Tuesday, November 18, 2008


All the signs so far do indeed point to Barack Obama as being no more than just another Uncle Tom. A man bowing down to whatever the Washington insiders demand of him, so proving once again that Presidents in America, as are ‘leaders’ in most other countries, put there to ensure that the elite and their corrupt vested interests are left completely alone. Even Henry Kissinger - described by many researchers as a war criminal and a man indirectly responsible for the torture and death of millions of people worldwide, has started to praise Barack Obama. To receive such praise from Kissinger is akin to the kiss of death.

The very same people who brought the United States to the very edge of ruin have already been chosen by Barack Obama to resurrect the remains. Madness! As Noam Chomsky, America’s most famous philosopher, pointed out in a recent speech he gave, it is akin to appointing Osama Bin Laden to run the so-called war on terror, and a vast disappointment to the many billions of people around the world who hoped for something far better from a man who with his hand over his heart promised change.
Several writers are already trying to drum up excuses for the political direction Obama has chosen, but the sad truth is there aren’t any. It is just the Same Old same old all over again and there isn’t any getting away from the fact. Barack Obama has sold us out – all of us who dreamed and hoped for a better America, and a better world elsewhere for most of the people in it. So once again we have nothing to look forward to but the usual fascists posing as democrats who will, as they have almost always done in America and Britain, bring us wars upon more wars and be the cause of so much more death and suffering to people who have come to expect nothing more from the crazy fools who pretend to be our statesmen and leaders. It’s enough to make anyone want to throw-up!

Not that I really expected anything more than what we’ve got. Nor will I expect anything different in the future. I did my throwing up a long time ago when I had to face the reality of what is rather than what should be. I realized then as I do now that the only way real change will come to our world is when people finally get enough sense to take what is rightfully theirs – by force if necessary. Our political systems have become so rotten and corrupted no one would honestly expect them to produce the kind of decent governments we should have. The money factor has to be taken out of elections and politics in general. By now, it should be obvious to anyone that a real political revolution is the only way to bring that about. Indeed that to me seems inevitable now, though it should be a peaceful revolution if possible. Violence would only give the authorities further excuses to repress their many critics, not that they need any. Washington has become little more than a political sewer. All who go there seem fall under the spell of lobbyists and their corrupt bribes to ensure their special interests are left well alone, as they usually are. These corrupt political lackey’s would just love to have their critics imprisoned for ‘trying to overthrow the state’ as they would quickly proclaim.
As other so-called ‘democrats’ have done, Barack Obama has steered away from the subject of bringing the outgoing political criminals to justice. Both George W. Bush and his vice president, Dick Cheney should both be brought up on charges of committing international war crimes to say the very least, whilst 9/11 should also be properly investigated, as nobody with any sense at all believes the ‘official’ version of what happened on that fateful day. Yet it seems that such a subject has been carefully avoided by all American politicians of note who all apparently don’t wish to ‘rock the boat’ lest they too fall out of it.

We need people to lead us who don’t take bribes, who don’t give a damn about anybody’s special interests. We need people who look towards the millions of poor people who have never had anyone to truly represent them and their interests. Anyone who has so far tried to do just that has been killed off in one way or another so, whoever is chosen to lead us in the future is going to have to be very honest indeed. One person on today’s political landscape that obviously has that honesty, quality and the experience to do the job is Ralph Nader, possibly the only man who could be relied upon to put us on the road to cleaning out the terrible mess we are in. So far, Barack Obama has turned out to be another Nancy Pelosi, all words and no action worth a damn. Just talk and more talk that that will in essence change nothing. America’s foreign policy will remain the same, causing even more hate and fermenting more terrorism all over the world just as before.

The mainstream press in America and Britain will no doubt continue to praise the new President no matter what he does whilst the decent press elsewhere in the world is left to record the coming deceptions. The truth of Obama’s presidency and what it dictates will become known only to researchers and other people who have learned to read between the lines. The gullible American public will continue to swallow whatever comes out of the White House as they usually do, believing most of what Obama says simply because he is the President. What fools people can be.

Barack Obama will also no doubt continue to promote America’s wars so that the armaments corporations will continue to receive thousands of billions of taxpayers money in providing the latest weapons of destruction, that in turn will be used by young American’s before they too die or are maimed on the battlefield believing that they are ‘saving America from communism, terrorism’ or by some other well used and worn out political phrase politicians use to trick them into giving up their lives, as George W. Bush and his many cronies have with their wars. Keep the general population ignorant and they will believe almost anything.

