Saturday, September 29, 2007


Tony Blair as prime minister has finally gone thank heavens, and George Bush’s rating as president is down to around 28%. Both men have been a total disaster as leaders in that their policies have brought us nothing but corruption, repression and death on a scale rarely seen before. The only good thing about either of these two fascists is that they both finally succeeded in convincing millions of people worldwide that our political systems as they stand are no more than a miserable rotten sham. They are taking us back to the dark ages. Gordon Brown, the new British prime minister, has started off his own junta by inviting the despicable fascist Margaret Thatcher to Downing Street, so we know already that he too will be following the same fascist political agenda that Tony Blair organized and implanted.
The so-called democracy we were thought to be living under has been revealed for exactly what it is; a grand deception that led people to believe that they had a say in how their governments and countries were run and managed, when in all truth they don’t. Our politicians are bought and paid for by huge corporations through lobbying machines who in effect bribe them to do whatever these corporations want or need. And our ‘security services’ make very sure they do exactly that – or else. The law itself, to which we once looked for protection, has it seems also been inducted by the elite and their New World Order into supporting our suppression. Where we were once presumed to be innocent until proved guilty, we are now all assumed to be guilty until we can prove otherwise. And since those who are supposed to be enforcing the law now appear to need no evidence whatsoever of our guilt it is all but impossible for us to prove we are innocent, of any crime we may be accused of committing!
These political deceptions also bring about huge inflated billion dollar arms contracts of all descriptions, which the taxpayers then have to pay for. All, we are told, are in ‘the interest of the state or national security’, which in itself must be one of the largest scams of all. Because these national security claims don’t refer to the people as a whole they do in fact refer to a few chosen people, the wealthy and the privileged elite that constitute the secret governments that operate behind the scenes and rule our lives with a rod of iron. Those are the people ‘security’ protects, those are the people ‘with tickets’ to scurry into the secret bunkers that will protect them if an all-out war nuclear should ever start. They are members of ‘The Order’ and supporters of the Council of Foreign Relations and other closely guarded fascist organizations that decide what happens within our world. They see us ordinary people as little more than slaves, to be used or abused as they see fit. 
Those of us who refuse to be slaves are now seen as being dangerous. We just might infect a little individuality on other people and so cause them to think for themselves. For doing so would inevitably open their eyes to the real world and the monsters who all but own it, which in turn might cause people to believe there are far better choices than those now placed before us by politicians who would be more at home in a mental hospital than they are in Congress or Parliament. We would all certainly be better off if they were there. Indeed, so deranged are many of our politicians we would face a far brighter future if we did away with the lot of them and simply elected a small panel of educated business people to run our countries. We don’t need hundreds of thousands of mindless two-faced robots pretending to act in our interests when they are in truth simply carrying out the orders of a few faceless fascists. Supply and demand alone has for centuries run the business world far better than any government ever has. Artificially created wants and needs has always led to massive corruption, as have wars started simply to feed huge armament companies that are and have always been amongst the most corrupt businesses of them all. These phony wars do no more than torture and kill millions of innocent people whilst at the same time filling up government war chests to do more of the same.
The United States and Britain now stand virtually alone in that they are both intent not only on installing permanent hard-line fascism within their own countries but also in trying to extend their brand of fascism to other countries too. Both have introduced highly repressive legislation that all but totally outlaws free speech of any kind unless it agrees with their own narrow version of what they jokingly call ‘democracy.’ What they are doing in fact is creating a huge swell of enemies all over the world. It is only natural that most freethinking people will dissent when faced with the kind of political oppression we now endure. They always have and they always will.
Creating enemies has though always been a favorite pastime of those who rule over us. Divide and conquer works for those in power. When they feel threatened by progress or intelligence they have always resorted to setting off people against each other under various pretenses. First, it was racial, and then simply the color of one’s skin, then other boundaries until oil and other commodities came into the equation. All of which provided one excuse or another for dividing opinions and the people, all of who could easily be managed by lies, and deceptions, were led into doing just about anything their rulers wished. And sadly, they still are. Fine phrases like ‘patriotism’ fooled people further into believing that whatever they were doing was ‘for their country’ rather than a few greedy and ruthless robber barons that didn’t give a damn about any country, just so long as they ruled it. 
Keeping people ignorant is of course an essential part of the political power play. People who can think and reason for themselves quickly see through the lies that politicians tell us on a daily basis, so their deceptions have to be backed up by a compliant media that treats phony political rhetoric as gospel or close to it. And millions of ignorant fools still continue to believe that something must be true simply because it’s ‘in the newspapers and on television’. They don’t realize that the mainstream of ‘the media’ belongs to those who rule us and use it to reinforce their lies and propaganda.  It wasn’t until home computers and the Internet came along that most of us finally did realize how we had been lied to and manipulated by our governments. The Internet provided the alternative news and information so many of us craved. Indeed it created an information revolution that has, if little else so far, shown us the way forward and given us an opportunity to free ourselves from domination by the few.
We haven’t as yet achieved the freedom we hope for, but we do now know who ‘the few’ are, and what they are planning for our future, and that future as we see it isn’t very bright. Because of our newly gained information we can’t be as easily manipulated as we were before, so our suppression by governments has now become more open. They aren’t asking us to be more patriotic anymore; they are ordering us to be so, under very grave penalties no less.  “You are with us or against us’ we are being informed. Which does of course mean that we must willingly swallow all their lies and deceptions no matter what, otherwise we are going to be labeled as ‘terrorists’ or ‘unlawful enemy combatants.’  In other words, we are being told to become part of criminal government enterprises and fully support those enterprises in whatever they are engaged in, whether it is future horrific wars, the persecution and the torture of our fellow humans or any other horrors deranged minds manage to dream up. Countless politicians are pressing this Orwellian nightmare home almost every time they appear on television or in print.
Those of us who refuse to go along with these repressive, illegal and totally inhuman measures are being put on government ‘black lists’ which means we may not be allowed to fly on some airlines, we may be stopped by the police and searched whenever they wish, indeed we can be arrested without charge, denied legal council, imprisoned indefinitely and even ‘disappeared’ at will by government agents who are responsible to nobody so far as we are concerned. All of our so-called civil and human rights have in fact been removed, along with all our property too if our captors so wish it.  And would you believe, all this is being done in the name of ‘freedom and democracy’. Sheer insanity whichever day you look at it.
