Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The security services of governments worldwide have always been a breeding ground for producing the worst kind of degenerates. Given wide all-encompassing powers by the state it’s security services attract thugs and misfits by the score. Under the full protection of the state, these security agents can, have and do commit the very worst of human rights crimes, crimes for which these government agents are very rarely if ever held accountable by anyone.
The CIA has been the power and organizer behind death squads the world over, millions of men, women and children have died horrible deaths at the hands of these death squads yet not one single CIA agent has ever been held accountable in the United States nor been brought to justice to answer for these vast crimes against humanity anywhere else. Indeed, it seems that the average American citizen is even today totally unaware that these crimes have been committed by it various governments and the agents it employs.
The United Kingdom and its politicians has always been at the very forefront of countries that profess its abhorrence of human rights abuses and indeed it is insistent in claiming that its security services would never ever stoop to the use of repression, torture and death squads to counter political dissent. And indeed, until the coming of the Internet those claims were rarely apposed by anyone, let alone exposed by the media.
We now know why, thanks to the Internet. British human rights crimes were not exposed nor apposed for one simple reason, nobody outside the 'security services' knew about them, except the victims of these crimes and the security degenerates who carried them out, by order of and under the protection of the state. These vast British crimes against humanity were kept secret and are hidden under the insidious cover of Britain’s infamous ‘Official Secrets Act’ as indeed most of 'security' crimes against humanity still are.
However, we now know that many vast human and civil rights crimes have and are still being carried out by Britain’s MI5 and the police Special Branch, all under the cover-all pretext of ‘protecting the state’ when in fact these government agents are not protecting the state at all they are protecting the status quo, the vested interests of royalty and a few hugely rich families who all but own 'the state' and the politicians who manage it on their behalf. That is not democracy in action, it is fascism, the worst kind of fascism that has in recent years thankfully been overthrown in some other countries throughout the world. Indeed, Britain supposedly fought two world wars to protect its citizens from fascism and the police state it has now become. Yet through lies, deception and the ‘Official Secrets Act’ the British people have been duped yet again into believing that they are still living in a democracy.
Knowing little or nothing at all about the ‘Official Secrets Act’, most people in Britain still believe that their national state media will report anything that does in any way threaten their best interests. But in fact, and because of the above secrets act, the media can do no such thing. For the simple truth of the matter is that were a newspaper editor in the United Kingdom brave enough to actually allow the printing of any report that told the truth about repression and torture in Britain that editor would immediately be arrested, along with the reporter who wrote the report, and they would be put into prison for breaking the ‘Official Secrets Act’, furthermore that newspapers printing presses would be confiscated and the newspaper in question closed down. That is why newspaper editors usually receive royal honors, etc, after they retire. Not because they were good editors but simply because they went along with the democracy charade and never exposed the truth of what really happens to a dissenting public in Britain. And so, because the public rarely gets to read anything about political repression inside their own country they continue to believe that it doesn’t exist. When the national newspapers continually print the same old fairy stories with nothing to contradict them, the public quite naturally comes to believe that there is nothing that can contradict them. They don’t realize that reports giving an alternative view of what is really happening in Britain have been censored from public view. They fail to see that the powerful vested interests in the UK simply use the mainstream media to manipulate public opinions.
The British public also has an erroneous belief in that the queen of England has nothing to do with politics, when in fact she has everything to do with politics. She is in the prime position to manipulate politics in Britain to best suit her own vast financial interests. Indeed the queen of England is believed to be the largest shareholder in the Carlyle Group and other huge companies that profit from wars and other vast enterprises.
So while the myths about royalty and freedom in Britain persist the fact is that there are tens of thousands of MI6, MI5 and Special Branch agents throughout the British Isles – not to mention millions of informers, and aboard who target, persecute, torture and sometimes murder any British citizen who dares to expose the reality of repression in Britain today. And don’t get the idea that we are only talking about a few people here, we are talking about thousands upon thousands of innocent people who have and are still being repressed, and worse, for simply doing no more than using their so-called democratic rights, which every British citizen is supposed to possess. So, make no mistake on this point; unless you are a fascist you stand a very good chance of one day joining these unfortunate victims of British repression, particularly if you are a writer intent on trying to introduce true democracy rather than support the fascism that today is operating under a ‘cloak of democracy’ inside the United Kingdom.
