Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Politicians really hate writers they can’t buy off or corrupt. We write about things they don’t want to see. We expose their political lies and deceptions. Politicians want every one of their press handouts to be ‘official’ in that it has been written by a political hack that can be trusted not to show politicians in a bad light, and who can be trusted not to expose any of the lies or misdeeds that may damage a politician’s career. These kinds of writers often get comfortable jobs on the staff of large mainstream newspapers and magazines. They regularly appear on television programs and are often introduced as ‘experts’ on whatever subject they might be discussing. They are in fact little more that establishment pets that willingly go along with whatever agenda their masters are trying to put across, which is usually one that involves fooling the public into supporting something that is not in their interest.

When an ‘unofficial’ writer disputes the ‘official version’ of whatever it is that is being written about, and then puts forward a view that may expose the ‘official version’ of events as being no more than misinformation and the worst kind of deception then ‘government security services’ often become involved. They see unofficial versions of government affairs as being something of a threat to ‘national security’ and the status quo they protect.

For freelance writers who insist on writing the truth as they see it these government security services can pose a very real danger and a threat, both to their careers and indeed sometimes to their very lives. Politicians are often involved in projects, which, both legal and illegal, may involve vast sums of money. That a writer may in some way halt this flow of money, or indeed stop it altogether, is viewed as being intolerable by those who are deeply involved in the project. Therefore, so far as they are concerned, the dissident writer has to be dissuaded from placing his apposing views inside the public domain, particularly so if there is some government illegality involved?

Government security services will do whatever they are ordered to do without question. In Britain, to all intents and purposes, the security services are above the law. To them the law simply does not exist. If indeed there is anything that they, for whatever reason, cannot do, they simply hire an outside clandestine agency to do it for them.

The almost unlimited power afforded government security agencies, and their nefarious contacts, allows them to put into action any measure which will, in carrying out the wishes of their masters, prevent, silence or ‘neutralize’ dissidents writers of any kind, not only within their own country but in some other countries too.

Usually the first of these ‘measures’ to be put into place involves damage to the dissident writers character. The object being to so denigrate and smear his, or her, reputation so that no matter what subject the writer may write about nobody will believe a single word of it. Indeed, from that point on no matter what the dissident writes it will at best be totally ignored by the official press or at worst scorned and described as being not only totally untrue and but unpatriotic to boot! Added to that well versed smear mongers will circulate amongst everyone the writer meets, including his friends and family, and convincingly describe the writer as being a communist, an academic fraud, a liar, a cheat, a thief, a charlatan, and an opportunist of the worst kind! Indeed, he or she will be presented as the kind of person that anyone with any sense of decency would not be associated with in any way whatsoever.

These kinds of smears and lies will be added to constantly as the imagination of these vindictive government smear mongers knows no bounds. It will be stated with deep conviction that the ‘targeted’ writer has borrowed money all over and is deeply in dept, and further that he is known to use the worst kinds of prostitutes, that he has tried to sexually compromise other women and even some children. Indeed there will be little, if anything at all, that the dissident writer is not alleged to being a part of, including drug taking and drug dealing. Any kind of disreputable act, no matter how foul, will be added to the list of crimes or vile acts the dissident is supposed to have committed or be involved in. To say these accusations boggles the mind would be a vast understatement! It is highly doubtful that anyone living could commit all the sins attributed to the dissident writer by government agents and their smear mongers, yet many people will unfailingly believe them without question, and worse. The public knows little to nothing about how security services work. They fail to recognize that deception and lying is a main part of the work of these so-called ‘intelligence services.’

These smears are however only the beginning of what is to follow. Just what will follow will depend on how ‘dangerous’ the writer is considered to be, and what kind of character he/she truly has? Any show of ‘resistance’ to security actions being committed against dissident writers immediately places them on an entirely new level. Resistance to ‘security forces’ by a writer implies a form of ‘experience’ security forces are unused to. Such experience frightens them. They don’t like it. They begin to wonder just who the dissident might be, and where his ‘experience’ in security matters came from.

If the writer is well, traveled security will begin a deep background check on their target. What countries has he visited, how long did he remain there, who did he contact. What did he do? How did he live and who were his friends? Using their worldwide network security will try and dig up every known fact concerning their ‘target’ subject, particularly so if they find out that he/she was, in any way whatsoever, involved in politics? They will try and obtain copies of his passports, past and present, and they will do detailed checking on all his activities. If they find anything at all, which they consider in any way to be ‘suspicious’ their dissident subjects status is raised to yet another level.