There was a time when this kind of government repression would instantly have brought people out onto the streets in massive protest, prepared to do whatever was necessary to restore their rights and a justice system that would protect them from such horrors. And there is no doubt that some people are still prepared to do just that. But such action was foreseen by our masters and we now have fascist paramilitary police forces that use brute and deadly force upon anyone who dares to openly protest against their repression by going out onto the streets to do so. Such force is already being widely used against us. Even the wearing of a T-shirt that expresses opposition to government criminality can lead to arrest and imprisonment. Indeed people are being arrested in the United States simply for reading their constitution out loud in public! And in Britain Miss Maya Evans was arrested for a lone protest at the Cenotaph for reading out the names of the 97 British soldiers killed in the Iraq war. She was arrested by no less than 14 police officers and found guilty at Bow Street Magistrates Court on the 8th December 2005. Should you dare to openly oppose fascism in either the USA or Britain their governments will now assume you to be both a ‘subversive and a communist’ no less. ‘The home’s of the brave and the land’s of the free’ are no more. We have become little more than prisoners inside our own homes, subject to whatever repression is forced upon us by governments who represent nobody but themselves. The British, long boastful of their own so-called freedoms, have also become a nation of ignorant sheep presided over by shepherds with machine guns to make sure they don’t stray.  
The Russians and the Chinese, long derided by Britain and the United States for being repressive, must be laughing out loud to themselves over our plight and inability to throw off the chains that now bind us. And they have plenty to laugh about. We are indeed clowns as seen through their eyes. Inside Europe, it is only the French who still dare to get out onto the streets when their government goes too far. The rest of the European countries just fall in line and await their inevitable fate at the hands of their corrupt governments who are so inefficient they can’t even agree on a simple European constitution, let alone anything else. 
There does, however, seem go be some foreign resistance to our crazy western dictators. According to Benjamin Fulford, a writer who lives in Japan, some very proud and aggressive people there are most fearful of what our governments here have in store for them. For it appears that our fascist governments have in their insanity also decided that there are just too many people in the world, and they are determined to get rid of many of them as possible, to the tune of a few million no less, and from the continents all over the world including the Middle and far East, which means the inclusion of many of the very powerful people known to Fulford. Who, unlike many of us, have no intention whatsoever of simply accepting whatever fate our governments have decided for them. Indeed, as Fulford has recorded and broadcast worldwide, these people have informed him and anyone else who thinks that they are just going to sit there and take it – to think again, because they are not. Moreover, according to Fulford, unless that threat to them is openly removed they have decided to remove it themselves by simply liquidating the very people who dared to make it. Irrespective of who those people are, whether they be Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers, Presidents or whatever, and Benjamin Fulford appears to be in no doubt whatsoever that these powerful people can and are in a position to do exactly what they say they will, so we must wait and see for ourselves whether this is a bluff or not? Time alone will reveal the truth.
The Middle East countries have of course already seen over one million of their people killed with many others dreadfully injured and disabled. These countries will never ever forgive the carnage and genocide that the United States and Britain has committed against them and theirs. So they too will be planning to revenge the illegal wars raged against them, probably even more so than that threatened by the people known to Benjamin Fulford. In the book ‘Synthetic Terror’, it was stated that the Arabic-language newspaper al-Hayat reported that Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda had already acquired Soviet-built tactical nuclear weapons. Furthermore, a 2004 Reuters account added that a former Russian National Security advisor, Gen. Alexander Lebed, has said that up to 100 portable suitcase-sized nuclear bombs were unaccounted for. Each one of which was capable of killing at least 100.000 people. These bombs were allegedly sold to Al-Qaeda. Even more explicit was the book Osama’s Revenge, in which it was further stated, according to Paul L. Williams, Osama Bin Laden already has 20 of these suitcase bombs, and that some of these weapons were already inside the United States with approx 5.000 sleeper agents ready to use them on American cities. Considering that Britain’s government is in lockstep with the United States, it is not out of the question to assume that Britain too may be in the line of fire.
The above statements should not be taken lightly. If those of you living in the United States and Britain saw your cities, destroyed with millions of people killed and injured would you think twice about doing the same to your enemies? I doubt it.
In the meantime, I suggest that you put as much distance as possible between yourself and the Western monsters that rule over you like the crazed robber barons they are, and the sooner the better. If you insist on keeping your head buried deeply into the sand, you will loose everything worth having, maybe even your life. Last year alone over 200.000 people left the United Kingdom for a better life elsewhere. American’s are also doing the same in much larger numbers. I know it isn’t easy to start life anew in some foreign country, but it is better than the alternative slavery that is now being imposed upon us, which I might add, is getting worse by the week. 
Central and South America though poor by some standards still offers many good opportunities. Some countries there are now developing into genuine democracies, far more responsive to what their people desire than are our own fascist governments. Of course moving on often involves having to learn a new language, indeed often a whole new way of life altogether, but many people have made that transition and are more than happy that they did so. It is certainly an option worth thinking about, even more so if you have some capital to start a small business of your own. 
Living in Central or South America can also be much cheaper than it is in Europe or the United States. Not as cheap as some people would have you believe, but certainly cheaper than many continents that have been all but taken over by huge multi-national concerns. There are still many good deals to be had in property markets overseas. Apartments can be much cheaper too, as can food and other commodities. A huge number of Americans have moved to live in Costa Rica, and like myself, many live in Mexico too. Many Central and South American countries now have quite cosmopolitan populations with people from all over the world living in them, and to everyone’s benefit.  Brazil and Venezuela have also become very popular destinations, both for business and retirement reasons. Property there can be had for less than half the European and American prices, plus you get the good weather thrown in for free. Another good point to remember is that most of these countries don’t tax foreign income if you become a resident. I might also mention that, contrary to popular belief, crime in most of these countries is far lower than in Europe or the United States. Another surprise, according to a report published by Reporters without Frontiers; is that most of these countries can have a far more truthful press than either Europe or North America. Quote: "Each year new countries in less-developed parts of the world move up the Index to positions above some European countries or the United States. This is good news and shows once again that, even though very poor, countries can be very observant of freedom of expression.”
Whatever, in your own interest I urge you to start checking out a different place to live in even if you don’t intend moving in the near future. Then you will at least not be left wondering where you might or not go when it suddenly does dawn upon you that you had better move on quickly, for whatever reason. The free online magazine has a wealth of information about countries all over the world. The article section in particular offers some excellent advice on moving to and living in many, new countries so check it out. You will be very glad that you did so – maybe one day very soon. 
Dr Les Dove
“There is not one single aspect of life in America that is not watched over, steered in the ‘right’ direction, manipulated, and controlled by the invisible government of the Committee of 300. There is not one elected official or political leader that is not subject to its rule. No one thus far has got away with defying our secret rulers, who do not hesitate to make ‘a horrible example’ of anyone, including the President of the United States of America.”
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Saturday, September 08, 2007


