissident may well be seriously injured or killed. These include being run down whilst walking on the street.

12. If the dissident finally does decide to leave Britain he will be pursued by Britain’s external security service MI6 who will then continue these actions against the dissident in whatever country he goes to.

13. These actions against dissidents are not new or temporary, they go on for years and years until the dissident either dies is killed or does in fact leave the country and keep moving on. I suffered these actions on a daily basis for well over ten years before my failing health forced me to leave Britain. Persecution, repression and torture, often leading to death is secret state policy designed to maintain the status quo. These actions against British dissidents are carried out throughout the country by thousands of MI5 agents and other secret agencies.

The Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, 1984, defines torture as follows:

For the purposes of this Convention, the term "torture" means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.

The above actions are by no means a full list of accounts of what British dissidents face when they speak and write the truth as they see it. Many other repressive actions against take place, and I must add that without some wide experience of ‘intelligence’ actions few people can be expected to survive them. Fortunately I gained such experience in South Africa.

Since I left Britain in 1999 many new repressive laws against free speech and dissent have been brought into effect, and thousands more MI5 agents added to those already infesting the country. Big brother is apparently everywhere with pubs, clubs, hotels and the city streets being surveilled by thousands of hidden ‘security’ cameras and bugs that no other country on earth can equal.

Special Branch (Britain’s secret police) have their informers everywhere and talking openly in a public place may be very dangerous to your health. But, if like Henry Porter, you too believe that Britain is not a police state I suggest that you go there and try to write the truth about the gross repression and human rights abuses taking place there today. And if you manage to survive your stay there try writing about the same injustices taking place in America, because there isn’t much, if any difference at all, between the these two countries today. Indeed, because of their gross human rights abuses both have become a blot on the face of the earth and neither can stand up to their boasts of being the ‘land of the free’. Forget the ‘brave’ bit. If the citizens of either country were as brave as they like to think they are they would both have thrown out and disposed of the monsters who rule them years ago.

David Shayler the British ex-MI5 agent exposed Tony Blair as being an MI5 agent, and as such Blair knows exactly what MI5 does. He may try and further delude the British public by describing MI5 actions against dissidents as ‘harassment’ but I shall call them what they really are, torture. And Tony Blair is nothing less than a gross human rights criminal for allowing them to take place. If there is any justice at all Tony Blair will one day be brought before the International Criminal Court to answer for the crimes he has committed? We can only hope so?

There are some people in Britain who believe that a Conservative government would do better than Blair’s Labour party has. But they wouldn’t, indeed they never have. They are fascists to the core. If it were at all possible for any British government to be worse than the one Tony Blair has dominated it would certainly be a Conservative one. Yet many people in Britain, cap in hand, still look up to the Conservatives. Probably because they have been serfs for so long their caps are inside their heads rather than being upon them.

I would like to say more about Tony Blair and the retribution he should face one day, but I don’t want to give him and his MI5 fellow tyrants any further excuses to call me a terrorist, so I won’t. Although along with the thousands of other dissidents who have been persecuted, tortured and murdered in Britain over these many years I am no doubt on file as being something just as disreputable? And what’s more I’m proud of it. Indeed I am proud of anyone who resists the kind of insane rotten fascism that Blair and his mob of degenerate royalist government thugs represent. I believe that many British journalists agree with my views, however, were they to openly do so they would undoubtedly loose their jobs and quite probably be put into prison. After which they too would be regarded as ‘enemies of the state’ and suffer the consequences of being so.

Any country that outlaws free speech then persecutes and tortures people who resist such laws, cannot be viewed as a democracy, it is a police state pure and simple. Britain’s MI5 allows nobody into politics unless they agree to keep that state exactly as it is. Tony Blair’s period in office will soon be over and thankfully he will be gone, but don’t expect any changes for the better under anyone else who might follow him because there won’t be any.

Dr Les Dove

November 17th 2006




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