At this higher level of suspicion, the dissident writer will be subjected to severe physical harassment and persecution in that security ‘stooges’ will openly follow him whenever he leaves his home. These ‘stalking’ stooges publicly denigrate him whenever anyone else is present. They will also try and get other members of the public to denigrate him also, even going so far as to get other people to attack the writer physically. Should the dissident writer be provoked and retaliate in any way he will then be described as a ‘well known trouble maker’ and a ‘tough guy’, which will inevitably lead other members of the public to attack him in various ways. These attempts to ‘criminalize’ the dissident will continue unabated every single time he leaves his place of residence or business.

If the dissident writer is self-employed, security will try and damage his business in every possible way. There will be a permanent tap on his telephones. Some incoming phone calls, and faxes, will not get through at all whilst others will be cut off in the middle of transmission. In the United Kingdom MI5 has total control over the phone and mail services, so any complaints to British Telecom will remain unresolved. Should the dissident be connected to the Internet he will again suffer many disconnections and all his e-mails will be subjected to censorship. No ISP’s in Britain are allowed to operate unless they cooperate fully with whatever demands MI5 make of them. There is in the United Kingdom a law or ‘Act’ that is supposed to allow complaints to be made by members of the public against this form of insidious telephone line interference. However, in all the years of its existence not one single complaint has ever been upheld. Like many other so-called laws in Britain these ‘Acts’ are no more than ‘window dressing’, something for politicians to boast about abroad, but which where in fact designed never to work in the first place. Pretty much like their ‘Human Rights Acts’ that are supposed to allow any British subject to complain of injustices to the European parliament. To do so would cost the dissidents well over $100.000.00, which of course they can never afford, so that Act, among many others, is totally without merit. When lady Margaret Simey, who unfortunately died during the last few years, bravely complained on television about these deceptions on the British public she was castigated both by the media and some fellow politicians, who have willingly gone along with Britain’s democracy charade for many years. That is exactly how police states function in practice.

Unable to do anything other than continue on as best as they can under these conditions dissident writers struggle to maintain a normal lifestyle. However, when a dissident does leave his home MI5 agents will enter his premises, often on a daily basis. No matter how often he changes his locks they will somehow still be able to gain entrance. During these covert operations, the dissident will have his personal possessions both damaged and stolen. The intention being to cause the dissident much hardship built up over a period of time, so that eventually he/she will be driven into poverty. Bugs will also be planted on his or her premises so that all conversations there will be monitored and recorded. Video bugs will also be installed within their television sets and video recorders. In the UK many people still use coin operated gas meters. Bugs are also installed within their cash collection boxes. When these meter boxes are emptied by security ‘meter men’ they simply slip in a new battery or device so these bugs will continue to work and record any conversation taking place nearby. Indeed the dissident will from that time onwards have no personal freedom or privacy whatsoever. This is the kind of ‘democracy’ Britain’s leaders now offer. It certainly isn’t something that I would want to boast about. No wonder that politicians try to keep such abuses secret.

The security services are not, as many people believe, comprised of highly intelligent individuals who outwit ‘enemies of the state’ at every turn, and who bravely stand up for liberty and justice. Many so-called security agents are little better than fascist morons who use no more that unlimited terror and state repression to cow their opponents into submission. When a dissident is not cowed by being smeared and ostracized by a public who is usually afraid to do anything other than play along with whatever security requires of it, the dissident may indeed be considered an ‘enemy of the state’. Should that happen he, or she, may be targeted for ‘liquidation’ best described as ‘permanent neutralization?’

Whatever, killing a dissident to ensure his silence can take many forms, but governments have to be very careful about taking such measures. Particularly so if they are to avoid even worse publicity then many of them already get, therefore it is preferable for ‘troublemakers’ to killed in so-called ‘accidents’ that can be plausibly explained away as simply being unfortunate for the victim.

Thousands of people die on the road in motor accidents that happen somewhere or another every single day, so it stands to reason that a similar ‘accident’ can quite easily happen to a dissident. And indeed these kinds of set-up motor accidents are a specialty of the British security services. They have devised all manner of ways in which to bring them about successfully. And many people do fall prey to them simply because they just cannot believe that they are going to happen. Even some dissident writers who know full well just how ruthless governments can be still cannot bring themselves to believe that the security services will blatantly murder them without having a second thought about taking such measures against them.

