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We all seem to get them from time to time, and usually we have to suffer their presence amongst us without being too bothered by them. However, neighbors from hell can turn out to be a real pain in the ass for investigative writers and researchers because they appear to intrude in our lives much more than other folk do. If you are wondering what the reason for this is, I’ll tell you; we write about things governments don’t want you to know about. Governments want you to remain ignorant of the many criminal abuses they commit. To prevent these abuses from becoming public knowledge governments and their ‘agents’ try to intimidate writers in various ways so that they won’t expose government wrongdoings. If that fails to work they use other direct methods like trying to get writers involved in some criminal enterprise which then can be used as an excuse to further persecute and so stop the writer from doing his work. But of course, most of us are aware of these insidious methods so we don’t always fall for them. As a result, the neighbors from hell are then brought into play. These people are usually low-level degenerates and fools who are led into believing a multitude of government lies and deceptions so that they then willingly take part in trying to silence and so neutralize ‘targeted’ writers. None of these ‘neighbors from hell’ know whom they are really working for. They could in fact unknowingly be working for a rogue government thousands of miles away, and indeed, they often are.

I have been unfortunate enough to have these neighbors from hell when I was working in Africa, Britain. North America and Mexico. These cretins all work to a set formula. Therefore, they are very easily noticed when they come to live near a writer. They are all troublemakers of the worst kind and the first thing they usually do is to try and involve the writer in whatever trouble they cause. This may be a domestic problem of some kind or some other issue that can be used to place the writer on some ‘side’ or another, which is then used to involve their ‘target’ in some other matter, any of which is then used to divide the writers friends into ‘apposing sides’ after which the ‘opposition’ is then whittled down until nobody is supporting whatever ‘side’ the ‘target’ happens to be on. The writer himself is then described as being ‘a troublemaker’ with various other vicious ‘rumors’ added about the writer’s character, which is then used as further ‘smears’ to denigrate him. But again, most of us don’t fall for this ploy either. We have all experienced it before. So now, we ‘in the know’ are targeted directly without any ‘foreplay’ at all. This comes in the form of direct stalking and harassment of various kinds. We are followed wherever we go and various loud comments about our ‘character’ are made which causes other people around us to stare at us as they begin to wonder what is going on, and ask themselves who we are? Sometimes these onlookers are goaded into making unsavory comments themselves. But of course, we also ignore these people too. We have been through it all before.

These failed actions against us usually cause our tormentors to take a more direct action, which means that they eventually manage to become our ‘neighbors from hell.’ Whether we live in a house, apartment or whatever, we inevitably find that we have new neighbors – sometimes living right next door to us, and they become the very worst neighbors anyone could ever wish to have. The result being that we are in most cases forced to move out and on simply as a matter of self-preservation. Writers need peace and quiet if they are to work properly. Loud noises and other distractions are a death knell to us. We need peace of mind like many other people don’t. But these ‘neighbors from hell’ make very sure that we don’t get it. There are many ways to annoy and distract your neighbors and these degenerate fools have been taught almost every single one of them.

These disruptive methods range from loud music being played at all hours of the day and night to banging on your walls, doors and windows to personal confrontations which may or not lead to a scuffle or fight that in the end may well finish in bloodshed and broken limbs. Today however, the preferred government method to use against the dissident writer is the use of the military microwave machine, which has so been reduced in size it is no larger than a personal laptop computer and may look like one, yet it is a deadly weapon that can ‘see through walls’ and injure or even kill a person in many different ways, attributes that many rogue governments find highly irresistible. Whatever, these weapons quickly lead to a very uneasy mind for the writer at least, which means sleep deprivation and much worse, all of which results in the writer being unable to write properly simply because he, or she, eventually become worn down, tired and totally unable to concentrate on their writing, which was of course the end-result desired by the ‘neighbors from hell’ in the first place.

However, moving on to another apartment or indeed another country doesn’t solve the writers ‘neighbors from hell’ problem simply because the same thing will usually happen again no matter where the writer may go. Governments and their agents have many of these degenerates to draw upon in almost every country so for the writer it becomes a never-ending battle of wits and nerve wherever they are, unless they prefer to live somewhere out in the back-woods like a hermit, which I personally don’t. So, my own preferred method in deterring these kinds of neighbors is simply to expose them for what they really are.