I haven’t been back to Britain in seven years. Nor have I missed being there. It was a depressing place for me even before I left so I certainly have no desire to return there, more so when I catch glimpses of what is happening in the country today, mainly through friends, family and other people who get in touch with me from time to time. I used to get regular letters from various fellow dissidents a while back but now most of them have left Britain too and they are scattered in countries all over the world trying to build new lives for themselves.
However, recently I received a letter from somebody else who is being persecuted, and worse, by Britain’s secret police. It brought back a few memories of my own repression inside Britain so I decided to try and catch up on what is happening regarding human rights there today. I started by checking out the various human rights organizations that are supposed to help people in Britain when the Special Branch (Secret Political Police) targets them for various reasons. It seems that the usual human rights organizations are still in place, and to some small extent, they are still protesting about the sorry state of human rights in the country. But I have to say their statements regarding this issue are still very reserved, to say the least. By the time I left the country, I was totally outraged at the repression that was going on there, outraged too at the British media who remained silent for most of the time regarding the abuse of civil liberties, and other crimes committed by the security services. So things haven’t changed for the better in the UK, they have in fact gotten much worse since I left.  
The London tube bombings have provided the security services with excuses to bring in all kinds of new repressive laws, all under the guise of protecting ‘the state’ from terrorism. These laws are so loosely formulated that the police and security agencies can do just about anything they like to almost anyone they dislike, without censure of any kind. Simply speaking out against anything the police may do can get you arrested, and worse, for supposedly ‘supporting terrorism’, which is a total mockery of ‘free speech’ which ever way you look at it. Indeed, the British police and 'Security Services' appear to have all but copied the same kind of ‘terrorism laws’ that the United States has adopted. Indeed, the British government appears to be working totally hand in glove with their American security counterparts and appears to be in lockstep with whatever they do. At one time the British police never openly carried weapons but now armed police are almost everywhere. Today’s Britain is certainly not the place I grew up in. I wouldn’t want my children to grow up there either. That is if I had any. Britain always was a fool’s paradise but now it’s a fascist paradise too.  
The use of military microwave weapons against British dissidents has it seems now become commonplace. And it spite of the publicity these terrible weapons have received throughout the United States and other countries, mainly over the Internet, the British media has, as expected, remained silent over their use, and so the public at large remains as ever totally ignorant about the gross human rights abuses that are being carried out by British security against many of them, yet ministers of The Crown dare to state time and again that Britain is not a police state. To say their heads are buried deep in the sand is a vast understatement. If human rights organizations within Britain had the courage to highlight and expose the use of secret microwave weapons that in itself might bring the desired attention to the subject and so prompt some politicians to suggest that these weapons have no place in any country, let alone Britain, and call for them to be banned. However, for some very strange reason, that I cannot fathom – unless it is ‘The Official Secrets Act’ everyone who should be talking about these weapons and the dreadful injuries resulting from their use against dissidents, is saying nothing at all. Their silence on the subject is deafening!
I amongst many other people have been writing about military microwave devices being used against citizens for almost thirty years. Articles describing their use have appeared all over the Internet, videos too as victims and some supporting professionals have tried to make people generally aware of what fascist security forces are really doing to the citizens in various so-called democracies, yet Britain remains as cut off from this information as it ever was.
British human rights lawyers like Michael Mansfield, Gareth Peirce and Helena Kennedy have and are still doing their very best in trying to stem the tide of some human rights injustices but they continue to face a very difficult uphill task. The present ‘terrorism’ laws in Britain allow the security forces there to hide all kinds of abuses and in doing so victims of those abuses are hard put to receive the justice they deserve. That is if they get any kind of justice at all. Which most victims of state abuse don’t?
Over many years past a great many people have to my knowledge written to the British media about their being abused by their own government and many of those same people have approached the various human rights organizations within Britain, all of them asking for help of one kind or another as they have tried to free themselves from the clutches of the secret police and free themselves from being persecuted and indeed tortured. Myself amongst them I should add. None of us are terrorists in any sense of the word; we simply dissent over various government policies and abuses, which we see as being outright repressive, as indeed would be our right in any true ‘democracy’.  But neither help nor mainstream media exposure of our suffering was obtained by any of us. Many follow-up letters to these so-called human rights groups went unanswered, time after time, so to say that we were rebuffed by them would be a fair enough statement. Even today, many years later, I have written to some of these organizations and so far I still haven’t received a reply to my inquiries, which simply enough is: “How many British people who have been abused and tortured inside mainland Britain, by the British security forces have contacted you, and how many of them have you assisted?” The reply to that inquiry from Amnesty International, Liberty, Redress etc, have all been exactly the same – I haven’t had one?