To date there has been five attempts to kill me by this method alone. Twice I came within inches of loosing my life, only instinct, experience and quick reactions saved me. Others have not been so lucky. Whatever, there are many ‘accidental’ ways in which a person may loose their life. Hundreds of people are accidentally electrocuted inside their own homes every year. And security is very good at fixing electrical appliances in such a way that they will malfunction and quite possibly kill anyone using them. These methods have also been used unsuccessfully on myself from time to time. However, when the latter methods fail to ‘take out’ a target the security services may then resort to using ‘microwave weapons’ against them.

These particular deadly weapons have been discussed at length elsewhere and on the Internet. Attempts worldwide to have them banned have also been made, but to date only Russia has done so. The European parliament is considering doing so but so far, they have not banned them. Therefore, microwave weapons continue being a favorite weapon of choice in many repressive countries around the world. They are used extensively in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. These insidious silent and unseen weapons can be used against dissidents from a distance and almost anywhere. They can be used from the house next door to where a dissident lives, from a van parked in the street, or from a central location that covers a wide area or even from space by satellite. And they can be deadly. Britain’s Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has admitted to their widespread use in his country but refuses to do anything whatsoever to curb their use against his citizens. Microwave devices are also used extensively by security forces throughout the United States, mainly against their own dissident citizens, but also against any foreigner who may question their so-called ‘democracy.’ Indeed these devices are classed as ‘none lethal weapons’ in the USA, which they most certainly are not.

Microwave weapons can bring on a whole range of highly damaging human conditions many of which can undoubtedly cause the death of anyone they are being used against. Severe long term sleep deprivation and heart attacks are only two of the many ways in which dissidents can be severely injured by having microwaves beamed at them. These weapons have been used against me on and off for many years now. As a result, I have had to have treatment for bone damage and a heart attack. I have also had to have one eye removed. Many other dissidents have unfortunately died from having microwaves used against them and many more have been driven into poverty and destitution as they have reluctantly been forced to move on from place to place as they have tried unsuccessfully to avoid their being used against them.

No self-respecting government anywhere would allow the use of such insidious deadly weapons against their populations. They are a crime against humanity, and hopefully all government agents who have used them against their fellow citizens will one day be brought before the International Court of Human Rights to account for their actions.

Oblivious to any but their own corrupt justice systems both Britain and the United States are in the process of using microwave weapons not simply against dissident writers but also as mass crowd control weapons against all citizens who quite lawfully protest against some government actions or foreign policies they dislike, particularly those policies that may lead to unjust wars.

Indeed, during these last few years many citizens, who previously disbelieved what many political dissident’s, have been writing about for years, have now come to understand the truth of what they wrote. Western governments like the United Kingdom and the United States have both been practicing the kind of censorship and repression they have long been accusing other governments of using against their citizens. Tony Blair and George W. Bush have clearly shown themselves to be the worst kind of fascist hypocrites and liars. If either of these two men even came close to having the ‘democracy’ they consistently boast about they would have been removed from office years ago to face the grave criminal charges they justly deserve. Only their corrupt justice systems and ‘security forces’ including their paramilitary police protect them.

Fully describing all the above abuses against dissidents, a letter was sent from The Freedom Network to every single Member of the British Parliament asking for action to be taken to prevent them. Not one single MP had the courage to stand up and denounce these abuses, nor the government agencies that perpetrated them. Not one! A similar letter was sent to the mainstream British media and all the human rights groups inside Britain. These letters were also totally ignored and these abuses continue today. That says a lot about ‘freedom of speech’ in Britain, to say the very least.

Many other governments over the entire world have also seen through the deception and lies perpetrated by Britain and America. These governments now have very different ideas of how their own countries should be run, and how their own peoples should be protected from the tyrannical ‘leaders’ that were previously forced upon them by the UK and the USA. It is to some of these countries where many honest writers have taken refuge. But even there they are not always safe from the attentions of Britain’s MI6 or America’s CIA, but they do at least have a short breathing space and the freedom to write as they wish without being constantly persecuted, tortured or murdered by security degenerates belonging to their former home countries. And for that we are all truly grateful.