Most communities are easy going and friendly. They much prefer to get along with their neighbors and make friends of them. The very last thing decent people want or need is to have rotten troublemakers living amongst them. Good neighbors and their children need to be safe and feel happy within their small community. They very quickly take notice when people who quickly become known as disruptive troublemakers threaten their peaceful existence. As do apartment owners who also treasure good tenants. The very last thing they need is to loose long term tenants who pay their rent on time and cause no trouble at all. Bad neighbors from hell never stay in one place very long and usually move out as soon as their ‘work’ in any particular location is accomplished. It can, however, be very difficult for apartment owners in finding the right kind of tenants. “Neighbors from hell” often use a ‘front’ when renting, in that these degenerates use a decent looking person and phony references when they apply for an apartment. It is only when they actually move in when their true purpose for renting the apartment is revealed.

But for writers, who insist on writing the truth as they see it, rogue tenants, as neighbors are only a part of their problems. Most governments have become so corrupted they have devised an entire arsenal of dirty tricks that they use against their critics and opponents more or less on a regular basis. Even more so since the Internet entered all our lives. Where once upon a time governments could control all sources of information, and still do in some cases, the Internet has allowed alternative news and views to proliferate almost around the globe. So, investigative writers who can communicate worldwide in a matter of minutes are seen as a real threat to government corruption and the secretive agencies that protect them. So much so that many billions of people have changed their entire views about their so-called democracies and the shadow people who actually manage them for their own self-interest.

More than anything before it, the Internet has proved itself to be a wonderful research tool. Writers of every description have and are using it to delve deeply into the affairs of state and its institutions. Many of which have had a huge impact on the lives of every one of us at some time or another. Indeed, the very heads of states in some countries, including Presidents and Prime Ministers, have through much modern research turned out to be very different people from what they had and do now portray themselves to be. Touted by their ‘state press and television’ as being great men and saviors these ‘leaders’ have in fact been exposed as being little more than liars, thieves and mass murderers of the worst kind. They have manipulated their populations into believing outright lies that has led to the kind of bribery and corruption on a scale never seen before. In doing so, these despots have pocketed untold millions and so corrupted their government’s that trying to find an honest politician today is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

Much of the information that led to these disclosures was obtained from former security agents who on finally becoming deep ‘security’ insiders found out for themselves exactly what their governments were really involved in and decided to tell the public all about it. These revelations clearly proved that the kind of government we have today is far away from working for the public as it should be. Indeed, many of our governments are little better than vast criminal organizations to which only criminals of like mind are admitted. Worse still, our ‘secret security services’ do no more than secure the protection of these criminal organizations, that under the rule of properly administered law would all be closed down and their members tried and jailed for vast crimes against humanity. Acknowledged as being the world’s worst terrorist today by almost all genuine human rights organizations, honest journalists, and many governments worldwide, George W. Bush now calls anyone who disagrees with him ‘a terrorist’, hoping no doubt that such a label will gain him broad support. But it won’t. One man’s terrorist is another man’s ‘freedom fighter’ and the freedom fighter’s in decent governments around the world will always appose devious warmongering tyrants like Bush’s, Blair’s, Brown’s and their sponsor's no matter what county they come from or live in.

Governments with the largest army and the latest weapons write the pages of our recent history. So, these government criminals will in the near future no doubt still be described as great men whilst the real heroes who told us the real truth about them will go unsung and forgotten. The tyrants who rule over us will continue to fool and manipulate their populations as before, and we the public, as usual, will continue to pay hundreds of billions for unjust wars that kill and maim many millions more people than they already have done. But we writers will also continue to spread the truth everywhere over the Internet and elsewhere wherever we can. Neither ‘neighbors from hell’ nor anyone else will prevent us from doing that. The Internet is being censored as never before with investigative Web sites being taken down or otherwise blacklisted almost on a daily basis, but the real news will continue to get out no matter what governments and their rotten secret agencies may do to try and protect their corruption. The time of the fascist Bushes the Blair’s and their henchmen are all but over and the sooner they recognize that fact the better off we shall all be. You can forget about America’s Barack Obama, and his promises of change. He appears to be a decent enough man compared to the rest of the political crooks surrounding him, but if he really did intend to change things for the better in any significant way, he wouldn’t be where he is. The CIA would have gotten rid of him a long time ago.

