Friday, June 08, 2007


We dissidents are having a really hard time these days. There was a time when simply leaving our own country going to reside in another was the ideal way to escape the attention of the various ‘secret police’ forces, that inevitably were attracted to our dissenting views. However, during the last twenty- five years or so finding a country – any country that truly allowed us to speak and write the political truth as we see it has become an almost impossible task. While almost all countries ‘officially’ profess themselves to be democratic, in that they allow free speech and the right to publish it, few of them actually do so without gross restrictions. Indeed, some of the world’s most self-proclaimed ‘open governments’ in all reality have now become little more than glorified police states where almost all information is highly censored to favor the corporate power structure.

Of course, from reading through their various ‘mainstream media’ outlets one could easily be led into believing that almost every country in the world is a paradise that allows you all the freedoms your own land, in one form or another, prohibits. But we dissidents know only too well that the mainstream media has also now become no more than an extension of the state, wherever it is, and that believing everything that is written in it would be believed only by a simple uneducated fool. We are in truth informed by the ‘state press’ only of what our politicians want us to believe, which more often than not is very far from the truth. We have been manipulated and lied to by our governments for far too long already. We need to get the truth out now before the entire world becomes little more than a prison.

At the beginning of our political dissent, sometimes going back over thirty years and more, many of us were quite convinced that our dissent over political corruption and the crimes that invariably followed it would soon come to an end. Hopefully by the election of decent people into governments that would eventually right all the wrongs we saw and would put an end to them. How naive we were. As the Internet came into being and allowed us to research internationally, within a few hours no less, we came so see that the very few governments we imagined to be the fair and free of all were in fact the very worst of them all. These governments we quickly found all had hidden agendas that not only protected their own status quo they were intent on literally permanently disposing of anyone who opposed it.

Over the following years we saw our friends, good men and women, who wanted no more than decent honest government, harassed, persecuted, tortured, put into prison and indeed murdered, simply for speaking or writing the truth as they saw it. We saw them driven out of their own lands by sinister ‘security services’ or secret police that were intent on silencing them forever. We also saw that while many countries profess their own ‘free democracy’ they are not averse to allowing the secret police of other countries to undermine their laws by allowing these foreign ‘agents’ to operate within their own borders as they continue to persecute dissidents who may seek refuge there.

It soon became apparent to most political dissenters that these ‘security services’ have unlimited budgets that freely allowed them to spend whatever was necessary just so long as they were able to bring about the repression and silence of dissenters. The end did indeed justify the means so far as they were concerned. But what these security monsters do not understand is that some people will not be cowed by threats or indeed death itself if the alternative offers no more than slavery and obedience to fascism. So we became world traveler’s going from one country to another looking hopefully to find somewhere that actually was the democracy it claimed to be. And guess what – we can’t find one - anywhere?

Are we surprised at the above, no, not now we aren’t? As we have continued to educate ourselves during our travels we have gained much more information about the world we live in, and of the monsters that do in fact all but own most of it. Over the years our numbers have grown dramatically. Political repression in all its ugly forms has thrown up millions of dissenters worldwide. We are no longer a lone few in our hopes for a just and better world for all. The personal computer age and the Internet have allowed us to communicate globally with others of like mind. In doing so we found a huge swell of other researchers whose own expertise in various fields has opened up a wealth of information we never knew existed. Research that took many years, sometimes well over forty years to gather, is now available to us in a matter of minutes and so we are able to put together a far better picture of our political world, how it is managed, by whom and for what purpose.

It is more than clear to us now that the old robber barons, Kings and Queens and their various criminal underlings have not gone away, they have simply adapted to the times. Their opponents are not now usually put into the stocks or hanged as in times gone by they are simply ‘disappeared’ or they die in ‘accidents’ of one kind or another. The ‘democracy’ that supposedly replaced the old ways was replaced by phony political parties and ‘Bills of Rights’ that while pretending to provide justice for all did no more than cover up the same horrors that secretly continued on as before. Political parties as we know them today are all owned by the same tiny group of wealthy families whose vast banking interests buy and corrupt them all to do whatever is in their own personal interest, irrespective of whatever the mass voting public needs or wants. Politics has become no more than a game where personal wealth and power is all and where the public has no choice but to go along with whatever is demanded of them. We have in fact all become slaves of the established few whether we care to believe it or not. To pretend that you are ‘a Citizen with Rights’ is to fool yourself. You are a subject and as such subjected to whatever your masters wish.

The few wealthy families and their banking institutions run their world with a rod of iron. They even kill their own when they dare to step out of line in any way. Every politician in Britain and America knows that. So whilst publicly pretending to serve the publics interests they too serve only their masters knowing that to do otherwise will end their careers instantly. That being so they go along with one deception after another telling lie after lie whilst their ‘state media’ backs up every lie as being facts and in the best interests of the populations. Should George Orwell be alive today even he would find it hard to believe the horrors being committed by ‘the state’ be it Britain or America, both of whom has become a blot on the entire world as they seek to dominate and make slaves of everyone on it.

