Monday, May 19, 2014



        Get ready for another government scam; another repressive law being quietly sneaked in under yet another false pretext. This time it’s in the UK - the USA has already been running similar scams for years. But keeping in lockstep, as these two rogue governments usually are, the British fascists are quietly trying to introduce another law under which they can totally repress their population. And again, as usual, they are quietly publicizing their rotten scam in their media to test the public’s reaction to it?
This particular scam is going by the innocuous heading, ‘How to stop state terrorists - seize their assets’. As we all know, alternative writers, bloggers and journalists have already been relentlessly targeted as being ‘enemies of the state’ simply for writing the truth about the daily deceptions and lies our so-called governments throw at us without a pause.
The label ‘enemy of the state’ can and is frequently changed to that of ‘a terrorist’ at the drop of a hat whenever the government feels like it. Now being put out under the pretext of deterring foreign dictators and the like who run off with their ill-gotten gains, this latest scam once enacted into law will not only give rogue government the right to seize whatever dictators steal but also the assets of their own gullible public. It would be a law that could also be quickly be amended to target not just ‘dictators’ but anybody else in the entire world, purely on their being referred to by politicians and their corrupted Security Services under the pretext of being labeled ‘a terrorist’, which undoubtedly would soon also apply to anyone who refuses to believe government lies and deceptions, which means that everything a political dissident owns, his / or her bank account, their house, their car – everything, could instantly be sized by the government leaving dissenters utterly destitute and in the gutter or in prison for the rest of their lives!  
   Truth-telling journalists like Glen Greenwald, Julian Assange, Chris Hedges, etc, (and myself) along with many other dissenting Internet Web sites including The Peoples Voice TV will all quickly vanish from sight, never to be seen again. And that will just be the start of it. The mere threat of being called ‘a terrorist’ and afterward being bankrupted will deter most people from doing anything other than obeying without question or protest whatever the government demands of them. They will in every sense become nothing more than slaves of the New World Order from the day they are born until the day they die.    
This latest attempt to curb our civil liberties may well be due to the fact of free energy technology getting very close to becoming a reality for most of mankind. Such technology has been available but suppressed for many years, though now a worldwide movement is pressing hard for an end to that suppression. A Spanish company already has one such free energy device in production and it is being used to power both a car and an airplane. Such devices in all their various forms will at some point inevitably free humanity from the clutches of a few very wealthy and ruthless people who make trillions of dollars and pounds every single year from people who have to spend a good part of their lives working hard simply to pay for the energy they need just to stay alive. The freedom that free energy offers terrifies rogue governments who see their ruthless control of humanity finally coming to an end. They will do whatever they consider necessary to prevent that change from happening.
Dr. Les Dove

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Saturday, May 17, 2014



          The fascist psychopaths at Britain’s Intelligence GCHQ are now using microwaves to threaten dissident writers with bankruptcy and prison through bringing false charges against them, charges which will allow the British government to confiscate the bank accounts of anyone who goes against repressive government policy.
          That the British government is so corrupted is reason enough for anyone – political dissident or not, to seriously consider getting their funds out of Britain whilst they still can. Remember, it’s already happened elsewhere and that alone should be warning enough. 
          Desperate to get more cash by any means whatsoever the totally corrupted British government is obviously lashing out at its detractors, much like the Americans who are prepared to continuously torture anyone until they falsely confess to ANY crime; no matter how terrible, that the American’s dream up.   
          That the British could be stupid enough to collude with their fellow conspirator’s despicable actions in the United States is almost unbelievable, but follow them they have. Indeed they might even surpass them in the future by bringing in laws that make ANY form of dissent a criminal offense making ANYONE liable to imprisonment or even death by directed individual microwave attacks (heart attacks - cancers; etc) simply for trying to bring in honest government and true democracy; which has now become no more than a distant dream for most people.     
The many million and billionaires that now live in Britain should take note; royalty alone takes precedence in that country, much like it does in other dictatorships (Britain is not a democracy), and when Britain’s rulers feel like it they will take away your money just like anyone else’s. The ONLY way to make sure that they don’t is to keep your money OUT of Britain safely in a bank far away from their politicians grasping greedy hands! Forget about any so-called laws to protect your wealth or personal information. Laws are whatever government’s want them to be and they can twist and turn them to mean anything they want them to mean!
From the days of empire the British establishment has created many myths both about their country and its people, but as in the United States we can now see Britain’s real face as being fascist and rotten to the core.
While living in Britain you will be spied upon relentlessly and any business information will be ruthlessly exploited to the benefit of the British establishment. Nothing is secret. The intelligence services are practiced liars, cheats and thieves of the worst kind. MI5 / MI6 and GCHQ will do anything and everything possible to convert your assets into being state assets wherever possible.

If you really want to know just how deeply corrupted the British establishment has become I suggest that you watch the Max Keiser Financial Reports Show ([KR601] Keiser Report: Fraudopian Diet at:

Dr. Les Dove CP.H


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