As Noam Chomsky has stated, The United States is not a democracy as most people continue to believe and as it’s politicians broadcast at every opportunity. No, it isn’t. America is a police state pure and simple. A partner in crime with the United Kingdom, both countries dressed in drag pretending to be exactly the opposite of what they really are. And being so they both do what all police states do everywhere else; they readily respond to a tiny elite of very wealthy powerful people who care only for their own selfish interests whilst totally ignoring what is best for the country and people as a whole. Whilst these elite greedy scoundrels promote overseas wars that make them billions of dollars and pound’s every year, they don’t give a damn about what happens to their own people at home. That millions of people lose their jobs and are thrown onto welfare means nothing to them. Nor does the fact of millions of their children going to bed hungry every night, they just don’t care. And until the people rise up in protest demanding that they care, these elite monsters never will.

No, if Barack Obama had really been intending to make the kind of changes America so badly needs he would probably have been assassinated by the security services a long time ago. In Washington nobody survives for long unless they are prepared to go along with the political charade of America’s so-called ‘freedom and democracy’ when they all know too well that those virtues don’t exist as facts and never have. But when gravely spoken during television interviews those words do sound nice and are reassuring to people who can’t think for themselves. Almost any lie will be believed if it is repeated often enough for years on end. As the German, Nazi Joseph Gobbels said often enough. Fooling and deceiving the German population was just as easy for him as fooling the British and American people has been for their own political mouthpieces. However, thanks to the Internet, their victims worldwide have exposed many of the crimes committed by the rulers of these two rogue nations. A full accounting will only come about when they finally face the justice they deserve.
The present American political regime naturally enough is getting ready to face the political backlash it expects when Barack Obama’s part in carrying on the democracy charade is fully exposed, as it is bound to be. But as in Britain at present, the deceptions continue unabated. In America many thousands of combat ready troops are already being placed in areas where civil uprisings are expected to take place, though their politicians aren’t talking about a civil unrest. They are pretending the troops are being placed there in case of a ‘terrorist attack or some other catastrophe’, which it certainly would be for the monsters that secretly run Britain and the United States, along with other countries they dominate. Yes, an uprising would be a catastrophe for them, but a real blessing for the rest of us. For their vast crimes against humanity both George W. Bush and his vice president, Dick Cheney, should rightfully be hanged. As should Britain’s supreme head of state, Queen Elizabeth, and her husband, Prince Phillip - for allowing their ruthless state security services to persecute, torture and murder British political dissidents who appose the Crowns tyrannical stranglehold over the country. Monsters like these so-called rulers have no place whatsoever in any modern society. The sooner we get rid of them all the better off we shall be.

Simply putting a few good people in positions of power, we should know by now, is never going to bring us the kind of governments we can respect. To attain that, we have to completely clear out the whole rotten lot of them with no exceptions. Then start afresh again, with real constitutions that can be enforced by anyone when they are broken or abused, and with laws that serve us all without the ‘old boy networks’ that reorder everything to suit only themselves. The Argentineans did it with their revolution in 2001 and so can we, in spite of the odds against it. If nothing else at least the attempt would scare the shit out of the bastards, who consider us to be nothing more than a large flock of flea bitten sheep not worth a second glance. Just think of it folks – we could turn the White House and Buckingham Palace into places of respect rather than the political whorehouses they have now undoubtedly become.
Be very clear about one thing, the huge security apparatus in Britain and the United States isn’t there to protect the people as such, that is merely another pretext, these state henchmen are there to protect the status-quo, their secret governments, the elites that operate out of sight beyond the law and control their empires with their tame ‘state media’ and bought political stooges of all kinds. To remain in power these fascists will and do repress, torture and murder their own people without having a second thought. The police, the FBI, CIA and NSA in the United States are all mainly working for the benefit of these degenerate elites, not us. In Britain the police, an unaccountable MI6, MI5 and the SAS are all working for the Queen and her corrupt cronies, never the common people. Indeed, over 95% of the people in Britain and America are simply considered as a means to whatever ends these despotic rulers seek. We are not citizens, as we believe ourselves to be, we are subjects, and as such are little better than slaves - there to do whatever these tyrannical rulers desire of us. To believe otherwise is to fool ourselves and embrace the scam these rotten fascists dare to call democracy.

