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It was truly wonderful to see Nelson Mandela in London’s Parliament Square watching a statue of himself being unveiled. It was great to see so many of his friends and supporters there too seeing it happen. No man ever deserved his place in history more than Nelson Mandela does. He is indeed a man of whom we can all be proud. His sheer endurance against repression will stand as a lesson for everyone forever. To have so much forgiveness for his enemies after spending twenty-seven years in prison is astounding, to say the very least. I take my hat off for the man. Because we are in a sense, brothers in arms, for at this date in time I too have served over twenty-seven years in a kind of prison, and with almost the same warders too no less.

I too was in South Africa during ‘the troubles’ there. Just one of the many thousands of unknown white people who stood up against apartheid and all the injustice and terror it stood for. Like many other of Nelson’s supporters I suffered under the brutality of South Africa’s dreaded secret police, The Bureau of State Security, or BOSS as it came to be known by all those who hated it. And guess who secretly supported BOSS? Why it was the British and American governments of course, so why millions of ordinary citizens in Britain and the United States were out on the streets calling for an end to apartheid and the freeing of Nelson Mandela from prison on Robin island their own secret police forces where doing their level best to keep him locked up there forever!

But as I said, Nelson is a forgiving man. He knows only too well how rotten and dirty are our political machines and how corrupt are the people inside them. Any man other than Nelson Mandela would after finally being freed have had a sweet revenge on the rotten bastards that kept him locked up in a cell for so many years. After being released from prison, any other leader would have had his enemies torn limb from limb as they justly deserved to be, but instead Nelson simply forgave them and simply moved on with his life.

South Africa now isn’t exactly the country many of us hoped it would become. The repression of old has gone away. But there is still much poverty and the lives of many South African’s aren’t as good as they should be. Privatization, which Nelson unfortunately supports, certainly hasn’t done much for the lives of most poor people. The rich are still rich and poverty is everywhere, yet South Africa certainly is better now than most other African countries, and hopefully things will continue to improve as time goes by. The point is South African’s are to some extent now free to choose their own destiny. Free from apartheid and all the horrors it brought down upon them. Britain of course lost one of the jewels in its crown when it lost South Africa. In spite of apartheid, Britain had always considered South Africa to be a part of its so-called Empire, and hoped that one day it would be returned to the fold. That it never will be stuck in the gullet of Britain’s power brokers. They deeply resented the fact that South Africa had been taken away from them forever, and they despised with a vengeance all those who had in any way helped to bring that about, which did of course mean me and the other Europeans that had apposed apartheid whilst we were living in Africa. So as the political repression in South Africa ended ours began yet again when we returned home to Britain.

Believe me when I tell you that there is nothing so vindictive as a country that has lost one of its most prized possessions, so whilst Britain publicly pretended to hail South Africa’s freedom and the release of Nelson Mandela from prison, privately it set loose its own BOSS to destroy those of us who had helped to bring that freedom about. Political hypocrisy knows no bounds. As someone once said, what politicians say they are doing – and what they are really doing – are two very different things. Security forces however, in almost any country, remain the same as they have always been. Given almost total state power they remain free to do whatever their masters wish them to do. Britain has a very long history of repressing people, both inside Britain and out of it too. Its power brokers are indeed masters of the fascist secret state.

On returning to Britain in 1980, I had no sooner stepped off the plane than I was made aware of what my own future there would be. The two British agents that had been on the aircraft sitting behind me made very sure that I heard their remarks and intentions towards me. Which were in effect that I would suffer greatly for having resisted apartheid, and in effect the British Queen?

Most people in Britain believe that royalty has nothing to do with politics. That belief has been built up over many years, with the intention of shielding the Queen from any criticisms that might arise over political decisions made inside parliament by her ministers. In truth, however, all ministers are answerable to the British Queen and she can veto any decisions they may make, and she does so whenever she wishes. She is also the largest investor in many very large companies both inside Britain and abroad; so quite naturally, her decisions are biased in favor of those companies. So keeping people down ‘in their place’ working for cheap wages is very much to her advantage. Retaining the ‘status quo’ is an essential part of that. So whilst her so-called citizens think of themselves as such they are in fact no more than subjects of a monarch who to all intents and purposes still lives in the dark ages, and indeed the British Queen remains on the throne simply because her ‘State Security’ apparatus works very hard to repress anyone who thinks she should be well and truly pushed off it.

Britain’s secret political police MI5 and ‘The Special Branch’ are in all reality no different from the vicious old South African models. They practice the same techniques of repression and torture, and they make very sure that anybody who might wish to bring enlightenment and change in Britain never gets into political office. As with the old South African secret police they also tightly control the media under an ‘Official Secrets Act’ so any real outspoken opposition to royalty and all it stands for never reaches the public gaze. Indeed, it is very doubtful that any other country in the entire world is as cut off from reality as much as Britain is.

The Internet has made a slight difference in how information can reach into the country and truly inform people but after hundreds of years of being brainwashed, the British population is still hard pressed to grasp the reality of their situation. Anyone who is released from prison after many years doesn’t feel free simply because they are let out onto the streets. It takes time to adjust to reality. The British people are no different in that being set free from the chains that bind them, psychologically or otherwise, will take time. Some brave people like David Ike and George Farquhar have managed to alert some British people as to their true status within the secret state. I myself found the real British police state at least 27 years ago when I again began to be persecuted and tortured by microwave weapons after arriving back there from South Africa. Before then, like most other British people, I truly believed that Britain was a true democracy with a police force and an intelligence service that protected the best interests of the British people. I very quickly found out that they don’t, they repress them and do everything within their power to make very sure that real democracy will never come to Britain. At least not without an uprising and a revolution, it won’t. Real change certainly can’t be brought about through the present corrupt political system because everyone in it is bought and paid for.