Of course, anyone else making exactly the same kind of inquiry and getting the same none answers would assume that they aren’t being answered simply because there aren’t any such abuses taking place within Britain, which I for one know is total nonsense because over these many past years I have been in contact with a great many people who have written to me describing exactly what has happened to them within Britain and how they have been persecuted and tortured by it’s secret police, namely MI5 and the Police Special Branch. Censorship of various kinds is widespread in Britain with MI5 having control not only over the media but also over the mail and phone services too, as well as the Internet, so I shall be kind and for now and assume that my mail to the above human rights organizations was intercepted, and that these various groups therefore never received any of the letters I sent to them. If that is true then it appears there is a need for some kind of ‘hot line’ where British torture victims can call in make a direct report of their suffering under British repression.
On looking over the Websites of these Human rights organizations today one notices that they are all quite impressive, in that they appear to be doing their best to uphold human rights, particularly in regard to torture, yet none of them are openly referring to torture taking place inside mainland Britain, only about torture that has and is being committed outside of Britain by other countries. Redress states in one of their publications that the British government appears to prefer not to get involved with any cases of torture even when those cases have taken place outside of the country. They stated: “The government appears to be embarrassed by the subject.” Quite, it should be.
I remember one British lady many years ago who had been tortured by a brutal fascist regime while she was in Chile. After reporting her ordeal to the British press after her return to Britain, she was treated as though she herself was a torturer rather than a victim of it. Very strange. Could it be that because Britain does so much business with evil regimes that torture and murder, they simply wish to avoid any discussion of the subject because it is just too close to home?
Whatever, one British historian, Michael Burleigh, believes that the British government isn’t repressive enough?  In a Times online article he stated: “One of the puzzles of our time is why Britain scrupulously adheres to the Human Rights Act, when our allies and partners systematically flout the European Convention on Human Rights. Talk of human rights abuses invariably focuses on the US, with sneering TV documentaries about Guantanamo or CIA “extraordinary rendition”. In a Hoover Digest article, Burleigh goes on to say: “In the war on terror, we must assert the virtues of Western civilization—including our Christian heritage—without apology.” In saying that he overlooks the facts, in that our Western civilization isn’t all that it has been cracked up to be. Our ‘civilization’ has raped and pillaged all over the world for centuries, we have caused and profited from countless wars and in doing so repressed and murdered millions of innocent people, moreover we still are doing so. It is true that we in the West have a better standard of living than do many other nations around the world, but that doesn’t make us angels in any respect. Robber barons have always lived better than their victims. But that has simply been because of their ill-gotten gains, not because they were better Christians, just better bandits.  Burleigh obviously must believe all that he ever reads in The Times and other British newspapers that parrot whatever misinformation the government wants them to. Is Michael Burleigh an apologist for fascism or what? He certainly lives on a very different planet than the one I do. Maybe he should check out the information in the references section below.
However, like I said at the beginning, I am not as up-to-date in these matters as I probably should be. As most of my friends have dispersed and I myself keep traveling on from time to time I am a little out of touch. Not with ‘security’, they are still following me around as always still trying to silence my criticism of their illegal and suppressive methods. So, I don’t get the kind of information from Britain I used to do in the past. And some more of my friends will probably have been permanently ‘neutralized’ by now. Some I knew definitely have, I read reports of their deaths from time to time. The security services will no doubt have increased their suppression of dissidents even further still, so some present victims may not be able to get in touch with me because of that. But I am always glad to hear from friends, whatever their circumstances. Not that I am in any position to help them, other than giving whatever words of advice or comfort to them I can. I’m a pretty old guy now and my own days are limited to say the least. But I am in good company; we resisters to fascism can look at our faces in the mirror every morning knowing that we did the right thing in standing up for what we have over all these years. And that is certainly more than most people can say. 
You can get a PDF copy of ‘The Torture Handbook’ online from: It does contain some interesting advice and also many addresses that victims of torture can contact for help. But I don’t see it as being much use for victims of torture in the UK by its security services. There isn’t a single word in the Torture Handbook about microwave torture techniques. The longer British human rights groups remain silent about directed energy devices the more these devices will be used against British subjects.
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Dr Les Dove
3rd September 2007
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United Kingdom Abuse of Human Rights


