Monday, April 09, 2007


From my own personal experiences over the last twenty-five years I have learned only too well how rotten, corrupt and ruthless our so-called democratic governments can be, and indeed are. No ‘terrorist’ organization anywhere in the entire world can even come close to committing the kind of terrorist acts that our own Western governments commit against us on an almost daily basis. If all the people knew about the crimes of our governments the politicians responsible for them would be dragged out of the White House and Downing Street and justifiably hanged from the nearest lamppost.
That the people don’t know about these government crimes is due to the tightly controlled censorship that Washington and Britain imposes on its citizens. The mainstream media of both countries is little more than a government propaganda machine, and so the people remain all but totally ignorant of vast crimes their governments have committed against civil liberties and even greater crimes against humanity as a whole. That these vast crimes have been allowed to flourish for so long is almost beyond belief. However, our governments crimes have now become so vast and so insidiously corrupted by greed and the sheer destruction they are causing in the world many brave people are now finally beginning to openly speak out against them and where possible expose these crimes for all to see.
We the people have been plotted against, lied to and manipulated into believing that the truth is a lie and that lies are the truth. I personally have known this for many years, but the 9/11 tragedies in New York, and its aftermath, has finally brought home to the American people at least just how far their own government will go in maintaining its rotten and hideous control over them through any means it considers necessary. Even if that means murdering thousands of innocent people in broad daylight, because that was what 9/11 was. Not a terrorist act by a bunch of crazed Arab fanatics as we had all been led to believe but an act of outrageous murder by the American government against its own, and other, citizens who just happened to be there on that fatal day.
Why?  You might well ask, would any government stoop to commit such a terrible act against its own people, the answer is simple – oil and the huge wealth that control over the oil industry brings to the few very powerful people who control it. Because those people who control the oil industry control the world. 9/11 gave them the excuse they needed to enlarge their oil interests, and by invading Iraq to steal their oil they have done just that. Through their vast wealth from oil profits these few people have corrupted the oil producing countries and their leaders throughout the entire world. They bought off Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers and Presidents who in turn were prepared to help them keep oil prices far above what it cost them to buy and process. They did and do make hundreds of billions of dollars every single year. In doing so they bought off or simply had murdered anyone who stood in their way. Al Capone had nothing on these government gangsters when it came to outright suppression and murder, old Al couldn’t hold a candle to these monsters. And they are still there, reaping their fortunes whilst their paid government torturers and murderers continue to wipe out all opposition to their crimes. Hidden behind their obscene wealth these monsters have become the shadow governments of America and Britain, prepared to commit any crime in the book just so long as they can get away with it. And so far they have.
But cracks are beginning to appear. So monstrous have the crimes of these secret governments become their puppet Presidents and Prime Ministers have come under scrutiny as never before. At the risk to their lives some close insiders, privy to all the dirty little secrets and crimes of the oil barons and their lackeys have come out of the shadows and confessed all. Because even to them it has become apparent that the West is heading for a great disaster and by finally speaking out they hope to avert such a calamity.
Whether or not we shall avert a calamity at this stage is open to doubt. It may already be too late. However if people finally come to their senses and begin to think for themselves instead of listening to the lies of their Presidents and Prime Ministers – and throw them on the scrap heap where they belong, we just might have a chance of recovery?  But it remains doubtful as this new information is also being heavily censored wherever it can be, so not as many people will learn the true facts of these government deceptions before it is too late. 
But what are these oil deceptions? Well, John Perkins for one explains all in his videos and book, “The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.” We see for ourselves how over many past years both America and Britain have sent their Hit Men, in the shape of various government agents, to both bribe and corrupt the representatives of the various oil nations into signing over to us their oil rights at ridiculously low prices – all under the threat of being removed from office or killed. Whilst at home these same government agents have kept those oil prices at the pump ridiculously high. In doing so the oil companies have all made thousands of billions of Pounds and Dollars whilst we the people are being driven into poverty by being made to fund costly wars, whose only aim is to keep those oil prices high and higher as we are being oppressed and controlled by various security agencies under the guise of ‘protecting us from terrorism.’ So whilst the oil companies and our corrupt politicians have made huge obscene fortunes for themselves America as a country is now in the red to the tune of over eight trillion dollars. A debt that falls squarely on the shoulders of the average taxpayer.