Threats to writers personally nor threats of nuclear war towards decent nations will prevent the formation of fair and honest governments in the far future. It is but a matter of time before decent men and women do govern us, and time is on our side. In the meantime, get a computer if you don’t already own one. There are millions of Web sites still out there where information about our corrupt governments is readily available along with books and CD’s that feature videos describing the vast criminality of the tyrants that rule over us. You may well find that your own government is prominently featured along with a list of the crimes they still commit against their populations. Real and true democracies are beginning to flourish all over the world and you might like to take an active part in bringing true democracy to your own country. Phony democracies like those in the United States and Britain are exposed as the police states they really are by many Web sites. You may well be surprised by what you find on the Internet. You may also be pissed off. But it is in your own self-interest to find out all you can and the sooner you do so the quicker you will be able enrich your life by finding out who really controls it. Don’t expect your local newspaper or television station to inform you about everything, because most are state controlled and they will only give out information your government wants you to have, which is mainly state propaganda and a long way from the truth. So, if you are still in it, climb out of your pit of ignorance now whilst you still can. Without truth, you and your children will have no future at all.

Dr Les Dove

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I formed the above association in the United Kingdom after returning there from South Africa in the early eighties. After being continually persecuted by Britain's MI5 and the Police Special Branch for my human rights stand against apartheid, and my Internet articles about their illegal activities in Britain they had made me a 'target' that had to be neutralized as soon as possible. Quickly realizing that neither the media nor Britain's tame human rights associations would do anything to help me, I took it upon myself to expose these British secret police abuses to the fullest extent possible.

Of course, I also realized that I couldn't do everything entirely alone. Trying to expose any government 'secret security service’, anywhere is a daunting task to say the least. These security services have the entire resources of 'the state' behind them. Their funds are all but unlimited, they are a law unto themselves and they are more than prepared to do anything at all to try and hide their crimes from public scrutiny. They will persecute, torture and kill anyone if they believe it necessary, simply because that is what they do. That is what they have always done to protect what they call 'the state'. No one but their masters is immune from the attention of these government terrorist gangsters, and successive governments have consistently covered up their illegal and criminal activities within Britain.

The 'state' I refer to however, does not include the ordinary people in any population. When security services and their puppet politicians refer to 'the state' they actually mean the very few people who to all intents and purposes actually 'own' the state, which may be royalty, wealthy bankers, industrialists and other such people, who through their vast wealth and power simply buy or forcibly takeover the political machine of any country and then bribe puppet politicians and other people to do their bidding.

The 'Illuminati', as these very powerful families are called, are totally ruthless in every respect. Their sheer greed is unlimited. They own at least half the wealth of the entire world and they totally control the mainstream media, which they use to fool populations into believing their lies and deceptions. They have all made huge fortunes from their endeavors, many of which are highly illegal but very profitable. They include banking, drug dealing, oil takeovers, arms trading, prostitution of various kinds, gold, stock manipulation, pharmaceuticals and many other enterprises that bring in the kind of money ordinary people can only dream about. The Illuminati are in fact the 'shadow governments' of many countries. They are 'the real state' that many different 'security services' protect.

The all-powerful national security services have been built up and organized by their Illuminati masters over many years. They have been whitewashed as being 'public protectors' and glorified in many ways by the controlled press and the movie industry, which has mostly portrayed them as being public savors who willingly give their time and lives for the benefit of us all, etc, when in all reality they have done no such thing. Indeed, these 'security services' have all been instrumental in repressing what might have been good for the public since the first day they were brought into being. The very idea of a true democracy is repugnant to them all. They have protected fascism and gross government criminality of every imaginable kind. They have prevented many projects that may have benefited the public from being developed and brought into everyday use. They have also persecuted and murdered many honest public figures that sought to give us all a better future.

Under various false pretexts, these security services have prevented true democracy from ever taking root. They have continually apposed rule by the people for all the people and have instead deferred to the wishes of their masters by embracing the worst kind of fascism, that has it its turn prevented people in general from realizing their true potential. To prevent all the people gaining true knowledge and the benefits from that they have repressed, tortured and murdered untold millions of people all over the world and they have continually conned the public into believing that their gross acts of savagery and genocide has been 'in the public interest' or for the good of 'the state' which most people foolishly and unfailingly still continue to believe that means themselves too.