(And how the British government abuses them.)

Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 217 A (111) of 10th December 1948, the British government has, in allowing psychological torture and other cruel methods to be used against its citizens, breached the following sections of the Charter:

Sections 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 19, 12, 18, 19, 20-1, 23-1, 24, 27-1, 27-2 28, 29-1, 29-3.

Section 3 states: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person.

(Anyone undergoing psychological torture and repression has very limited liberty and certainly no personal security at all.)

Section 5 states: No one shall be subject to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

(Psychological torture has been defined by the Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims (IRCT) in Denmark, as being the very worst form of torture possible. Psychological torture is without doubt cruel, inhuman and degrading.)

Section 7 states: All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of the Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

(Torture in Britain is carried out without any formal charges being brought against political dissidents; therefore, they are denied the right to refute any allegations made against them by the security services. Also, the British security services incite acts of violence and discrimination against dissidents by alleging they are ‘communists, agitators, subversives, etc.’ Security also attempts to criminalise dissidents.)

Section 8 states: Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.

(The British security services carry out psychological torture and other cruel acts against dissidents without bringing any charges against them, and so completely avoid the law.)

Section 9 states: No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest detention or exile.

(In the United Kingdom dissidents are forced into internal exile.)

Section 10 states: Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.

(The British security services avoid this section completely by not bringing any formal charges against dissidents. They therefore deny dissidents the right of a public hearing. British security has simply appointed itself as judge, jury and executioner.)

Section 12 states: No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, home or correspondence, or to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

(The British security services and the police consistently use sleep deprivation against dissidents, tap the telephones, faxes and computers of dissidents, use bugging devices inside the homes of dissidents, censor the mail of dissidents, interfere with dissidents families And continually impinge upon the honor and reputation of dissidents.)

Section 18 states: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

(Rigid censorship in Britain prevents true freedom of thought, inquiry or expression. And, because of a climate of fear created by the security services around a dissident; i, e – the same may happen to potential supporters, and others, as it does to the dissident, the dissident may effectively be prevented from carrying out his beliefs.)

Section 19 states: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

(Dissident writers in the United Kingdom may be continually hounded and harassed by British security when voicing their opinions and they are denied the means to express themselves through any media because of the rigid censorship imposed in Britain, even the dissident’s e-mail is read by the police and security services. The media is also reluctant to accept work from some dissidents because of the fear of retaliation by the security services if they do so.)

Section 20-1 states: Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

(The British security services continually invoke public hostility towards dissidents so preventing free association of almost any kind.)

Section 23-1 states: Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favorable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.

(The British security services do everything within their considerable power to invoke hostility and harassment against the dissident whilst he is at work. Should the dissident work from home or from his own office, security will continually tap his telephone, fax, computer, e-mail, etc, in direct attempts at preventing the dissident from making a living.)

Section 24 states: Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay.

(British security uses sleep deprivation as an integral part of their psychological torture techniques against dissidents, and so proper rest for the dissident is impossible.)

Section 27-1 states: Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancements and its benefits.

(As a part of their actions against dissident’s British security invokes continual public hostility against the dissident so preventing his free association within the cultural life of the community therefore depriving him of any benefits from it.)

Section 27-2 states: Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from and scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.

(A dissident writer in Britain may be prevented from carrying out his work properly by the continual harassment and psychological torture inflicted on him by British security. And because the writer may be continually censored in various ways, his work will be denied publication with the resulting loss of income.)

Section 28 states: Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this declaration can be fully realized.

(The dissident in the United Kingdom may well be driven into internal exile and so denied almost any rights at all. Indeed, the dissidents home may well become his prison.)

Section 29-1 states: Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.

