Tuesday, February 11, 2014



As the People’s Voice TV Internet television station continues to grow in strength and popularity the more corruption in America and Britain is clearly revealed for us to see. Fortunately David Icke’s new venture also appears to be getting the solid funding it needs to continue well into the future.
It has taken a very long time for the British people in particular to finally have their minds opened to the deep rot within their country and now that they are being so enlightened it seems that there will be no going back to what they have previously been shown as being ‘news’ in the UK the USA and elsewhere. The BBC has a lot to answer for.
Their ‘Establishment’ has of course done its best in trying to disrupt and close down The Peoples Voice TV and no doubt it will continue to do so, but as the experience and scope of The Voice presenters continues to grow we shall with luck be treated to many more exposures of police and government corruption from wherever it is reported in the World.
The corporate mainstream press and television in the UK has remained all but totally silent on its new competition. By doing so it is clearly revealing its own corruption in failing to report the insidious machinations inside the real Britain making it plainly obvious that its role in the country has been and still  is one of continually hiding the truth while bamboozling the public with little more than lies and utter drivel as it continues to act as a mouthpiece for the fascists that have always ruled over a population  driven into idiocy and mediocrity while being led to believe that it is intelligent and wise, when in fact the exact opposite is true. A fool’s paradise indeed, but the repressed British people have always been easily and continually duped into voting against their own self-interests; which soon becomes obvious to any researcher.  
The cover-up of truth becomes more obvious still as Britain continues to deny entry to the country of anyone who is willing to go there and provide evidence whenever a good news story is being covered by the few genuine independent reporters that do try to report and expose what is really happening in the World at large. British and American governments are so used to having their lies and deceptions reported as truth by their ‘state media’ the mere threat of any real news and truth being widely exposed scares them half to death!
The above is plainly evidenced by Ken O’Keefe, one of the presenters of the Peoples Voice, who’s Middle East Show clearly outlines the human rights disasters taking place there. One of O’Keefe’s guests, Christopher Bollyn, was recently refused entry to Britain when the man was detained for many hours and grilled at Heathrow Airport before being refused entry, as was the partner of famed reporter Glen Greenwald when he recently tried to enter the country. 
However, in spite of the British government’s determination to continually hide the truth from citizens while continually brainwashing them with deadly microwaves, harmful suggestions and propaganda, the few brave and honest reporters continue to do what all reporters everywhere should be doing, instead of pandering to political half-wits who wouldn’t know what the truth was if somebody shoved it up their asses! 
In the meantime, as the honest truth is being gradually revealed, people everywhere should stop buying deceiving so-called news papers and refuse to pay taxes that are used to pay for their own repression. They should instead give their support to proper news organizations and people who do strive to educate them into what is really happening in the World. Maybe then the lying ‘security services’, political crooks and rotten bankers who now control so many of us can finally be rounded up and put into jail where they belong? If so we can put an end to criminally insane wars and stop electing psychopaths who thrive on starting and profiting from them. Here again, you should take notice of Ken O’Keefe when he truthfully informs you that the 9/11 attack in the United States was arranged and carried out by the rogue American government, with full support from Israel, who has seemingly so integrated its supporters into the US government it now all but owns it. 
When you have finally assimilated and fully understand exactly what that means you might try to keep your mind open long enough to prepare yourself for the realization of Britain’s own dastardly 7/7 bombing attack which undoubtedly will also eventually be revealed as being perpetrated by its own treacherous state maniacs, who think absolutely nothing of mass murdering their own citizens if such cowardly measures keep their deeply corrupted security services and fascist governments along with their pro-Nazi royalty on their festering thrones of power. But don’t hold your breath waiting for ‘the authorities’ to arrest and charge those responsible for these vast human rights crimes; they are far more concerned in keeping their populaces ignorant and powerless than they are in bringing wealthy criminal elitists to account for any crimes they commit as they; the real terrorists, will as in the past use their considerable wealth, power and political influence to surround themselves with their bribed syncopates to evade justice by using all and any means at their disposal, which means they will do whatever they consider necessary to keep their masters outside of a prison cell. 
By this time people everywhere should have come to the realization that this is the time to take power and legality into their own hands. As a recent survey has shown; it takes the average working person over 350 hours to make the same amount of money that Parasitical Elitists make in just 1 hour! Yet they have the sheer gall to tell us that we should work harder for even less money? This vast inequality must end. There are many good intelligent and honest people out there who could lead you into a good, fairer and a far better World of which we could all be proud. You don’t have to put up with and tolerate lying half-witted and insane crooked leaders who think of nothing but themselves and their own comforts; you too can have a good healthy and very fruitful life for yourself and your loved ones if only you would demand it as your right. So do it. Get your head out of the sand now – this may well be your last and possibly final chance to prove your worth as human beings. 

Dr. Les Dove


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