As the European Union has collected many different countries into its fold, and subject to its rules, many of which are kept secret, the United States now seeks to do the same by gathering Canada and Mexico into its own insidious fold. Under which they will have to follow the same repressive laws that have turned America into a modern police state of distinction. You don’t have to take my word for this; it’s all out there on the Internet. A little research will provide you will all the answers you need. Check out the research and evidence provided by Jordan Maxwell, William Cooper, Alex Jones, David Ike, Eustace Mullins and many other researchers and journalists who will all give you a more than clear picture of what has and is happening now in our world today. That is if you are prepared to do so? Most people it seems are quite willing to be or become a slave to a gang of liars, thieves, cut-throats and warmongers who pass themselves off as being statesmen and leaders. But count me out, along with my other dissident friends, who will never accept these murderous evil dictators as being anything other than what they really are, because we never shall.

We should all demand honest governments by removing the money factor that allows tyrants to buy their way into power wherever they wish. We should demand the same free airtime and proper oversight of all politicians that would prevent corruption from ever developing in the first place. And we should remove the corporate control of governments and give that power back to the people where it should rightfully rest. One thing above all others has become perfectly clear; once you allow ‘official’ representatives of Britain and America into your country and allow them to influence you all chances of developing a true democracy will be removed from it. They truly support only dictators and tyrants. They always have. Any country that aligns itself with their corrupting influence is endangering the lives and well-being of all that come into contact with them. Death and destruction follows them around wherever they go, as history has consistently proved. Once these foreign fascist agents gain a foothold through bribery, wholesale corruption quickly follows until eventually they will all but own the entire country making very sure that all subsequent political decisions will benefit them rather than the native people of that country.

I for one take my hat off to the Arab nations who are trying to defend their lands against these monstrous western maniacs. I take my hat off to Hugo Chevez of Venezuela and Evo Morales of Bolivia too, plus any other leader who dares to stand up against them and the repression Britain and America brings, to whatever country they manage to overthrow and repress. People everywhere have a right to defend their own countries against tyranny, or anyone who dares to try and force them into accepting the rot and corruption offered by a few degenerate families, their bankers and the deceiving liars they employ to represent them through the British Parliament or the White House. Let them all stew in their own corruption on their own soil without exporting their filth elsewhere. The world can well take care of it’s own without any of them.

The western powers and their massive machines of repression and terror are intent upon conquering every country they possibly can. They have removed decent leaders throughout the world through bribery and murder. They have tortured and murdered millions of men, women and children whilst doing so. Their security services are no more than glorified death squads who are provided with unlimited funds as they secretly rampage about the entire globe looking for fresh victims to ensnare in their web of deceit, violence and corruption. They are the enemy of every decent person who ever lived. They bring us nothing but evil and destruction. They have caused millions upon millions of people to flee their homelands as they seek refuge and an honest living without having any fear of hearing that fearful midnight knock on the door.

Is it any wonder that we travel on looking for somewhere better, somewhere safer, where we are able to live in peace without these kinds of monsters as our neighbors? Would you want such people living close to you and yours? Think back to when Adolf Hitler came to power. Millions upon millions of people cheered him on after believing all his lies. Millions more cheered on the fascists Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair after believing their lies too, just as millions more believed George Bush and the monstrous lies that he told. They fooled you all and still do. They are fascists rotten to the core, all of them, and unless stopped they and their criminal accomplices will take you all to hell and most probably a lot sooner then you might think. They will have your sons and daughters murdered in stupid wars that do no more than enhance their own personal profit and interests. That is what they do, that is what they have always done. Outrages like the 9/11 New York disasters and the London underground bombings were planned by them well in advance. Just as other similar outrages will occur in the future. That is how they control you. Create a problem then offer a solution, a solution that will in the end remove every single vestige of democracy that is left to you, and forever, all under the pretext of ‘protecting you from terrorism’ or some other bogus threat.

In the meantime we dissidents continue to wonder looking for a home somewhere where we can be free from these corporate monsters, free to think and write the truth as we see it, without being persecuted or harassed by their ‘security’ goons or anyone else. So, if you just happen to know of such a place, write to me. We dissidents have grown in number of course, there are now quite a lot of us, but in the main we are a friendly lot, we don’t ask for much, just freedom, a decent climate and toleration for the truth. We hate dictatorships I should add. We aren’t into bowing and scraping before anybody. We are all of independent minds, people who can think and take care of themselves without being mollycoddled. We are more than willing to contribute our services to the betterment of any country that accepts us. I don’t expect a rush of replies to this question; but if there is a truly free country left anywhere we would like to know where it is so that the information can be passed along to all of those who need it?

Dr Les Dove

June 1st 2007


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