What the British police and intelligence services really do is protect royalty, the Queen, her many assets and all the many royalist parasites that gather around her. Everyone else is regarded, as just so much cannon fodder to be used in any manner royalty and its many business interests requires.

The three political parties within Britain are all a sham, a charade and a total fraud, nothing more than a put on to make the British people believe that they do live in a real democracy. But these political parties more than anything else simply serve the interests of the Queen first as they are all sworn to do so. Not a single one of these politicians serves the people as a whole. Those of them who in the past have tried to do so were quickly removed from office, so the democracy charade carries on as usual, with less than 3% of the entire population firmly deciding what the rest of them will or not do. That isn’t democracy its dictatorship.

Some people in Britain are of course quite happy with the above situation. They like being led by the nose. They aren’t worried about rights, human, civil or otherwise. They simply don’t care that their fellow citizens are being internally exiled, persecuted or tortured by a brutal irresponsible secret police that can do as it wishes without censure of any kind. These people actually enjoy being fools. But I for one don’t. To my mind everyone has a right to live their lives to the full without fear of being persecuted and worse simply because they think differently than the rest of society. My place is wherever I can manage to put myself according to my own abilities, and screw whatever royalty or any other group of British fascists may desire. They are all a thorn in the side of hope and progress to my mind. Britain could and would be a far better place without them and their rotten corruption. That is why Britain’s secret police hate me and anyone like me, we see the secret state for what it is, and we want to change it for the betterment of all not just a few wealthy idiots still living in the dark ages and off the backs of the rest of us.

By persecuting and torturing people who offer hope and prosperity for all rather than the few, Britain’s secret police believe that they can keep the royalist cabal in power forever. But Britain is fast becoming a truly cosmopolitan society. Within that society are a great many people with the foresight to realize what is really happening in the country. They have seen through the veil of secrecy and suppression. They are intent upon changing what they see. They don’t want phony governments who pretend to represent them but don’t. They want, and indeed are determined to get, true representation from people they can trust, by all and any means possible. They are looking to the future for themselves and their children, they have no interest at all in royalist parasites and their phony two-faced politicians, they want the real thing. And they are quite prepared to die for it if need be. I wish them well. They will need all the luck they can get. For as each day passes the government becomes more and more authoritarian as it seeks to control all aspect of people’s lives. Many people in Britain and thousands more abroad believe that the recent London bombings were simply another means to ensure that. An inside put-up job which would afterwards give the state and its security forces all the power they wanted under the pretence of protecting Britain against terrorism, when in fact MI5 and the Special Branch are probably the very worst terrorists the country has ever had. Even one of their own, ex-MI5 agent David Shayler, among other ex-MI5 and MI6 agents certainly believe that British security is more than capable of carrying out such outrageous atrocities against their own people, just as they believe that the 9/11 outrage in America was carried out by their own out-of -control security agencies. That both Britain and the United States absolutely refuse to listen to the very many experts who more than doubt the ‘official’ government versions of these vast crimes certainly gives credence to that belief. This isn’t a conspiracy theory; there is more than enough evidence in both cases to warrant proper open public inquiries. But neither government wants them. Do you wonder why?

After having traveled and lived all over Britain trying unsuccessfully to escape the attentions of its secret police I finally left the country for the last time, with the hope that these monsters were behind me forever. But I was wrong. People who write the truth about countries like Britain are not easily forgotten nor forgiven by the powers that be. I was considered to be a dangerous man who would undoubtedly continue to write the truth as I saw it, particularly about the country of my birth, so even though I had left that country ‘security’ followed me, all over the continent, to North America, to Panama, and even to Mexico where I now live. These people are vindictive to a fault, believe me, but fascists are that way as always. It is in their nature to be so. They cannot forget their past nor can they look to a free future for all mankind. They see a bright future only for themselves and their own kind. And without firm resistance from all of us who are determined to be free, they just might get what they want. They are the modern day Nazis and they are making their last stand everywhere. Even, if not more so, in the United States.

Whatever, it is now over 27 years since I gained the status of being a dangerous dissident, simply because I write the truth as I see it, and I have had these fascist bastards on my back for all of that time, so where the hell is my statue?

In times of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

George Orwell (author of the novel '1984')

Dr Les Dove

“Certainly the security services and MI5 and so on have this superfluous building on Vauxhall Bridge costing millions of pounds and nowhere to go - so what do they do? They concentrate on animal rights, and they have a special unit (Special Branch) handing over information, which is supposed to be collected for specific purposes, mainly for the purposes of ensuring that there aren't any criminal offences being perpetrated. And what this case has demonstrated has been the criticism that has been made over the last 25 years by politicians and others working in the field of civil liberties, that at the end of the day it isn't about subverting the state, it isn't about criminal offences, it's all about keeping dossiers on everybody and ensuring that those who are seen to be intellectual and political threats are silenced.”

Mike Mansfield, during an interview. He is a UK leading defense barrister.

"A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get."

Ian Williams Goddard


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