In finishing this article, as a matter of interest, I do, however, admit to having some sins. My spelling is terrible! Without my spell-checker, my writing would be a total mess! I also have little, or no respect for most politicians. During my life I have done some things that I am not proud of, not willfully I must add, mainly just through ignorance of the situation at that particular time. I don’t use prostitutes because I simply don’t need them. I don’t tell lies because you have to have an excellent memory to get away with them. And I don’t owe anybody a single penny. Nor do I take drugs. My Ph. D is genuine. I researched and studied my subject in depth and obtained my doctorate fair and square through sheer hard work. I’m proud of it, and myself for being able enough to get it. I don’t hate my own country either, Britain, which I have often been accused of. I’m just an ashamed of it, and the people who have willingly allowed it to become what it now is, a police state and a fool’s paradise. I also don’t hate America. I have traveled throughout the United States on and off for over fifty years and I genuinely love most of the American people. I just don’t like their fascist governments and their deceptions upon the American public which is far too easily persuaded that white is black and black is white. Indeed there isn’t a country anywhere that I hate. I wouldn’t particularly like to live in some countries I have been to, but I don’t hate them or their people. Countries suffer mainly from their rotten corrupt governments, which desperately poor people cannot control or appose. They are simply the victims of oppressive tyrants.

If any reader of this article is seriously considering writing articles, or books, that criticize, condemn or expose their own repressive government’s human rights abuses, they should take note of what I have written above before they do so. It isn’t only the dissident writer who gets targeted by government security services and their agent’s; their families may well become involved too.

The monsters employed by some governments are totally unscrupulous and they will employ any method or device they consider necessary to bring about the writers downfall. Innocent wives and children are not in any way considered obstacles to this. They will, more than likely, simply be used by the security services as further means in which to pressure a dissident to bend to their will. Neither family nor writing the truth will in any way prevent an action being taken against a dissident writer if he or she does become a ‘target.’ I do not in any way wish to hinder anyone who feels that they must dissent and write about the injustices that may surround them. I do in fact believe quite the opposite. There will never be enough of us protesting against human rights abuses. I simply want to prepare you to face the reality of what may and indeed does happen to many of us. For once started, these illegal and highly dangerous actions that are taken against us, are never likely to stop.

Some writers, including myself, have been persecuted, tortured and threatened with death for well over twenty-five years. And many writers have perished along the way, so unless you are willing to accept this possibility I suggest you keep your writing in a safe area. As for myself, I wouldn’t have had my life any other way. I have learned things about my own and other governments that without dissenting in print I never ever would have. I have also learned much about human nature, my fellow man and his limitations. I have of course also learned a great deal about myself. Should you become one of us so will you. Along the way, you will also meet some people who will try to undermine your efforts. These agents’ provocateurs may also try to get you into incriminating yourself in various ways. This ploy is a specialty of some government agents and you should be aware of them and their true intentions. Many associations of one kind or another, including some human rights groups, have also been infiltrated and completely neutralized by the various security services. There is supposed to be all kinds of laws in the UK and the USA that will protect citizens from the civil and human rights abuses that are described above, but the sad fact is they don’t work. These so-called laws will be of no help to you whatsoever should you need help of any kind. The truth is you will be out on a limb and alone for most of the time, so be prepared to be totally self-reliant.

In times of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

George Orwell
(author of the novel '1984')

By Dr Les Dove




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"A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get."

Ian Williams Goddard By Sherman H. Skolnick

Today real news is hidden from view, fake news is given prominence, truth is suppressed and fiction is promoted. Government and those in power are protected while those deemed enemy of the state are smeared. Myths and fables are granted attention while truths and realities are made to disappear, forever sent to the locked vaults of hidden fact where they will never see the light of day. The role of the fascist media is to protect the fascists, to smear those exposing truths, to ignore movements seeking truth to criminality, to enable the activities of the Bush cabal and to grant life to the manipulative mechanisms of the state. Its role is to keep the masses obedient, ignorant and subservient to the state, made unaware that every day their rights and freedoms evaporate, that every day they resemble the servants of the past and the serfs of the future.”

Manuel Valenzuela

“Certainly the security services and MI5 and so on have this superfluous building on Vauxhall Bridge costing millions of pounds and nowhere to go - so what do they do? They concentrate on animal rights, and they have a special unit (Special Branch) handing over information, which is supposed to be collected for specific purposes, mainly for the purposes of ensuring that there aren't any criminal offences being perpetrated. And what this case has demonstrated has been the criticism that has been made over the last 25 years by politicians and others working in the field of civil liberties, that at the end of the day it isn't about subverting the state, it isn't about criminal offences, it's all about keeping dossiers on everybody and ensuring that those who are seen to be intellectual and political threats are silenced.”

Mike Mansfield, during an interview. He is a UK leading defense barrister.