Lindsey Williams backs up these amazing revelations in another book, “The Energy Non-Crisis” and on videos, he is another oil insider who has come out of the shadows. A man who further informs us that oil prices have since the 60’s been controlled by these few corrupt aforementioned monsters and that if the oil was not so artificially price controlled we could all be buying it at the pumps for about $1.50 a gallon or less! Indeed, Mr. Williams tells us quite candidly that oil in Alaska is bountiful and could be got out of the ground for only $3.00 a barrel. And that in Saudi Arabia oil is being got out of the ground at only $5.00 a barrel, whilst our lying oil industries and our politicians are informing us that oil costs $40 - $50 and more with prices set to go much higher still? Indeed, for every $2.00 rise in gas prices the oil companies and their minions in the White House and Downing Street are going to share over 60 billions dollars more in the profits from our labor! But, as I said, the cracks are beginning to show. As America murders many thousands more people in Iraq in its efforts to maintain control of oil and high prices Hugo Chevez of Venezuela is busy selling cheap oil to many other nations in the world. That is why the American elite hates him so much. He has his hand in their pockets by selling his oil cheap, at the price it should be. And they don'’ like it one little bit. It is also the reason they hate Iran so much. For Iran has now stated that it too is going to start selling cheap oil to the entire World and more so it is going to do so not in dollars but in euro’s. So whilst much of the world can at last look forward to fair oil prices the people of Britain and America are going to continue paying through the nose for it. That is why the puppets George Bush and Tony Blair are so set on invading Iran. It hasn’t anything whatsoever to do with weapons of mass destruction; it’s all about oil, as usual. And the West’s determination to keep oil prices going through the roof, just so that a few already hugely wealthy people can continue to get even richer still. Something you might like to think about as you are figuring out how you are going to pay for your children’s education, or how you are going to afford to pay the $100 a week to keep your car running.
You might, however, have other things on your mind. For instance if Iran does flood the world with cheap oil the American economy might well collapse, Mr. Williams certainly thinks it will, and if America does invade Iran to try and stop it from selling cheap oil we will have yet another bloody war on your hands. One we cannot win, just as we cannot win in Iraq. People have a perfect right to defend what is theirs, and only fools continue to believe the phony ‘war on terrorism’ line Bush and Blair like to dish out. So a war with Iran might also develop into a war right here at home in our own backyard. 
The war against cheap oil and our power supplies has not just happened against the oil producing countries it has also been secretly happening here in the West too, as inventors who have been striving to find alternative power sources have found out to their cost. Contrary to what the scientific establishment believes many power producing devices have for a long time been producing over unity, which means that such devices get more power out of them then is put into them. Science however has become a closed shop where only generally excepted views are held to have any merit. Scientists who attempt to prove otherwise are scorned and outlawed. As a result the scientific field continues to parrot outdated beliefs and funding for any project going against the generally accepted thought is all but none existent. However, many people have not only proved that over unity exists they have manufactured devices and prototypes that show it to anyone interested enough to take a look at them. Most have been scorned beyond belief by the establishment, and some have simply been ignored altogether. Those inventors who have managed to gain attention have been smeared, harassed, suppressed, put into prison and even murdered by government agents who have ruthlessly sought to keep the oil monopoly firmly in place. Indeed 53 scientists have died from strange sudden deaths since the WTC attacks on 9/11. Their lives and the lives of those who died on 9/11 mean nothing at all to our secret governments. Our value to them is as consumers only, and when we don’t consume their expensive products we are to them totally worthless.
Eugene Malove, who was a pioneer in the free energy field, was murdered in 2004 after speaking out against the vested interests that were intent on blocking research into inexpensive and free energy resources. Stan Meyers, who invented his water-powered car, was murdered too. After researching for thirty years Stan’s water powered car was ready for production, but his murder prevented that. Other successful free energy inventors have simply been ‘disappeared’, in spite of the many precautions they took to try and insure their safety. Cold fusion brought another swift reaction from the scientific establishment when the scientists Pons and Fleischmann announced that they were getting energy from water. Condemned as charlatans they moved abroad where they could continue their research unhampered. Since then other scientists have shown that you can indeed get energy from water. It has been confirmed worldwide that Cold Fusion can take place. Only now few scientists dare speak about it openly. Developing cheap or free energy devices in America or Britain can be a very dangerous occupation.
In some other countries, however, the search for cheap or free energy goes on unhampered by government. In New Zealand and Australia for instance you can already buy motorized devices that run on water, cars and motor bikes included. Inventors here at home who produce energy saving devices now usually call them something else, for fear of attracting the wrong sort of attention. One American inventor has produced a device that gets hot water or steam without any heating element whatsoever, and that device is proven and in use. But it isn’t called a free energy device it is simply called a water pump. Similar free energy devices can be had to heat rooms or entire houses, but you can only get the plans to make them yourself, they are not allowed to be sold as ready-made devices because that would be challenging the oil industry and the powers that be. Anyone doing that would simply be asking for trouble.
Other devices that produce hydrogen or what is called ‘Browns Gas’ can be bought and attached to almost any car. These devices can improve fuel consumption dramatically. But they aren’t widely available, as their inventors are again wisely being very cautious about what they do. But again, plans to make them are available on the Internet if you want to try your hand at making your own car energy saving device. These devices could of course be cheaply included during car manufacture, as could totally water powered cars. There would be no pollution, no greenhouse gases. We have the technology already and it works, but the car companies are themselves tied to the oil industry so such drastic improvements aren’t going to come from them any time soon. So while our lying governments are going on about the so-called ‘oil crisis’ they are making billions out of oil and their wars for the armaments business so most of us shall all have to continue on as we are. Though we could of course just simply ignore our government’s lies and deceptions and make real progress ourselves – quietly, and get off the grid altogether. Buy or make what you need. The plans for doing so are out there on the Internet. Then help your friends to do the same. When half the world is using nothing but water and fresh air to power their cars and heat their homes the legalized gangsters in Washington and London will still be telling you it’s impossible.
Dr Les Dove
April 9th 2007
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