Dr Les Dove


“It is a dominant idea in modern politics that too much government is “bad for business”. But that is an argument made by business that has no place in the civilized world and it is true only from that very narrow and twisted point of view. And where the common man agrees, it is only on the understanding that modern government are not really governments at all, but representatives of private power. A government run by and for the people is an absolute must if society is to progress at all.”
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Was the election of Barack Obama to the presidency just too good to be true? Think about it.

For years on end we have had misrule by Presidents, Prime Ministers and other fascist politicians and dictators who through their lies, deceptions and sheer criminality have manipulated us into supporting devious schemes which has empowered and enriched themselves whilst driving entire populations to the very edge of ruin, starvation and even death. So much so that millions of people in America almost came to the very brink of revolution! Then suddenly, almost unexpectedly, a politician - a black politician at that, appears on the scene and calms everyone down by gaining the presidency. Giving us all hope that he might somehow put everything right again.

But can he really, and will he?

Such political deceptions have tricked the public into believing false hopes repeatedly year after year, and they fall for it every time.

Barack Obama is a good-looking charming intelligent man with a great family to match. And he certainly sounds sincere enough when making speeches. It would be hard for any decent person not to like the man, let alone admire him, as billions of people all over the world quite obviously do.
So much so that it is easy to forget what he has already supported, and what he intends to support in the future. So there really isn’t going to be anything like the change most people are expecting from him. Indeed, the ‘change’ Barack Obama talks about may well turn out to be so small we might not notice it at all.

The American Congress could, had it wanted to, have already made many of the changes the American people desired. But it didn’t. It continued to support a criminal president in almost everything that he did. Committing so many crimes when he ruled over everyone like some medieval monarch, George W. Bush could have, and should have, been impeached years ago. But no real opposition to the crimes of the Bush regime ever took place by the democrats in Congress who should by right have been standing in line to expose his crimes and bring him to justice. But again, they did not. They all but colluded in the criminality of Bush at almost every turn. In doing so, they proved their own mute compliance and criminality against the wishes of their own supporters by again showing that their so-called opposition was no more than a farce.

Yet, now we are being asked to believe that these so-called democrats’s are now going to support a man who is giving us the impression that he is going to do all but the exact opposite of what they have been supporting for years! Most of their lives in some cases.

This sounds like the usual political double-speak to me. I just don’t believe it. More than that I will go so far as to say that Barack Obama might just have been allowed to win the presidency because the neo-con’s, read fascists, wanted him to for their own rotten ends, in that they needed to avoid a domestic uprising and set-up a patsy for whatever evil scheme, or schemes, they have lined up for the future. These fascists don’t just think one day and do something the next day. They plan well ahead – years ahead, for whatever they have in mind. And they always have a fall guy to blame for whatever they do when it goes wrong for them. Or right for them, whatever the case may be. That is why I think that Barack Obama is just too good to be true. I don’t buy it. The evil bastards that rule over us have been killing and assassinating anyone, black people more than anyone, other than native American Indian’s, who sought to bring real change and true democracy to America, or anywhere else come to that - almost forever. For them to suddenly allow a black guy into the Oval Office just isn’t credible. Not when he has all but sworn to overturn every rotten thing they have ever done. It just doesn’t make any sense at all. Not to me anyway. I know exactly how those fascist bastards think and there isn’t a decent thought or bone in their bodies. Once they become rotten and corrupted, they stay that way forever.

That is why I can’t help but think about ‘what are they going to do?’ rather than what Barack Obama may be ‘hoping to do.’ And I am far from being alone with those thoughts. Simply electing what we hope and believe to be a good and decent man to run the country properly doesn’t mean that he will, or indeed that he can. Having one good apple in the barrel doesn’t affect the rotten rest of them. It’s usually the other way round. As president, Barack Obama is going to be overseen by the hidden government, the wealthy and very powerful fascist elites plus at least sixteen all but accountable devious covert security services whose role it is to maintain the status quo in America, just as they try to do elsewhere in the world. These people Barack Obama is going to be facing aren’t good and decent men and women that have the best interests of all of us at heart. The very thought of a true democracy with real accountability terrifies most of them and anyone promoting it will be accused of flirting with ‘subversives, communists and even terrorists.’ Indeed Barack Obama has already been partly accused of doing just that - and he isn’t even in office yet! But let’s face it, he is no fool, he’s been a politician too long to be that. He knows the score. He’s been on the streets. He’s a black man, he knows the real America all too well. Just as he knows that the very people who are now supposedly guarding him as the president elect may well turn out to be the very people he should beware of.