However, when I founded the National Association of Disabled Writers – disabled because they were unable to write the truth as they saw it without being persecuted, I was under the misguided impression that many writers throughout Britain acting together as a single unit could bring about the freedom to write, and criticize if necessary, the government and the state security institutions that prevented them from doing so. How naive I was in those early years. I honestly believed that the truth and the exposure of it would set us all free. How very wrong I was. As it turned out the very thought of many British writers daring to expose repression within the United Kingdom brought out the very worst MI5 and the secret political police, the Special Branch, had to offer. Had I been preparing to set up a terrorist organization to attack and destroy the parliament building in London their response to my endeavors could not have been worse. Though of course, on looking back and knowing what I know now, the full disclosure of wide scale repression within Britain might just have inflamed the British public enough to carry out just such an act as destroying what had up until that time been viewed as a symbol of British democracy. But I wasn't thinking so far ahead. I still believed in British justice and so assumed that in the end writers and everyone else in the UK would eventually get it.
But like I said, I was still pretty young and naive. And being so, I began organizing the association of writers, strong in the belief that we could be a force of change to be reckoned with. Home computers were just coming into being in those days. The very thought of being able to quickly communicate with writers all over the country and get them to support the association I was in the process of forming was inspiring to say the least.

However, as the various responses from other writers began to reach me I soon came to realize that many writers in Britain still didn't use any kind of computer, indeed many of them still wrote with a pen. Still, I pressed on and soon I had well over sixty writers from around Britain who were prepared to join the association and support its aims, which were 'Freedom, of Thought, Inquiry and Expression'.
I knew that many of those writers didn't have much money, as many writers don't unless and until they manage to get their work published, that is if they ever do, which some don't of course. So, I financed the association out of my own pocket through a business enterprise that I was involved in, hoping that eventually other writers might chip in and financially help us out with the odd donation. The financial aspect wasn't heavy in any case. I organized the association from an office that I had set-up in my home and I gave my own time willingly. Postage on all the mail that I had to send out was the main expense that had to be met, plus phone, fax and printing charges, all of which I paid for personally out of my own pocket.
Lady Margaret Simey of Liverpool, was at that time one of the most respected people in Britain. A socialist (not a communist) she participated in public affairs in many areas. She was also a strong supporter of true democracy and poor people anywhere in the country. Nobody was more respected than Margaret Simey, both as a human being and for the many good works that she unfailingly took upon herself as she sought to help people in need to the best of her ability. And because of those admirable traits, I took it upon myself to ask her to become the honorary vice chairperson of the National Association of Writers and so help to support our cause. Which, I am pleased to say, she willingly agreed to without any hesitation whatsoever. So with her name next to mine on our letterhead the association began to progress on to the next stage which was openly calling upon all British writers to support social change by trying to end the censorship and repression we faced in Britain.

However, soon after Lady Simey joined our association I began to notice that much of our mail, both outgoing and incoming, was being seriously interfered with. Members of our association never received most of the mail that was sent out to them and much of the mail sent to me was also not being delivered. Even worse, it soon became clear to me that my house and the office of the National Association of Writers was being entered and searched by the Police Special Branch and MI5 on a regular basis. Not that it worried me unduly because we had nothing to hide whatsoever. Everything concerning our association was carried out openly. Anything we did was open to inspection by anybody who was interested in our affairs. They could have seen anything they wished – they only had to ask. However, when our office equipment began to be damaged and broken on a regular basis it began to become a serious concern for us. We were running on a shoestring and we could not afford to keep on replacing computers, recording equipment and the like without it seriously affecting our ability to communicate effectively with our members, which was obviously the desire and prime intent of the 'security services', who then also began to steal whenever they entered my property. Association documents, personal possessions, book manuscripts and other things vanished one after the other as it became ever increasingly clear to me that MI5 and the Police Special Branch were intent on putting our association and myself out of business altogether.

If the above wasn't bad enough, the security services then began putting various kinds of pressure on our writers. They had stolen the list of our members and had begun to intimidate them all. That became obvious when without any explanation our members suddenly began to stop all correspondence with our association. Which wasn't just through security censoring our writers mail to us, phone and fax calls from them quickly fell off too. Here I should mention that the British security services have total control over all mail and phone services within Britain. They can do whatever they wish to do without censure of any kind; they are indeed a law unto themselves. Even my own computer became almost unusable as damage to it and 'dropped lines, etc' meant I often couldn't connect to the Internet and service the Web site I had developed for the association. Nor could I service my e-mail accounts properly.

