Sunday, April 20, 2008


Time after time, I have had contact with British exiled victims of torture who tell me that the people they meet say “But when I visited your country I saw nothing about the kind of things that you tell us about when you are referring to the repression there? Nothing at all!”
Such people are naive to a fault. Do they seriously expect secret government agencies that are responsible for the torture and repression of their citizens to carry out their crimes in full view of the public, where everyone can see them and afterwards report what they saw to their friends when the return back home? Ye Gods – even most British people themselves have no idea about what is happening inside their own country! They are manipulated and secretly censored from the day they were born. How could they know – unless they too become a victim? They are just as easily fooled as is everyone else. Indeed, they are so completely brainwashed by the state media they are outraged at the very suggestion that people are persecuted and tortured within Britain. They genuinely believe that they live in a free society and that such abuses would quickly be reported by the press. They have no idea of how thoroughly censorship operates within their country. That is why they are so easily fooled into believing just about anything their politicians tell them. Governments all well aware that such damming reports of human rights abuses would cause grave damage to whatever image of their country they are trying to project, so they try to ensure such reports are censored wherever possible, at least by their own media. And they may succeed for a time, but eventually government crimes of this nature do become public knowledge, worldwide. That is why gross human rights crimes have been exposed in countries that very few people would suspect of having committed them.
Rogue governments may escape exposure when only a few of their citizens become victims of abuse and torture, but when many people continually allege that they have been tortured or otherwise abused in certain countries then quite obviously the evidence of such crimes eventually becomes fully exposed and therefore hard for authoritarian governments to deny. This quite apparently doesn’t stop governments from trying to deny that they do commit such abuses. Nor does it seem to prevent them from continuing to commit them in most cases. Never the less many people around the world do remember these crimes and they are taken into account in various ways that are indeed very damaging to the countries concerned.
Of course, if the media in such rogue countries reported such crimes openly citizens would quickly know all about them and call for such crimes to be ended and the people responsible for them to be brought to trial and afterwards hopefully punished for having committed them. But in almost all cases, the media of rogue countries has ether become a part of the deception or it is muzzled by various governmental ‘Acts’ and laws that prevents any section of their media from reporting any such abuses that are committed by their security services. These unjust ‘laws’ also apply to any human rights organizations within such countries, almost all of which have become infiltrated by ‘security’ agents of one kind or another and so have become ‘neutralized’ and therefore impotent to help any victim of repression that may come to them for help. This also applies to some well known human rights organizations, which, more often than not, also quickly comply with almost anything state ‘secret security forces’ desire of them - when they should in fact be totally apposed to such controls and manipulations if they are honestly to do the work they were supposedly set up to do. This kind of hypocrisy has become far more common than most people realize. Rather than submit to such censorship human rights groups should simply close down their operations in such countries and then openly publish reports elsewhere saying why they have done so.  I myself chose this option when as chairman of The National Association of Writers I disbanded it rather than allow Britain’s secret political police to influence it in any way. But few human rights groups, if any, also do that, which certainly shows how genuine these organizations really are. The reason they don’t close down is more often than not, money. 
Human rights organizations can and do collect huge sums of money by various means, most of which is donated by decent citizens who believe that their donation is going to help people who are being victimized by ruthless authoritarian governments. That such donations are not being used to help such victims in their own country is unknown to them, they simply assume that it will be so used wherever it is required, not thinking for one moment that some of their own fellow citizens are being denied such badly needed help. But such deceptions have become commonplace. Indeed, leading members of human rights groups sometimes go on to become members of the rogue government themselves where their deceptions continue on as before. 
Such deceptions have become an integral part of many societies, to such an extent it can sometimes be difficult to recognize which organizations are genuine and which are not. This problem is made worse by phony polls of various kinds, which can be put together and worded in such a way that they can be made to produce almost any kind of result the organizers of them desire. These results are then presented to the public to confirm whatever information the people who produced the polls want confirming – no matter how untrue or rotten it may be.
Indeed our governments have has become the greatest deception of all time. Whether you vote left or right politically matters not at all today simply because the powers that be now apparently own all of the main political parties, of whatever side of the political spectrum they are supposed to be representing, so their unseen patrons win and get exactly whatever they want no matter which political party does or not win any election! It’s a rotten scam and a fraud from start to finish. This sad state of affairs has become glaringly obvious both in the United Kingdom and the United States, whose populations are now treated as being little more than huge flocks of foolish sheep capable of being led anywhere to do anything their so-called ‘leaders’ may desire. People living in these countries that may for whatever reason wish to enter the political arena are vetted by ‘political secret police’ that rigorously denies entry to anyone who may wish to change the system for the better, thereby making very sure that the corruption in these governments remains, always producing exactly the results their patrons desires. Those who openly appose such corruption are viciously smeared, with their careers and lives being ruined and destroyed, whatever the cost. Which does of course mean that the ‘democracy’ these two countries boast about is no more than a charade at best.  Their ‘political parties’ are no more than clubs where people of like mind gather together and continue to fool each other in their beliefs that they are at some time in the future going to have a real say in how their countries are managed. These fanciful suppositions are then backed up by ‘the official state media’ which writes billions of words on the subject every day – when that media does in fact know only too well that the whole sorry show is just a silly charade whose real end is already known to the big players. Indeed as it was even before the game had started, which does of course mean that citizens who are trying to get honest politicians and government through using a totally corrupt system are simply wasting of their time and effort by doing so?