George W. Bush was very fond of saying that he ‘had a mandate’ to commit all the crimes that he did. Well, Barack Obama now has an even larger mandate to do exactly the opposite. And by God, he had better use it to full effect from his first day in the White House. John F. Kennedy knew of the many dangers posed by the rogue American security agencies. That is why he wanted to get rid of the CIA, which might well have been a factor in his assassination, and quite probably his son’s too. President Carter posed a similar threat in that he wanted to open up the files on UFO’s, so they got rid of him as well. As they have anyone else that wants to make the United States into the open democracy, it pretends to be. The overpowering secrecy practiced by the British and American governments do little more than consolidate the wide corruption in both countries. We desperately need open governments, not the pretence of being open, but the real thing. We don’t need politicians who follow their selfish corrupt agendas of their hidden masters but decent good people who will comply with the wishes of the people who got them elected. That’s what real democracy is all about and it is well beyond the time when we should all have got it.

The election of Barack Obama may turn out to simply be a stopgap. Another clever political ploy to fool the American population into further apathy until the secret government makes its next evil move towards the total enslavement of anyone that dares appose it. This may sound far-fetched but when considering the many steps that have already been taken to intimidate us and curtail our freedom, it becomes more plausible. So until those restrictive barriers are finally removed by president Obama we must continue to believe that he isn’t all that he’s been cracked up to be. In a recent TV interview, Ralph Nader was frowned upon for suggesting that Barack Obama might be some kind of Uncle Tom, but, like it or not, the possibility is certainly there and until the new president proves otherwise we had better keep an open mind on the subject.

To readily believe that powerful fascist elements in our society, who have literally made hundreds of billions of dollars out of scamming the public purse under all kinds of pretences, will simply stop doing so because a nice guy will soon sit in the president’s chair is, I think, unrealistic to say the very least. These people still have the government under their control, as they do the military as well as vast private armies and all the security services. To believe these powerful unscrupulous fascists are going to let one lone man stand between all that and their own massive wealth and power is a leap I just cannot take. The often-repeated phrase ‘only in America’ that is following Barack Obama’s victory may be a little premature.

When dealing with governments it is wise to be cautious, and extra cautious when dealing with the American government in particular. As many people have found out to their cost. Money talks louder in America than anywhere else on earth. As all Americans know. Corruption has been turned into an art form. They don’t only buy their own politicians and presidents they buy many others too all over the world. As the ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’ proved very well. Simple common truth and decency has never been an essential part of American political policy either at home or abroad. Decency has always been a talking point with American politicians but rarely has it been applied in practice, unless they could make a buck or two, somewhere along the line.

The so-called ‘war on terror’ in reality has proved to be little more than Britain and America’s war on the world. A huge cash cow that has again done no more than fill the coffers of the elites and reduce almost everyone else to a state of ignorance, fear and near poverty. America and Britain have together conspired to induce around fifty or so wars around the world since the end of world war two, and in doing so they and their co-conspirators have sold enough arms to kill everyone on earth at least six times over. Overthrowing democracies is their favorite pastime. They much prefer fascist dictators like their own in positions of power. These two terrorist governments are the worst the world has ever seen; yet both have the sheer gall to lecture other countries about the evils of terrorism. If China or Russia ever drops the bomb on both Britain and America ‘terrorism’ would be reduced by at least 95% overnight. But do you think that Barack Obama is going to tell you this, or do anything at all to stop it?

Had the public purse not been looted to start and continue these war’s and had instead been spent on improving the lives of ordinary people the entire world would have been a far better place than it is now. Millions of dead murdered people would still be alive, happy and living with their families. Poverty everywhere could have been eroded. So much could have been done for all of us. But the hard-earned money of taxpayers was simply pissed away on destruction and death to satisfy the sheer greed of the fascist assholes of I% of the population that will never be satisfied with anything other than total power and world control over every living thing that breaths.

Why oh why do we put up with such evil, let alone willingly support it as so many British and American’s do? Cannot they see through the veil of their own ignorance and just for once in their lives stand up for what is right by getting rid of so much that is wrong with us. They certainly have the power to do so – they just don’t have the common sense or guts to do it.