However, when I persevered with the aims of our association, security service pressure upon myself personally intensified further still. My being the main driving force behind the association the SS were obviously intent on removing me from the scene by any means they considered necessary.

I began to be further harassed by security stooges on a daily basis at my place of work. My car was also damaged repeatedly. Police stooges, who harassed and tried to provoke me wherever I went, openly followed me. The windows of my house were broken. Even the plants and shrubs in my garden were destroyed by poison. The houses at both sides of my own were taken over by police stooges who played loud music at all hours of the day and night as they tried to deprive me of any real rest or sleep. Numerous attempts to force me off the road whilst I was driving my car became a regular occurrence, as did attempts to disable my car as it was being driven. And on one particular occasion, a car purposely tried to run me down one evening whilst I was walking across the road. An event that had it succeeded would undoubtedly have been described by security as 'an accident.'

And if that wasn't enough, worse was to follow. Whole teams of Special Branch smear merchants began to circulate the foulest rumors about me that could be dreamed up by them. One of the worst being that I had 'bought' my Ph. D, which was totally untrue. I had researched, studied and worked hard under a tutor to obtain my doctorate, which had been fully approved of by the proper authorities and of which I was proud. I also had other degrees, which I had justly earned. Another foul rumor was circulated stating that I had stolen money from the National Association of Writers, when in fact I had been the sole financial supporter of the organization for well over ten years, right from its inception. However, there was a large amount of money stolen from the safe of our association, my own money, along with documents that only the police Special Branch would have been interested in. That money had been intended to enlarge our association membership. It could only have taken from my safe by the Special Branch Police who entered my home almost every time I left it, no matter how often I changed the locks. Only they had and have the opportunity to continually enter any property they wish, to damage and steal at will without any fear of retribution. Only they have the means, the motive and the power to cover up their crimes including their regular thefts from my home, which was in a cul-de-sac and overlooked by many other multi-story houses where the many occupants of them could see who was entering my property on an almost daily basis. Those people knew exactly what was going on, but not one of them had the courage to speak out and appose the many illegal police actions being taken against me, let alone anyone else. Because there was and still are many other writers and researchers within Britain who are also getting persecuted, robbed and smeared on a regular basis by these state-sponsored terrorists. And thousands of people there know it. But these witnesses were and are afraid to speak out, because they know that in daring to do so they too might become a 'security' 'target', so they remain silent.

Indeed, it is more than apparent what happens to dissidents within Britain. When people are 'targeted' by MI5 or the secret political police there is absolutely nobody that they can turn to for help. Human rights organizations' in Britain have been totally neutralized, as have other organizations that supposedly were set up to help people when they are being persecuted and repressed by the authorities, but none of them work as they are supposed to, in spite of all the appealing glossy brochures they put out.

Other organizations similar to ours were also targeted and neutralized by the SS, so much so it became perfectly clear that any British organization that attempted to expose fascist repression within the UK would be closed down by the security services or taken over by their stooges. Indeed to my knowledge there isn't a single organization left anywhere in the country that today openly apposes the British police state. The politicians of the three political parties are bought and paid for, as is the media. Control by the SS is total. The only option for any decent British person to live an honest life is for them to leave the country and start their life anew somewhere else, as many thousands of political dissidents are now doing each year.

Even then, however, dissidents may not be safe from harm. The security services of many countries have now become part of a huge fascist network that has spread around the entire globe. Dissidents of note, such as myself for instance, cannot go anywhere without being quickly recognized and 'targeted'. They are tracked through airline tickets, credit card use, border checkpoints and car tracking devices that are today in use by security services throughout the world. So working towards a free and open democracy can be a very daunting task for anyone, indeed it can become almost impossible without experience of how the 'security services' really work. Harassment and persecution may well follow dissidents wherever they go, but they must persevere in their quest for freedom whatever the consequences of their doing so may be. The British SS has become a huge organization that has secretly and brutally repressed people who have refused to bow down to fascism and royalty, a repression that has undoubtedly cost the lives of many thousands of brave British patriots over the years.

Sometime in the future when the full extent of this state repression becomes known worldwide, as it surely must, most British people, just like the German’s before them, will claim ignorance by saying they had no idea of what was happening in Britain, that they believed such things couldn’t happen there. But that claim didn’t work for the German’s and it won’t work for the British either. Many of them have known about state repression and torture for years and they know about it now, they just didn’t have the courage to do anything about it! The Freedom Network informed every MP in Britain of what the queens SS was doing. They also informed every newspaper, every radio and television station too, so none of them can claim ignorance of the facts. But no doubt, they will try to do so. A stance that will also expose the true British character for what it really is.