So, while the United States and the United Kingdom both proclaim that ‘We don’t torture people’ the blunt honest truth is that both countries do torture people, and they have been doing so for a great many years. Torture as most people imagine it has simply changed in method, it has become far more sophisticated and deadly than most ordinary people could ever imagine. Both the above countries use highly specialized psychiatrists and doctors to devise forms of psychological torture that is purposely designed to slowly but surely completely break down both the body and mind of victims until they simply degenerate into having a total nervous breakdown or loose their minds altogether, to such an extent they may well be driven to suicide to escape their torment. And again, if you think that you are one of those people who could resist such methods of repression you should think again – you couldn’t. Only a very few people in the entire world can resist such sophisticated methods of human destruction for very long and you are most unlikely to be amongst them.
It is these methods of repression and torture and these methods alone that has kept an outdated and corrupt system of government and its royal patronage in power inside the United Kingdom. As things are today any honest politician would be hounded from the very moment that he got into office, that is if he or she did manage to get into office in the first place, because all politicians inside Britain, past and present, are vetted by MI5 and the Police Special Branch, without whose patronage no politician can stay in office for very long. Politicians who refuse to go along with the ingrained political corruption in Britain are smeared and denigrated at every turn and are labeled as being ‘troublemakers, communists or subversives’ by the security services until they either leave office or are driven from it. If neither is possible then these dissidents are likely to be involved in ‘an organized accident’ of some kind, which inevitably finally solves that particular ‘security problem’ for good.
Yes, I know that the United States and the British governments say that they ‘don’t murder people’ but again, they do, and they both have been doing so for many years. That is why both these fascist governments have remained in power for so many years past, and quite probably, why they will remain in power for so many more years to come – unless their populations finally wake up to the deceptions being played upon them and stop believing all the lies their politicians consistently tell them over the radio, press and television. So, stop believing what these liars are saying they are going to do – and instead look at what they have already done over the last fifty years, then expect more of the same, because that is exactly what you are going to get from them. Until the people of Britain and the United States start demanding true democracy and full accountability, with honest politicians and a truly free media, all you and your children can look forward to is, more corruption, more fascism and a slavery that you might never imagine in your worst nightmares.
For those amongst you who believe that the leading British human rights organizations would quickly expose political repression in Britain you are suffering from a delusion, they haven’t and they won’t. They along with other similar organizations are also covered by the ‘Official Secrets Act’ and are silenced from ever disclosing the repression British people live under. They can and do report the many human rights atrocities committed overseas, but not in Britain. Never will they tell you about the horrors committed by MI5 and the police Special Branch against British citizens, because they would be instantly be closed down if they did so. They can’t even tell you that the Official Secrets Act prevents them from doing that – because that is a state secret too. Indeed anything that might in any way allude to British death squads is automatically censored at the highest level of government, no matter whose government it is supposed to be. For all British governments, Labor, Conservative and Liberal have all closed their eyes to the repression of British citizens. Any member of parliament who wishes to keep his job readily agrees to whatever MI5 and its minions require. Like the rest of the British population, Members of Parliament are just as easily deceived about what MI5 is really doing, as is anyone else. These sinister British security organizations even deceive the people who work inside them. Working on a ‘Need to know’ basis all the various security departments have little or no knowledge about what the other departments are doing. Whenever a ‘Target’ is chosen by security to be victimized, tortured and quite possibly murdered the government agents who are ordered to carry out these actions are not told that the victim is simply carrying out his or her democratic rights, they are instead informed that these targets are ‘enemies of the state’ bent on destroying democracy and other fallacies dreamed up by their ‘Security Head office’.
