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I have just read an article by Harlan Girard. In it he describes the ultimate weapons that some governments are using in attempts to silence their dissidents. Those weapons are electromagnetic microwave devices that I and many other dissidents around the world have suffered from by having them used against us for well over twenty-five years. Indeed these weapons have apparently been in use by various security forces for over forty years. For those of you who have not heard of them, and many people still have not, fascist governments favor them because these deadly weapons operate by stealth. That being so their use is easily deniable by those who use them to silence free speech. Also called ‘synthetic telepathy’ or ‘influence technology’ these ‘voice to skull’ weapons make it possible to hear threatening voices in one’s head without suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

As Girard explains, quote: “While voices and visions, daydreams and nightmares are the most astonishing manifestations of this weapon system, it is also capable of crippling the human subject by limiting his/her normal range of movement, causing acute pain the equivalent of major organ failure or even death, and interfering with normal functioning of any of the human senses. In other words, any of the tortures with which the words Guantanamo Bay have become synonymous can be achieved by remote, electronic means.

Instruments of torture

“Influence technology is also capable of persuading the subjects that their mind is being read, that their intellectual property is being plundered, and can even motivate suicide or the murder of family, friends, and co-workers. By ‘unremitting torture’, I mean exactly that. Because there is no visible evidence left by this new torture equipment such as damage to the skin, it is possible to torture the involuntary human subjects for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This can be done and is being done.”

This active denial technology was first used to torture many thousands of people right inside their own homes in the United States, Britain, and South Africa during the apartheid years, as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Allegations of torture through the use of these microwave weapons has since then has also come from Germany, Japan and France. Recently reports of similar torture have come from India too.

The cost to governments who use these revolting mind-control weapons against their citizens is amazing to say the very least. It has been estimated that to use this technology unremittingly against one single subject, or ‘target’ costs between five to ten million dollars every year! That means that I alone have cost various fascist governments approx 100 million dollars in their attempts to silence my comments about them! A total waste of money so far I might add, since I am still writing the truth about them and shall continue to do so. I must also add that although this technology hasn’t as yet killed me it has caused me to suffer from various ailments including tumors and a heart attack, not to mention many sleepless nights. I have also had some other problems, which I won’t go into here. I should also say that many thousands of other political dissidents undoubtedly have been murdered by having these weapons used against them, for it isn’t simply microwave weapons alone that are used against dissidents. They are used in conjunction along with other deadly methods of repression that government agents use to silence criticism of their repressive regimes.

So why is it that some governments are prepared to spend such huge amounts of money simply to keep unfavorable comments about their actions and policies from becoming widely known. Just what is so important that they will torture and murder thousands of their citizens to prevent them from revealing the truth? Is the exposure of their misdeeds seen to be so bad by them that they will literally risk doing anything at all and commit any imaginable crime so long as they achieve the ends they seek? Well, as we all know by now, the usual answer to those and similar questions is that well-worn phrase “It is in the interests of National Security” or “The State.”

By using those glib phrases, governments do of course imply that it is in the interests of us all because we supposedly are all a part of ‘the state’. Which of course is simply not true at all? We are not privy to ‘state secrets’ nor are we privy to what ‘the state’ discusses behind closed doors, or indeed what ‘laws’ the state imposes upon us until those laws have been imposed. Had we been many of those ‘laws’ would not have been imposed upon us in the first place. So, if we are not a part of ‘the state’ who is considered to be so and why?

During these last few years’ we have come to realize that ‘the state’ simply belongs to those who own it, a blunt assessment but a true one, so who does in effect own the state? Well, as usual it all comes down to who has the most money, and therefore the power to ‘take over’ the machinery of state. Which does of course mean the politicians who are supposed to run the state, therefore becoming little more than puppets of the moneymen who in effect buy them to run the state in any way their masters may desire? Which in turn means in the direction that brings in the most money and so increases their masters ‘investments’ in governments of their choice?