(Psychological torture techniques, to which a dissident may be subjected, are expressly designed to degrade and destroy the normal human personality.)

Section 29-2 states: In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.

(The dissident in the United Kingdom is, in effect, deprived of almost all his rights.)

Section 29-3 states: These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

(The dissident in the United Kingdom is deprived of almost all of his rights.)

Why the British security services continually get away with violating the ‘rights’ of citizens?

The powers held by government security services worldwide are by now well known by almost all journalists and writers. The average citizen is almost totally helpless when trying to combat actions taken against him, or her, by a government security service. These security services have almost unlimited resources they can call upon at any time. And, as we have seen, these security services are in almost every respect a law unto themselves. Dissidents, inside their own countries, appear to have no access to any law that will protect them. They are quickly isolated and tortured at will until they break down, commit suicide or are murdered. Once upon a time the media would have exposed these outrages, but today ‘the media’ is owned or controlled by big business and governments, the very people who are responsible for the dissident’s plight in the first place.

We the tortured know this to be true because of own experiences. Our knowledge is also backed up by former government security agents who have not only refused to continue their previous work but who have fully exposed their own part in the repression of citizens who sought to put an end to such abuses. One of these ex-government agents, Barbara Hartwell, has suffered much abuse and harassment for daring to expose repression in America. As have other ex-agents, all of who are now on a government ‘black list’ which condemns them to electronic harassment, persecution and other human rights abuses, including torture, for the rest of their lives. Barbara Hartwell was a CIA deep cover operative with insider knowledge of CIA black ops. Her credibility and exposes of government misdeeds have been endorsed by other CIA agents and by retired FBI Senior Special Agent and Bureau Chief, Mr. Ted Gunderson, who conducted his own investigation into Barbara Hartwell’s allegations against the American government. Ex-government British agents have also done the same.

Only dissidents with a wide knowledge of security techniques, plus experience in such matters, are likely to survive today’s government torturers. Therefore, dissidents should, wherever possible, try to get away from the country where they are being persecuted and suppressed. Doing so offers no guarantee that ‘security’ and their ‘agents’ will not follow them but the dissident will at least have some respite to gather his/her wits and try to form some kind of defense against their repression, and perhaps even begin a new life for them selves. The degenerate tormentors and torturers employed by governments are, as a rule, only confident in themselves when surrounded by their own kind in their own environment. Inside their own countries, these torturers portray themselves as saviors of the people, but outside of it, they rarely dare to show their true faces. Out of their own protected element, they are no more than modern day, Nazis who hide in the dark hoping that none of their victims will recognize them and seek a just revenge.

Sadly however, that is the only revenge most torture victims will ever get. Modern day torturers with high-tech torture devices practice their trade with impunity. They hide behind governments and huge business corporations – they use dozens of different security stooges who move about entire countries going from one victim to the next so that their faces will never register long enough to be remembered by either their victims or a gullible public they deceive into supporting their actions. Security services know exactly what kind of evidence is needed to bring them to justice and they make very sure that no such evidence becomes available to any lawyer who just might try to bring them to trial. I say might, because so far the vast majority of lawyers in Britain and America have avoided getting involved in torture trials at all, let alone when such a trial might involve government security agencies. The lawyers who do dare to face up to governments and their torturers are very few and far between. Attempts to form an International Criminal Court by the United Nations where torturers from any country can be brought to trial have been strongly resisted by Britain, Germany and the United States. They know only too well that they have been responsible for crimes against humanity and they seek to exempt any of their citizens from being held or arrested for such crimes in the future.

The United States still does have a measure of free speech (though it is not apparent in the mainstream press), and many torture victims there have held conferences and publicized their repression. More details of which can be found on at least one web site and other Websites. Both of the above web sites offer extensive links to a great many other web sites scattered around the world, all of which detail the repression and torture that is being carried out in countries that hypocritically portray themselves as being ‘free democracies.’ One online American newspaper ‘The Napa Valley Sentinel’ also features excellent articles on ‘Mind-Control.’

Sadly, free speech is pretty much confined to on-line reporting these days. That is where you will find the majority of good honest writers who still retain the ability to call a spade a spade. The rest of the newspaper publishing industry is little more than an embarrassment to anyone with a mind of their own. These ‘newspapers’ feature plenty of advertising but very little real news. That is the reason why so many people in The United Kingdom and the United States are not aware of what is happening right inside their own countries.

It is true that a great many people now have computers and are on-line, but many of these computers are used more as playthings more than anything else. Very little is done to educate computer users in the politics of the real world. Censorship, both online and off, is still progressing at a rapid rate. In trying to hide information that should freely be available to all people, governments – under the guise of ‘preventing terrorism’, are forcing Internet service providers and hosts to reveal all kind of information about their clients. Particularly in the United Kingdom where surveillance of all kinds, added to an already overbearing authoritarian government, have turned Britain into the worst police state in Europe.

Hiding under the cloak of ‘democracy’ fascism has gained a large foothold in many countries around the world. So much so it’s doubtful that the situation can easily be reversed. Indeed, like it or not the multinational corporations do now run the world with secret governments. They control politicians, their armed forces, and the media. Soon they may also have total control over the Internet. Most opposition to fascism will then be contained.