This isn’t to say such rotten corrupt systems shouldn’t be apposed and overthrown. They can and should be, by using another system that isn’t corrupt and is outside of any institutions that are so. There is nothing to prevent anyone setting up their own ‘club’, which may spread into becoming many other clubs, all which may be given any title and used for almost any legal purpose, though ‘political’ should not be included in the club’s description. For obvious reasons state security services would quickly infiltrate and neutralize any organization that sought to appose the fascism they were set up to defend. Indeed various organizations have themselves used this method to achieve the implementation of their fascist political policies for many years. That is why and how the kind of people Britain and the United States so desperately fought to rid themselves of in two world wars are now being elected to lead their governments.
It is amazing to me how so many people can be fooled into supporting such ludicrous deceptions but they do, time after time. Even when these ‘new nazi leaders’ begin and continue to carry out the same crimes that millions of decent people fought against in previous wars, many people are still stupid enough to vote for them?  It’s almost unbelievable! What is even worse – though predictable, is that these rogue countries are now making it a crime to appose their tyrannies. People who do so are now liable to be accused of being ‘subversives or terrorists’ to say the very least. Simply because their political opinions don’t support these fascist governments and the crimes they commit. It has become the new inquisition. Concentration camps to house millions of dissident inmates have already been constructed in the United States. It can only be expected that these camps will at some future date become the permanent home of anyone daring to dissent with their fascist government, as will concentration camps that will undoubtedly be built in other countries that have elected fascists to lead them. It seems that history never stops repeating itself. Nor quite apparently do people seem to learn from it.
Countries, like people, can best be judged by the friends they keep and support.  In this respect Britain and the United States fall down very badly in that they have both supported countries with terrible human rights records. In spite of their claims, to the contrary, these two countries have supported fascist police states all over the world - and they still do so. What they do not support is true democracy. The moment any population elects leaders who in any way try to provide a true democratic voice to their people Britain and the U.S. instantly declares such governments as being ‘unstable’ or ‘communistic’ and therefore an enemy that should be disposed of as soon as possible. An action that under varying pretexts usually continues until the government in question is overthrown and replaced by a fascist leader favorable to Britain and the USA, after which death squads are let loose to silence anyone who dares to protest against such tyranny in the future. These kinds of actions have taken place all over the world during the last fifty years at least, yet it seems that they are completely unknown to most British and American people, whose education in the field of human rights is deplorable in that they are regularly informed of such criminality being committed by some other governments but very rarely any that are committed by their own. Sheer hypocrisy whichever way you look at it but that is what our governments have become.  
We are now in the unenviable position of having the leaders of the world’s two most powerful countries, Britain and the United States, standing shoulder to shoulder telling us that they are against terrorism, when in fact they themselves are the heads of the worst terrorist nations in the entire world. Gordon Brown and George W. Bush have all but completely demolished civil and human rights in their own countries whilst promoting and supporting hard line terrorist organizations anywhere else in the world, so long as they in turn support the phony ‘cloak of democracy’ that exists in the UK and the US. These deceptions are continually parroted as truths by their ‘state media’ that will print any lies so long as they underpin a corporate profit base and help maintain the status quo. 
The countries that have genuinely raised the hopes and living standards of all their residents, which include Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador have at various times all been ‘targeted’ by the U.S. as being ‘communist or terrorist’ countries. And as such they have and are suffering much internal subversion by UK and US intelligence services, who have always sought to keep a small elite section of their populations in power and control through various pretexts including their so-called war on terror.
As the writer Seumas Milne pointed out in a recent Guardian article concerning Zimbabwe and Tibet; “What has made human rights edicts by the US and Britain since the launch of the "war on terror" even more preposterous is that not only are they themselves supporting governments with similar or worse records, but they are directly responsible for these outrages themselves: from illegal invasions and occupations to large-scale killing and torture - along with phony elections - in Iraq and Afghanistan.”
From this standpoint, we can only assume that if you are a fascist, and agree with all the repression it brings upon us, you will probably be left alone. If you live in the UK or the USA however, and you are against such repression and dare to voice your dissent then you might well be accused of being a terrorist and therefore subject to arrest and imprisoned for your beliefs.
Indeed, six British Muslim men have recently been charged and found guilty of collecting money to fight against the illegal war and occupation in Iraq, so ridiculous as it may seem it is now a crime in Britain to appose its governments criminality? John McDowall, head of the Metropolitan Police Service's Counter Terrorism Command, stated that the convicted British Muslims; "Deliberately set out to incite people to carry out terrorist acts." Of course, McDowall said nothing at all about the terrorist acts committed by his own government or the police Special Branch, which commits acts of terror against British dissidents. Apologists for state sponsored terror never do. That over one million people have been killed in the illegal Iraq war and that over three hundred thousand American troops stationed there are suffering from terrible mental problems because of it, doesn’t apparently matter to such apologists. They are more concerned with prosecuting people who try to stop such monstrous abuses of power. This is political double speak at its worst, and we get more and more of it every day from politicians who lie and try to deceive us at every turn. It is enough to make anyone’s head spin! How on earth we can be expected to get good governments when such outlandish deceptions are commonplace. But there again, that just might be the idea behind such deceptions. So long as we remain confused and distracted by the lies of our phony leader’s we never shall, which does of course mean that they will remain in power whilst we remain powerless and unable to remove them, nor protect ourselves from their New World Order and it’s ruthless fascist tyrannies.  

 "None are more helplessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
 Johann W. Von Goethe

"A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get."
-- Ian Williams Goddard
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