Dr Les Dove



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Sure, it’s great that Barrack Obama has gotten the presidency; I’m just as pleased as everyone else is. But unlike many of Obama’s followers, I don’t expect any drastic improvements just yet. Indeed, what the new president should do to put America back on track, and what he will do may be two things very far apart. Huge American corporations helped finance Obama’s election campaign and once he is in the White House they will be the first standing in line expecting the usual return on their investment. However, because of the massive effort by ordinary people who also gave to Obama, and fought against the rigged voting machines, and corrupt voting officials who did their best to sabotage the democratic vote, Obama has more leeway to act on their behalf than he might have had. And so there are some things that he can do right away that are very important indeed.

(1) He can scrap the rotten Diebold voting machines and replace them with accurate one’s that also give a print out and leave a paper trail that can be instantly checked, and rechecked later if necessary. And he can clean up all the other scams that try to prevent democrats from voting.

(2) He can scrap ‘The Patriot Act’ and make the American Constitution worthy again.

(3) He can ban Renditions, torture and close the Guantanamo prison center along with other secret prisons, and release of all the innocents held there.

(4) He can reform the CIA or better still scrap it altogether. It has brought nothing but shame on America since the day it was founded.

(5) He can get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and bring American troops home – all of them from 120 bases around the world. This alone will pay for most if not all the he needs to do.

(6) He can work to roll back media regulation laws to pre-1988 standards and return the "fairness" rule, which prohibited broadcast news outlets from acting as propaganda arms for specific political parties and politicians.

(7) He can break the oil industry's multi-decade collusion with automakers and work towards a ban on the manufacture of gasoline-powered vehicles. (We've NEVER needed gasoline as a fuel to power our cars.)

(8) He can scrap no-bid contracts of all kinds that the Bush administration handed out to its friends in high places.

(9) He can give the people of New Orleans’s their homes back.

(10) He can order an investigation into the recent multi-trillion dollar Treasury Department giveaway to investment banks and brokerage houses. He can also look into the operations of the Federal Reserve Bank and their role in creating the current financial catastrophe that's overcome the world.

(11) He can sign on to support the World Criminal Court.

(12) Convene a proper investigation into 9/11 and the subsequent whitewash.

The other things he should do can wait a little longer, but not too long. What politicians say they are going to do and what they actually do are two very different things. So, if Barack Obama doesn’t come across and do the right things he is going to be in very deep shit. And the next revolution won’t be as peaceful as this one was. Fascist Politicians are devious to a fault. Should Obama not fulfill his promises they will come down on him like a ton of bricks hoping that his failures will propel them back into the White House.

Remember too, that the American Congress is but two sides of the same coin. It has proven that repeatedly. To be his ‘own man’ Obama will have to be more than just very clever, he will also have to be very brave. Thousands of powerful hard-core vindictive fascists will appose his every action and try to discredit him at every turn. In apposing them, he may well put himself in line for assassination. The favored American way of getting rid of what they see as ‘troublemakers.’ Just as they have gotten rid of other leader’s who sought to make America into the ‘democracy’ it has long pretended to be. So, don’t hold your breath as you wait for the ‘change’ that Obama has promised. Continue to give him overwhelming support when he deserves it and just hope that he does come across as the man who really makes America into a proud and just country that we can all begin to look up to.
Even with all the potential Barack Obama has, making inroads into the deeply imbedded and ingrained corruption in America probably won’t happen for a year or two at least. The man faces a huge task by any standard. So, he will need all the help that he can get from anyone able and willing to give it. He will do well to listen to and act on the advice of some of those people who are outside of the present political set-up. Most of the politicians already there have contributed to the decline of America. Their advice he definitely doesn’t need.

Probably more than anything else, America’s foreign policy needs a drastic overhaul. It needs to stop supporting phony democracies like Britain, Columbia and other rogue police states that repress, persecute, torture and murder their political dissidents. The USA also needs to stop overthrowing real democracies and stop installing tyrants and dictators all over the world. Other countries are more than able to decide their own futures without any interference from America or any other country. So getting American troops out of the Middle East should be a priority. America has more than enough problems of its own without taking on other problems overseas. In other words, it should mind its own damn business. That will solve the ‘terrorist’ problem. America should stop exporting jobs too. If American company’s wished to sell their products in America then they should ‘make them at home using American labor’, as should Britain and other countries who scour the world looking for cheap labor instead of employing and paying a fair wage to their own citizens. That would provide a few million new jobs almost right away. As would switching away from gasoline into using ethanol, now – not at some vague time in the future. That would also go a long way in solving the global warming problem.

