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Society’s elite’s have for a long time figured out how to keep the serfs under control. The present day crowds of fascist rulers are simply following a well-trodden trail of deception that has quite clearly managed to fool billions of people into supporting their own repression. Even in the supposedly well-educated West the vast majority of people still unfailingly believe that their own particular ‘democracy’ protects them and theirs whilst allowing them to determine how their country is directed and managed. Some people will believe anything if one of their so-called betters solemnly informs them that it is true.
Prime ministers, presidents, kings and queens, along with other dictators, have over the last century proved themselves to be amongst the worst liars in the entire world. These brazen lies have not simply fooled entire populations they have caused untold wars that have taken the lives of millions upon millions of people, and they continue to do so right up to the present day.
The elite often referred to as the ‘illuminati’ gets away with their lies and deceptions simply by controlling and manipulating information, particularly information that might expose their lies to entire populations. Censorship of all kinds is rife in the West, let alone the East. Without a hard input by their ‘security services’ these elites could never get away with it. Believe it or die is their motto, meaning we die of course, never them. The Spanish inquisition was nothing compared to the horrors these monster ‘security services’ commit, all in the name of ‘protecting democracy’ because that charade has to be protected at all costs. Setting up phony political parties who pretend to represent both the left and the right of the political spectrum has become an art form where political stooges pontificate on stage about almost anything whilst actually doing nothing at all to uphold the so-called rights of their constituents. The multi-nationals and the ‘security services’ own politicians and it is them they work for, not us the people. That has become more than obvious than ever over these last few years.
The ‘official media’ goes along with this blatant scam by publishing reams of rubbish that pretends to establish how well their ‘democracy’ is working and how lucky are the people to be living under such a wonderful system. And most of the ignorant serfs continue to believe it.
The United States and Britain have now both reached the position of being the most hated countries on earth. The lies and treachery of their leaders exposed for all to see by Internet writers and researchers, most of whom have been driven online simply because it is the only place where they can publish the truth. Something the official state media’s knows nothing about. They continue as always parroting whatever lies their masters wish them to.
We can see online what we could never ever see anywhere else. It is the only place left where a modicum of decency and respect for human rights and values manages to survive. Indeed, writers who insist on writing the truth about our present day world have nowhere else to go. They couldn’t get a job doing that anywhere in the United States or Britain. Both of whom have descended deep into the devils pit exposed as nations who torture and murder they’re own citizens, along with many other people in foreign countries, with impunity I must add, as they seek to extend their corrupt rotten fascism to the rest of the world.
The terrible events of America’s 9/11 in New York and Britain’s 7/7 bombings, both of which have now been exposed as inside jobs, were created to give their ‘leaders’ an almost totally uncontrolled power. A power that is now being used to frighten and repress and control citizens of both countries as never before.
Outraged at these vast crimes against humanity some citizens cry out to their ‘opposition’ political parties as they seek to see justice done and their criminal leaders impeached or brought to trial, but as usual there is simply more talk, more excuses, and nothing worthwhile is ever done. A few low scapegoats may be produced, but that is as far as it ever goes. The democracy charade grinds on doing what it has always done, upholding fascism whilst ridiculing and repressing the voices of the dispossessed. Those who continue to cry out for justice are accused of trying to undermine ‘democracy’ or of ‘giving aid to terrorists’ while the real terrorists in the White House and Downing Street remain protected and free to continue their reigns of terror and repression on anyone who dares to appose them. Indeed, America’s notorious prisons both at home and abroad are now seen simply as an extension of what has been secretly happening all along for many years past.
Britain’s own internal, and external, repression of dissidents has reached new heights that are comparable to other police states the world over. Yet the tyrannical liars and monsters that control these countries utter the words ‘democracy and freedom’ every time they appear before the television cameras. There isn’t anything they will say or do – or any lie they won’t tell, just as long as they contribute to upholding the ridiculous belief that their citizens are anything other than controlled brainwashed robots that have no more real rights than a mangy dog in Baghdad. That our ‘rulers’ have much to hide is made more obvious every day as their own home grown terrorists operating under the guise of the CIA, NSA, MI5 and MI6 continue to persecute and terrorize almost anyone who protests at their crimes and tries to expose them for the whole world to see.
Whatever, in spite of the internal and external pressure being put upon them many outraged citizens of both Britain and America have continued to speak out. They have indeed produced some quite amazingly revealing videos that have very clearly shown just how our so-called democratic governments so ruthlessly repress us in the West. In doing so they have exposed the democracy charade, as it has never been exposed before. These brave journalists have in fact proved beyond any doubt that our governments are a sham, set up solely to deceive and manipulate people into believing the lies and distortions of a tiny group of ruthless and hugely powerful people who operate out of sight and who are in fact the real shadow governments. Their blatant fascism has driven them into trying to take over the entire world in their desire for more and more power which allows them to make billions and billions of pounds and dollars every single year. Yet they continue to pillage around the world killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people while making serfs and slaves of almost anyone else who defies them.
Our ‘democratic police states’ are now no less than torturous killing machines. As George Bush recently proclaimed; ‘The American constitution is no more than a godammed piece of paper.’ And he too has proved that by his own sheer indifference to anyone other than the fascists that surround and support his every move as he sends off thousands of young men to die for his daily lies and deceptions.
The greatest con game of all time being played out in the West has all but reached its conclusion. Very soon now we shall all, whether we want to or not, be micro-chipped and numbered as the robots we have all but been turned into. We shall then be allowed to live or die according to the wishes of tyrants and their henchman who are all determined to remove all opposition to them once and for all. We cannot use the law to prevent this from happening because we don’t make the laws anymore, fascists do. And the ignorance and malice of many people will ensure that the laws of repression and violence against political dissenters will grow and be enforced at any cost, no matter how unjust or what the results of those laws may be?
There are of course many people who will say that this cannot happen, just as they have said that what has happened to our world over the last forty odd years couldn’t happen. But it mostly has happened already and it will only get worse, simply because there aren’t enough good and intelligent people left in the world to stop it happening. Clothed in ignorance and disbelief people in the West will continue to swallow their governments lies until they finally choke upon them, when it will be too late to do anything other than surrender the last of what little dignity they have left. Like the Jews being led into the ovens they will continue to believe that somebody somewhere will rise up and save them at the last moment. But they won’t. They can’t now, and in a few more years it will be all over with all hope for a brave new world gone forever.
In America today anyone can be arrested, denied any representation, tortured, put into prison for life or murdered, simply on suspicion of being anything the authorities care to dream up? Britain is very close behind. Unwilling to live under this kind of blatant fascism many thousands of American’s have left their country altogether going to live in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. In the UK over three hundred thousand people have already been driven from its shores and they now live mainly in France, Spain and Portugal. So if you live in Britain or America and don’t want to become a slave of fascism I suggest you start looking for a new retreat yourself, while you still have the chance.

Dr Les Dove.
March 25th 2007

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