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Dirty Secrets - Updated

        Dirty Secrets - Update

          Being a political researcher and ‘whistleblower’ myself I feel very close to Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, Bradley Manning and all the other principled whistleblowers, men and women,  who over the years have enlightened the public mind as to what the British and American governments have been doing in the name of their citizen’s. Whistleblowers, I should add, who are still considered by ‘the state’ to be ‘criminals and terrorists’ simply because they did what thousands of other writers and reporters failed to do, which was to disclose a massive abuse of state power, which is why so few people today trust the mainstream media to tell them the truth about anything.

My own first ‘crime’ lay in simply judging a talent contest in South Africa during the apartheid years. That small act of defiance toward apartheid in my illegally spending that one night in Soweto was, ridiculous as it may seem, apparently construed by ‘state security’ as being a positive influence on the downfall of apartheid and the coming to power of the African National Congress and Nelson Mandela as its leader. Since that time in Soweto, almost 40 years ago now, I have been relentlessly persecuted and smeared by fascist security agents and their stooges in whatever country or town I have lived in. There have also been numerous attempts on my own life, along with more attempts to criminalize me. So quite obviously ‘the state’ and its security apparatus views any act of resistance or defiance, no matter how small,  as being a serious threat to its existence. So naturally enough I have over the years written extensively about the many deceptions the security services have inflicted upon us all, and I continue to do so today. 

The vast crimes and horrific human rights abuses committed by the UK and US governments in particular, both at home and abroad should at the very least have prompted a huge outcry for a different and far better political system than the totally corrupt systems we have at present. 

The so-called ‘democracy’ we are now supposed to be enjoying has proven itself to be an outright fraud of the very worst kind. And that includes the much vaunted ‘free speech’ citizens are also rightly supposed to have, but don’t. Indeed, anyone daring to speak out against government criminality and tyranny may well be smeared and vilified in every possible way. Hoping to discredit and detract from their allegations against rogue governments and their security forces, whistleblowers are often falsely and ceaselessly accused of committing all kinds of crimes, particularly of a sexual nature, by teams of government disinformation agents who surround and continually spread the foulest of lies in efforts to discredit and damage the character and reputation of any whistleblower wherever they may be. And unfortunately many of those lies are readily believed by a gullible public who would rather believe lies than admit that their country has become a rotten police-state.

For a long time now Internet journalists and bloggers have been exposing ‘state crimes’ of all kind’s, and in doing so they have realized our worst fears – which were that our ‘democracies’ were in fact not all that they had been cracked up to be. Indeed they have to our profound dismay turned out to be no different from other terrorist states our countries were supposed to be confronting. Instead we have discovered that far from outlawing terrorist states our own governments have been their greatest supporters. Columbia, for only one instance, has long been known as being among the very worst of all the known terrorist regimes throughout the entire world, and it has been fully supported in its gross human rights violations by America and Britain for many years. Both of whom have contributed their own troops to assist in the mass torture and killings of poor civilians whose only crime was to ask for a truly democratic political system that would enable them to improve their poor standard of living. 

These are the kind of dirty secrets our governments don’t want you to know about, and in revealing them worldwide activist bloggers have themselves now come under a renewed attack by having their Web sites and blogs closed down along with their e-mail accounts by government security services who appear to be determined to cull any and all criticism of their vast illegal crimes against humanity in general. Yet the worst is yet to come; a recent document produced by the American government entitled: USA Inc.: NASA, Depopulation & You, has made it very clear that they fully intend to use phychotronic warefare against the entire world in attempts to injure or kill anyone who disagrees with its fascist intention of controlling everyone on earth!  

          That the UK and US public in general hasn’t as yet fully reacted to the blatant lies and crimes of their politicians and bankers can be laid firmly at the door of the mainstream media moguls, which at best can only be described as being little more than government lap-dogs. They do indeed deserve the title of being ‘presstitutes’ whose main aim is to promote government propaganda or any other rubbish they can use to keep the public mind ill-informed and ignorant of the truth. 

          Britain’s ‘Guardian’ newspaper, often quoted by the foreign media as being something of a ‘watchdog’ for human rights, has known about repression and torture inside the British mainland for well over thirty years but it has yet to publish a single word about mass state torture inside the United Kingdom. Like other British media outlets The Guardian is quick to publish reports of torture in some other countries but of its own - never!