The Internet, which has been a tremendous help in exposing fascist government abuses everywhere, has its own share of censorship, which is unfortunately also getting worse by the day. But there are still many Web sites diligently working towards getting the truth out and making people everywhere aware of the creeping fascism those authoritarian governments and their security services are trying to impose on us all through their so-called New World Order, an order that we must resist to the fullest extent possible.

The United Kingdom tries to hide its own harsh censorship and political repression by printing stories and making documentaries about repression in other counties, thereby creating the impression that such things don't happen in Britain. A recent BBC documentary about life in Iran concentrated mainly on censorship there, particularly the censorship of writers and other artists. Yet exactly the same kind of censorship is rife throughout the UK where the 'Official Secrets Act' prevents all kinds of news and views from ever being read or seen by the general public, so journalists and other writers have to practice self-censorship if they want their work to be published there. But this kind of hypocrisy is standard fare in the UK.

Whatever, now that the truth of life on other planets and visits by those life forms to us here on earth has finally been revealed - even though some governments and the 'state media' still won't admit it - after continually lying about it and denying the fact for sixty years, we just might get a little help from that quarter. It would be quite wonderful to think we might at last get decent honest governments for a change. I personally would willingly vote for anyone who could bring that happy state about – no matter what planet he or she came from. These alien beings are probably thousands if not millions of years ahead of us in every respect. They know the problems we face from our oppressors, so they may yet give us a helping hand. They alone have the power to quickly overturn the fascist tyranny we are facing; they know exactly what is going on here on earth so maybe they will. We can but hope.

In the meantime, we must press on alone making a good example for those that follow us. We can have real freedom and true democracy if we try hard enough. We can free ourselves from tyranny, and indeed, we must if we are to have a future worth having. The choice is ours to make.

Everyone has the right ... to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
— Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19

Dr Les Dove


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Globalist Controlled Media 1-2


Michael Parenti - Empire vs. Democracy


Alternative energy What happened to it?

The Energy Non-Crisis Lindsey Williams

Out of The Blue

7/7 Bombings Final Word: Her Majesty's Terrorist Network

Common Purpose the Unseen Invasion - Brian Gerrish


Clegg calls for 'a new political system' in UK

Targeted Individuals (TI's) Video

The Secret Use Of Microwaves By British Police And Army

Subverting the Media

UK Police will run Internet after terrorist attack

David Icke: Brilliant Speech

Gordon Brown and the Illuminati NWO

MI5 and Torture in the UK

Symptoms of a targeted individual in the UK

This is What A Police State Looks Like

Top Journalists Expose Major Cover-ups in Mass Media

Mind-Control: The Ultimate Terror

Black Ops, Underground Bases and Extra-Terrestrials

UK 2017: under surveillance

Group 13

MI5 and Torture in the UK

77 Mind The Gap (Video)

How Britain created Ulster's murder gangs

Torture in the United Kingdom

“The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.”

The British Monarchy Has Its Roots in Nazism

The Hidden Face of Terrorism


No EU - Common Purpose Government Infiltrators (Must see video – UK)

Gangsters Paradise

Damning documentary evidence unveiled. Dissident bloggers in coordinated expose of UK government lies over torture.

Ex-MI5 Officer Shayler Speaks at Trial of Blair Part 1

U.K. recalls diplomat accused of torture

Iron Triangle: Carlyle Group Exposed

The Secret State: Britain's Intelligence Agencies: MI5 (Counterintelligence/Home Office/MOD) and MI6 (Intelligence/Foreign Office/MOD)


Tony Blair and Jack Straw lie about torture... but how much?

More Inventor Lives Threatened

The Fight for Civil Liberties in the Age of Terror

Lindsey Williams – The Energy Non-Crisis. Video. Part 1 of 8

Illuminati Threatened

Exposing Corruption - Exploring Solutions.

State-Sponsored Terror in the Western World

Suppression of free energy devices





Stories of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment (Video)

Tearing Down the Strongholds on the New World Order

The Disclosure Project

Mind Control Forum -Victims

Venezuela: The Nationalisation of Banco de Venezuela


Bilderberg - Tony Gosling’s Home Page

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