For as long as can be remembered politicians have started wars through outright lies, deceptions and propaganda. Exactly the same methods will be used to prevent populations from gaining the true democracy and freedom most people desire. Many people in the United States believe that because they are armed they are in a position to protect their assumed freedoms. That, however, is a false hope. The ‘secret government’ will simply label them as ‘internal terrorists’ and order them to be ‘neutralized’ as such by the security services and the military. As indeed many people in other countries worldwide already have been neutralized. That American forces will never enforce such tyranny on their own citizens is misguided to say the least. Fascism brings out the very worst in people. The past has clearly shown us that in one country after another millions of citizens have easily been duped into supporting the most repressive measures imaginable against their own peoples. Only a fool would believe that it couldn’t happen everywhere else. It can, and it is already beginning to happen right now in Europe and in the United States. Most people just don’t know about it yet. But they soon will. It’s just a matter of time, so be prepared to defend yourself against repression.

If you are a British or American victim of repression, you should contact the Website and send full details of yourself plus a current contact addresses, to them as soon as possible. They maintain a list of torture victims and it is in your own interest to be included.

It should be noted that Human Rights Organizations within Britain all have a very poor record of helping victims who have been tortured by British security services within the British mainland. Particularly in regard to the use of microwave, weapon’s and other repressive measures, that security secretly uses against some dissidents. Had UK human rights organizations spoken out against these terrible weapons and brought them to the attention of the public at large the use of them might well have been eased and possibly prevented.

If you do manage to find an organization that does help, British victims of government abuse inside Britain please contact me with full details.

Dr Les Dove



I have just read an article by Harlan Girard. In it he describes the ultimate weapons that some governments are using in attempts to silence their dissidents. Those weapons are electromagnetic microwave devices that I and many other dissidents around the world have suffered from by having them used against us for well over twenty-five years. Indeed these weapons have apparently been in use by various security forces for over forty years. For those of you who have not heard of them, and many people still have not, fascist governments favor them because these deadly weapons operate by stealth. That being so their use is easily deniable by those who use them to silence free speech. Also called ‘synthetic telepathy’ or ‘influence technology’ these ‘voice to skull’ weapons make it possible to hear threatening voices in one’s head without suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

As Girard explains, quote: “While voices and visions, daydreams and nightmares are the most astonishing manifestations of this weapon system, it is also capable of crippling the human subject by limiting his/her normal range of movement, causing acute pain the equivalent of major organ failure or even death, and interfering with normal functioning of any of the human senses. In other words, any of the tortures with which the words Guantanamo Bay have become synonymous can be achieved by remote, electronic means.

Instruments of torture

“Influence technology is also capable of persuading the subjects that their mind is being read, that their intellectual property is being plundered, and can even motivate suicide or the murder of family, friends, and co-workers. By ‘unremitting torture’, I mean exactly that. Because there is no visible evidence left by this new torture equipment such as damage to the skin, it is possible to torture the involuntary human subjects for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This can be done and is being done.”

This active denial technology was first used to torture many thousands of people right inside their own homes in the United States, Britain, and South Africa during the apartheid years, as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Allegations of torture through the use of these microwave weapons has since then has also come from Germany, Japan and France. Recently reports of similar torture have come from India too.

The cost to governments who use these revolting mind-control weapons against their citizens is amazing to say the very least. It has been estimated that to use this technology unremittingly against one single subject, or ‘target’ costs between five to ten million dollars every year! That means that I alone have cost various fascist governments approx 100 million dollars in their attempts to silence my comments about them! A total waste of money so far I might add, since I am still writing the truth about them and shall continue to do so. I must also add that although this technology hasn’t as yet killed me it has caused me to suffer from various ailments including tumors and a heart attack, not to mention many sleepless nights. I have also had some other problems, which I won’t go into here. I should also say that many thousands of other political dissidents undoubtedly have been murdered by having these weapons used against them, for it isn’t simply microwave weapons alone that are used against dissidents. They are used in conjunction along with other deadly methods of repression that government agents use to silence criticism of their repressive regimes.

So why is it that some governments are prepared to spend such huge amounts of money simply to keep unfavorable comments about their actions and policies from becoming widely known. Just what is so important that they will torture and murder thousands of their citizens to prevent them from revealing the truth? Is the exposure of their misdeeds seen to be so bad by them that they will literally risk doing anything at all and commit any imaginable crime so long as they achieve the ends they seek? Well, as we all know by now, the usual answer to those and similar questions is that well-worn phrase “It is in the interests of National Security” or “The State.”

By using those glib phrases, governments do of course imply that it is in the interests of us all because we supposedly are all a part of ‘the state’. Which of course is simply not true at all? We are not privy to ‘state secrets’ nor are we privy to what ‘the state’ discusses behind closed doors, or indeed what ‘laws’ the state imposes upon us until those laws have been imposed. Had we been many of those ‘laws’ would not have been imposed upon us in the first place. So, if we are not a part of ‘the state’ who is considered to be so and why?