Dr Les Dove


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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Following Barack Obama’s election victory in the United States, many people in Britain are asking how they can have their own quiet revolution to change things for the better. They finally want to get rid of their own fascists it seems. But the truth is they can’t, not yet anyway. The United Kingdom isn’t a proper republic as in America, it is simply a banana republic dressed up in drag. It acts like one too. And as in all banana republics the wealthy few 1% of the entire population own 77% of all the land there, and those few are protected by vicious unaccountable security services that instantly clamp down on anyone who is brave enough to demand real change.

The persecution, torture, internal exile and murder of many British political dissidents are criminal acts that have been institutionalized in the country for many years now. As in all police states, the British security services are above the law, and their notorious ‘Official Secrets Act’ completely covers up their vast crimes. The police Special Branch, MI5 and MI6 can do just about anything they want to do to British citizens knowing full well that they will get away with it. The political set-up in Britain is almost identical to that in the United States in that it is two sides of the same coin. So, while Barack Obama may offer the possibility of change in America the British can’t even get that far. Not while a so-called queen sits on the throne.

It’s doubtful that any population on earth is as closely scrutinized, as is the British population. CTV cameras are everywhere, in the streets, in the pubs and anywhere else where people may gather in crowds. And so far as political dissidents are concerned, their homes are all but turned into prisons with bugs and hidden video cameras in their television sets and regular covert entries by the police Special Branch a simple fact. Indeed, there is no real privacy in Britain at all. In many ways, the entire country could fairly be described as just one big prison.

Yet the very real and wide repression in Britain is carefully hidden from the general population by clever PR and media tactics that excuse obvious surveillance and repression as being ‘necessary to protect the public from terrorism. Etc, etc’ Indeed, the general public there is all but totally ignorant of what is and has been happening in Britain for well over thirty years at least. Harsh censorship prevents the media from exposing anything that might in any way enlighten the public as to what is being done in their name. In all reality, the various political parties are nothing but a joke. The politicians are no more than practiced liars who will and do say anything to get elected, and when they are they simply collude with one another in their pretence of freedom and democracy when they all know damn well that the British have neither.

The various so-called Human Rights Organizations in Britain are no better in any respect. They too collude with the political regime in the pretence that the British Government doesn’t allow the security services to commit the vast human and civil rights crimes that it does. They are all a total fraud and a disgrace without any exception at all. So, persecuted political dissidents who go to them for any help at all are simply wasting their time, as many of them have found out over the years. These organizations are more than willing to talk about repression and torture outside of Britain but they keep their mouths firmly closed when asked about human rights abuses within Britain, and also, when the British security services commit those same crimes against British dissidents overseas.

The British security services go to great lengths to cover up their crimes and to prevent them from becoming widely known overseas. British dissidents who flee the repression there or are driven out of Britain are just as likely to be persecuted, and worse, abroad just as they were in the UK. I very quickly found that out myself, and over the years I have received many e-mails from other British dissidents all over the world who have informed me of their own continued vindictive persecution by British Intelligence Forces and their agents.

So no, I don’t think that the British can expect any kind of political change at the present. Indeed, it is highly unlikely they will ever get such change unless they rid themselves of their royal dictatorship and the repression it uses to keep a queen, a king or any other kind of fascist regime in total control of the country. If they can do that and finally get a free press and an honest government that really does represent the people then there might also be a possibility of change in Britain, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that happening any time soon.

There are two very good British organizations that seek to overthrow the monarchy in Britain. They are both campaigning for a democratic alternative and they already have a huge list of prominent supporters, myself included. One of them is http://www.republic.org.uk many of their supporters are well known internationally and so cannot be so easily repressed as are normal citizens. They are the best bet for change in Britain. The other is called ‘Throne Out’ and ‘Getting Rid of Royal Spongers’ is their message to the British public: http://www.throneout.com When and if these organizations complete their objectives the security services can be pulled back in line and brought to justice for all the crimes they have committed against the British people. That is when the population will finally find out what they have been really supporting through all their years of fawning over royalty and its corrupt fascist supporters. The media can then start reporting the truth about the real Britain. So, if you want a far better country with a government that supports all of it citizens I urge you to give the above organizations your full support.

Below is a selection of articles and Web sites relating to the UK. You might find it interesting and informative to browse through them.

“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”
Frederick Douglass

To be GOVERNED is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be GOVERNED is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished. It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be placed under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonored.
That is government; that is its justice that is its morality. Pierre J. Proudhon



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