For well over thirty years the criminal British Security Services have been persecuting, torturing and murdering political dissidents under the pretext of defending ‘National Security’. They are nothing less than legalized state terrorists and their vast human rights crimes have been hidden from the British people through using notorious ‘official secrets acts’ and vast censorship of the media, along with the gross censorship and repression of other writers and researchers who have consistently tried to expose these state crimes to public view. Indeed, the majority of citizens in Britain and the USA have been so successfully brainwashed through outright government lies, propaganda, censorship and repression they cannot bring themselves to believe that such terrible crimes could ever be committed in their own countries, even when faced with overwhelming evidence from the many exiled (internal and external) British and US victims of repression and torture that have been, and indeed still are being persecuted and tortured by many fascist agents scattered around the world. 

The British Government Communications Headquarters, Cheltenham (GCHQ), the Porton Down research station, near Salisbury, and the America’s National Security Agency’s (NSA) huge SIGINT spy base, located at Menwith Hill, near Harrogate are all known to be involved in microwave warfare operations against British citizens along with other nefarious military paramilitary installations?

By this date, many hundreds of British citizens have added their names and addresses to International data lists of British torture victims with more doing so every week, yet the media in Britain remains totally silent on the subject of British people being persecuted and tortured both inside and outside of the British mainland by British security forces. Recently a British scientist by the name of Dr. Barrie Trowers has made a number of Internet video documentaries describing exactly how people can be tortured, disabled and murdered through the use of deadly microwave weapons. 

         Former Ministry of Defense physicist, Dr. Barrie Trowers has informed us of the huge dangers of electro smog-scalar waves and the microwave radiation in our cell phone and Wi-Fi technology. He also reveals how intelligence agencies misuse microwaves to influence and damage people's bodies, even the brain. They can induce pain anywhere in the body producing various illnesses including heart attacks and every form of cancer. They can control your mind by reading your thoughts, changing them, spying on your memory, change or erase it. They can remote control a human totally without the targeted individual knowing about it. People can be programmed to be a living video camera, killing or sex-machine.

Being a foremost expert on the subject the courageous Dr. Trowers has also given many worldwide lectures on the misuse of microwaves by the security services in many other countries besides Britain. At present he is receiving over 900 letters every week from British torture victims. A huge number of American citizens have also come forward after complaining of their own microwave torture in the United States. The collusion of Britain and the United States against true democracy has now been thoroughly researched and proven over many years. Some American citizens have also finally woken up to the fact and they are vigorously campaigning online against their corrupted police states. In Britain no such opposition is allowed so many British citizens remain largely ignorant about their own deeply corrupted governments.

       It is easy to let people hear voices in their skulls. V2K is not a mental illness but the result of modern technology. The cell phone and wireless Internet radiation damages not only us, our children and nature but even future generations in a so horrible way that in three generations millions of men and women will have lost their fertility forever.

       Dr. Trowers is rightly upset over the fact that British scientists working for the security services have a license to kill and have used their microwave deices on hundreds of thousands innocent human guinea pigs; and consistently gotten away with it. He and Mind Control expert Dr. Henning Witte have their suspicions that secret microwave weapons triggered the English results in the London Olympics 2012. 

During a recent FFCHS Conference Dr. Trowers took part in an online audio interview which can he heard at: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-66339/TS-800041.mp3 
The FFCHS Website is at:  www.freedomfchs.com

          Dr. Trowers and Dr. Henning Witte are both fully supported by the Former Health Minister of Finland, Dr. Rauni Kilde, who has written extensively on modern methods of mind control and she is also featured in many online videos about mind-control.

          John Finch, (tijohnfinch@gmail.com) who has for many years highlighted the plight of many thousands of torture victims worldwide, recently wrote to Amnesty International asking for their help in aiding the microwave abuse of those victims. This is the reply he received:
            “We regret to inform you that Amnesty International is unable to offer you any assistance as your case does not fall within our areas of work. We do understand your concerns and desire that action be taken. However, our work is determined by the framework established by Amnesty International members at a global level, and all individual cases that we work on must fall within the terms established by our statute. This does not mean that we consider certain types of human rights, or human rights abuses, to be more important than others. Nor does it mean that we have reached any conclusion as to whether you may have been the victim of a human rights violation. Rather, it means that we must, to be as effective as possible, channel our limited resources towards those areas of work which we have identified as priorities.
            We regret that we are unable to assist you, and we do understand the disappointment this must cause. However, we hope you are able to understand the reasons behind this. We do hope that you are able to find the help that you need elsewhere, and that your situation improves.”