During these last few years’ we have come to realize that ‘the state’ simply belongs to those who own it, a blunt assessment but a true one, so who does in effect own the state? Well, as usual it all comes down to who has the most money, and therefore the power to ‘take over’ the machinery of state. Which does of course mean the politicians who are supposed to run the state, therefore becoming little more than puppets of the moneymen who in effect buy them to run the state in any way their masters may desire? Which in turn means in the direction that brings in the most money and so increases their masters ‘investments’ in governments of their choice?

So, what kind of ‘investments’ does bring in the best return? Armaments of course have always been a safe and very profitable investment. There is always a war of one kind or another going on somewhere in the world, and if not one can always be started by various insidious means. Britain, the United States and Russia with much help from their ‘security services’ have been doing just that for a great many years. By supplying both sides of any war with weapons, these rogue countries and their ‘vested interests’ have made a huge killing, not just in lives but in the financial markets too, to the tune of many billions if not trillions in pounds, dollars and rubles. A pretty good investment whichever way you look at it.

And then of course there is oil, a commodity we all need simply to survive these days, let alone profit from, but again, not being ‘the state’ we don’t profit from oil sales the people who own the oil do. We simply have to pay whatever price the oil companies put on their product, which today is whatever the market will bear? Then there are the pharmaceutical companies who also charge whatever the market will bear, irrespective of how much their products are really worth? Millions of people are injured in wars and car crashes ever single year, let alone normal medical problems, all of which may require us to pay billions upon billions in medical charges of one kind or another every single year, even though about a million people die every year simply from the side effects of some of those so-called medical products. I won’t even get into the space program and NASA with its $5.000.00 toilet seats, etc. We would be talking about trillions! I could go on and on about the various commodities that bring in huge multinational companies thousands upon thousands of billions every year. But what’s the point. Already we know just who the moneymen are and where their vast fortunes come from, so by now it should be quite obvious that these huge financial interests and the banks that support them are the owners and indeed the controllers of governments all over the world. By being so, they have become the dictators of what happens in our world. Yes, we can truthfully say that we ordinary people are a part of that world, if nothing else.

To protect their vast business interests these huge corporations are indeed prepared to do whatever they need to do. Spending a few hundred millions on silencing those of us who dare to dissent and speak out by making a mostly ignorant public aware of the deceptions and scams being played upon them is to the multinationals little more than small change.

Whatever, most people have been content to simply live their lives and move on in whatever direction their lives took them without taking an interest in what their governments did or not do, until the last few years that is. Because now the leading world governments have, under fascist domination, decided that there are just too many of us. Not content with bleeding their various populations dry they are now apparently devising ways to get rid of many of us permanently. And I don’t mean just us obvious dissidents, I mean you and anybody like you who not only opens your eyes but also refuses to go along with the fascism that is secretly being imposed on entire populations. These dictators want an entire world of fascists no less and anybody who doesn’t agree to that is considered as being ‘surplus to requirements’. To that end, your future has already been planned and those plans are now already in the process of being carried out.

Free speech has already been curtailed to a remarkable degree, both in Britain and the United States. Indeed, laws have been passed that make it a crime to protest at what governments are doing. Paramilitary police in both countries can now arrest you for all manner of things any of which can be filed under the term ‘protecting the nation from terrorism’ even though the worst terrorists of all have become our own governments. In today’s America you can be arrested for wearing the wrong kind of T-shirt, and concentration camps have been built all over the country in preparation for an influx of dissenters, whilst in Britain internal exile has become common with people being confined to their own homes without being able to communicate from their ‘prisons’ in any way at all. As happened in Germany under Hitler and his Nazis the same things are now happening right here and now. And under the present ‘laws’, there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Your politicians, of whatever party, have been bought and paid for by the people who to all intents and purposes own them, lock, stock and barrel! That has been proved over the last few years, as politicians of all colors have remained silent whilst wholesale repression and illegal wars have taken place all over with even more wars already slated to take place in the near future. All in your name I must add, which means that you are seen to be responsible for the thousands of American and British dead along with over one million Iraq’s, men, women and children. Your government – remember, represents you, even though you don’t own it. Is there any wondering that most of the worlds populations hates Britain and America so much. Wouldn’t you if you suffered as they have?

With the coming of the Internet, our knowledge of government complicity in huge crimes of humanity all over the world has become transparent for all of us to see. We know now that both Britain and America conspired to bring about many wars, in particular World War 2 plus the Korean and Vietnam wars as well as the war now being fought in Iraq. All under the pretence of ‘defending our freedom and democracy’ millions upon millions of lost souls were and are simply being used as cannon fodder for the huge multinational corporations that have made thousands of billions out of the terrible deaths of all those involved. There appears to be no end in sight to the carnage we see on television day after day, no end in sight for wars to come, and no end in sight for those of us who try to expose and prevent such monstrous events from ever happening again. We at home have become just as much cannon fodder as those fighting in the front line of battle. And truth be known probable just many of us have died? From having disgusting microwave weapons used against us and from the illegal actions of government death squads that have waged their own private and mostly secret war against those of us who appose them, hoping that one-day justice may find a place in our world. In the meantime, it’s comforting to know that some rotten fascists have already paid out at least a hundred million dollars, and failed, to ensure my own silence.

" During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell

Dr Les Dove



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