These MI5 and Special Branch ‘Targets’ are rarely if ever given an opportunity to defend themselves against these false charges, for if they were they could very easily be disproved in a court of law. The law, however, is something the British security services wish to avoid at all costs. The sheer number of people that have been and still are being persecuted in Britain would very quickly overwhelm the system and clearly show up the tyranny and injustices being carried out by MI5 and the police Special Branch against defenseless citizens, who have committed no crime whatsoever, unless wanting a true democracy has now become an 'official' crime in the United Kingdom?
To avoid the law Britain’s security services simply begin an action against dissidents without reference to anyone but their own organization. They have been placed totally above the law in every respect. And indeed, in interviews they have already admitted to this fact as being true. MI5 knows that politicians in Britain are little more than paid state puppets so they have no fear of their crimes being exposed by those politicians, or anyone else in public office. They therefore feel their organization is free to do anything at all it wishes to do without fearing retribution of any kind. And it does so with great enthusiasm.
The sad truth is that Britain’s security organizations are no better than other similar organizations anywhere else in the world. They are no better than paid thugs, torturers and murderers prepared to do anything their masters wish them to. So long as they continue to prop up fascism and maintain the status quo with the Royal Family at the head of it, they are seen as doing their job, no matter how many people they persecute or murder. The often-believed tale that MI5 and the Special Branch are the quiet protectors of the British people is no more than another deception, a myth that has been propagated by other fascists who deplore the very notion of Britain ever becoming a true democracy.
But deception is what security services are all about, British or otherwise. While continuously lying to parliament and the British people about what they are supposed to be doing, what they are really doing has been exposed by ex-MI5 agents, victims, researchers and writers who have uncovered many of their misdeeds and crimes, which had they been committed by any ordinary citizen instead of MI5 and Special Branch agents that citizen would have been immediately arrested, charged and undoubtedly put into prison for life.
For instance, we now know that MI5 had organized vicious death squads in Northern Ireland. Death squads that murdered many people who were innocent of any crime whatsoever. We know that MI5 and the Special Branch planted bombs that killed a huge number of innocent people, men, women and children, whose deaths were then blamed on the IRA. We know that MI5 and its minions in the police were and are involved in framing innocent people for crimes MI5 itself committed. We know from ex-agents that MI5 is heavily involved in world-wide drug trafficking and other nefarious crimes, all of which place MI5 and the Special Branch squarely amongst the ranks of the worst kind of criminals. Yet these murderous degenerate thugs are the one’s who are supposed to be protecting the British people. If you believe that, you will believe anything! The only people these state security organizations protect are monsters exactly like themselves. Its way beyond time, we got rid of the whole rotten lot of them.
The British people deserve security services that protects everyone, not just a few wealthy fascists who are more than able to look after themselves. MI5 as it is at present is simply a terrible embarrassment and a threat to us all. As for the police Special Branch, the torturing depraved sadists inside it should also all be arrested and charged with gross human and civil rights abuses. Monsters like them are still living in the dark ages and they have no place whatsoever in a decent society anywhere let alone the United Kingdom. Their record of framing innocent people for crimes they never committed is deplorable. They are a blight on the police force as a whole and sooner they are all put where they belong the better off the entire country will be. That goes for Royalty too, along with all its groveling sycophants. They should all be confined to the dustbin of history. And finally, the ‘Official Secrets Act’ should be thrown in the waste bin where it belongs. Secrecy in government has always led to a string of state abuses and no society can ever be truly open and fair wherever such secrecy exists.
The United Kingdom is not a democracy it is a police state.
The British people are living under a royalist fascist dictatorship who are supported by military juntas such as Mi6 and MI5.
Britain has a secret political police who persecute, torture and murder dissidents.
Britain does not have a free press or free television – they operate under strict censorship and cannot print or show the truth.
British people do not have freedom of speech.
British politicians serve the queen first and the British people last.
Britain’s parliament is no more than a political charade.
Human rights organizations in Britain do not report gross human rights violations inside Britain.
Britain’s ‘Official Secrets Act’ prohibits any real alternative to fascist rule.

Dr Les Dove


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