For those of you who have previously supported Amnesty I suggest that you now contact them offering your own regrets in that you can no longer continue to support their obviously corrupted organization until it fully support’s Mr. John Finch.

        Microwave technology used properly could easily have been used to prevent at least 90% of crime in Britain and elsewhere, instead it has been ruthlessly used against political activists to prevent populations from gaining true democracy in their countries. The last thing elitists and vast corporations want is for ordinary people to have a real say in how their countries are being run and managed. Normal people would quickly put an end to criminal warfare and the resulting huge death tolls brought about by rich corporate criminals and bankers who grow wealthier still through war profiteering as millions of innocent men, women and children continue to die in unnecessary wars brought about solely by greed and the search for huge profits. 

Fortunately the days when politicians believed their people to be total fools are coming to an end. Today many news articles and videos are being increasingly used by online activists to truly inform and educate entire populations, just as thousands of state Security Specialists vainly attempt to quell all political protests in Britain and America. However, the spread of the Internet has doomed their efforts to failure. As a result the Internet is now being heavily censored as never before with informative alternative Web-sites being banned in many countries or taken down altogether on an almost weekly basis. In efforts to prevent them from further communications many political activists are also suffering from ‘dropped phone lines’ and other forms of censorship. This trend clearly shows that state fascists are running scared, and when the public at large finally does wake up to the truth about these deeply corrupted elitists and their dirty inhuman deceptions their New World Order will hopefully be finished forever.

 After all, who in their right mind would support any government that used torture and murder worldwide, that continually spied on its own and other citizens worldwide, that supported cruel dictatorships worldwide, promoted police brutality, that consistently lied to its own citizens while committing global industrial espionage and that was well known for being almost totally corrupt, and who in addition also protected and refused to prosecute elite criminal bankers who stole untold billions from their clients. A government that murdered millions of people as it tried to dominate the entire world through starting continuous wars for profit while torturing, imprisoning and murdering writers and journalists simply for writing the truth about these vast crimes, and finally who but the totally uninformed would support governments who brutally murdered their own citizens in attempts to scare them into believing that they were going to be attacked by foreign terrorists – as the American and British governments are firmly believed by many eminent researchers to have done on 9/11 and 7/7, and that includes me after watching the explosive video by Barbara Honegger, a top level informant whose video lecture should convince any skeptic of 9/11 that it was indeed an inside job committed by the American government. You can watch the video at: 

I can’t help but wonder when some high-level informant in the United Kingdom will also have the courage to come forward and expose their 7/7 so-called ‘terrorist attack’ as being an inside job?
America and Britain continue to commit horrible crimes all over the world and they are fully supported in their deplorable actions by French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and other US puppets who also continue to pretend that they are democracies. I certainly don’t support them and never will unless they are truly reformed. It is high-time that the people of these countries regained their senses along with their dignity and overthrew their rotten police-states before they themselves also become victims of their state psychopaths!  

Both the USA and the UK governments are pretending that their security services are under ‘oversight’ to prevent them from overstepping their vast powers, but that is yet another deception. The only oversight these home-grown terrorist organizations get will be to ensure that they continue to do exactly what they always have, which is to make very sure that normal citizens remain under total fascist control and ignorant of what their governments are really doing. And to add insult to injury, it has been revealed by the Washington Post that the massive spying activities of the USA ‘intelligence services’ in spying on people worldwide costs at least $52.6 billion, which works out in costing US citizens an exorbitant $574 each every year!   

Britain’s notorious ‘Official Secrets Acts’ prevents their populations from gaining any worthwhile knowledge about what their disgusting rogue security services get up to, we have to rely on political dissidents for any truthful information relating to the vast human rights crimes being committed by MI5 and MI6 so what amount of money the British people have to pay every year for their own repression simply isn’t available.

 That Britain and America are free countries and democracies with free speech is a total myth. They are both vicious fascist military unaccountable police states second to none and are overseen by puppet politicians and their elite masters. One becomes “an enemy of the state” and afterward blacklisted as a “terrorist” simply for speaking or writing the truth against blatant fascism, which more people in the UK and the USA are now daring to attempt. Many of whom are persecuted, smeared, demonized, tortured, murdered, internally exiled or driven out of their own country. That is the real truth about Britain and the United States of America.

Dr. Les Dove
E-mail: lesdove@inbox.com  


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