So, what kind of ‘investments’ does bring in the best return? Armaments of course have always been a safe and very profitable investment. There is always a war of one kind or another going on somewhere in the world, and if not one can always be started by various insidious means. Britain, the United States and Russia with much help from their ‘security services’ have been doing just that for a great many years. By supplying both sides of any war with weapons, these rogue countries and their ‘vested interests’ have made a huge killing, not just in lives but in the financial markets too, to the tune of many billions if not trillions in pounds, dollars and rubles. A pretty good investment whichever way you look at it.

And then of course there is oil, a commodity we all need simply to survive these days, let alone profit from, but again, not being ‘the state’ we don’t profit from oil sales the people who own the oil do. We simply have to pay whatever price the oil companies put on their product, which today is whatever the market will bear? Then there are the pharmaceutical companies who also charge whatever the market will bear, irrespective of how much their products are really worth? Millions of people are injured in wars and car crashes ever single year, let alone normal medical problems, all of which may require us to pay billions upon billions in medical charges of one kind or another every single year, even though about a million people die every year simply from the side effects of some of those so-called medical products. I won’t even get into the space program and NASA with its $5.000.00 toilet seats, etc. We would be talking about trillions! I could go on and on about the various commodities that bring in huge multinational companies thousands upon thousands of billions every year. But what’s the point. Already we know just who the moneymen are and where their vast fortunes come from, so by now it should be quite obvious that these huge financial interests and the banks that support them are the owners and indeed the controllers of governments all over the world. By being so, they have become the dictators of what happens in our world. Yes, we can truthfully say that we ordinary people are a part of that world, if nothing else.

To protect their vast business interests these huge corporations are indeed prepared to do whatever they need to do. Spending a few hundred millions on silencing those of us who dare to dissent and speak out by making a mostly ignorant public aware of the deceptions and scams being played upon them is to the multinationals little more than small change.

Whatever, most people have been content to simply live their lives and move on in whatever direction their lives took them without taking an interest in what their governments did or not do, until the last few years that is. Because now the leading world governments have, under fascist domination, decided that there are just too many of us. Not content with bleeding their various populations dry they are now apparently devising ways to get rid of many of us permanently. And I don’t mean just us obvious dissidents, I mean you and anybody like you who not only opens your eyes but also refuses to go along with the fascism that is secretly being imposed on entire populations. These dictators want an entire world of fascists no less and anybody who doesn’t agree to that is considered as being ‘surplus to requirements’. To that end, your future has already been planned and those plans are now already in the process of being carried out.

Free speech has already been curtailed to a remarkable degree, both in Britain and the United States. Indeed, laws have been passed that make it a crime to protest at what governments are doing. Paramilitary police in both countries can now arrest you for all manner of things any of which can be filed under the term ‘protecting the nation from terrorism’ even though the worst terrorists of all have become our own governments. In today’s America you can be arrested for wearing the wrong kind of T-shirt, and concentration camps have been built all over the country in preparation for an influx of dissenters, whilst in Britain internal exile has become common with people being confined to their own homes without being able to communicate from their ‘prisons’ in any way at all. As happened in Germany under Hitler and his Nazis the same things are now happening right here and now. And under the present ‘laws’, there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Your politicians, of whatever party, have been bought and paid for by the people who to all intents and purposes own them, lock, stock and barrel! That has been proved over the last few years, as politicians of all colors have remained silent whilst wholesale repression and illegal wars have taken place all over with even more wars already slated to take place in the near future. All in your name I must add, which means that you are seen to be responsible for the thousands of American and British dead along with over one million Iraq’s, men, women and children. Your government – remember, represents you, even though you don’t own it. Is there any wondering that most of the worlds populations hates Britain and America so much. Wouldn’t you if you suffered as they have?

With the coming of the Internet, our knowledge of government complicity in huge crimes of humanity all over the world has become transparent for all of us to see. We know now that both Britain and America conspired to bring about many wars, in particular World War 2 plus the Korean and Vietnam wars as well as the war now being fought in Iraq. All under the pretence of ‘defending our freedom and democracy’ millions upon millions of lost souls were and are simply being used as cannon fodder for the huge multinational corporations that have made thousands of billions out of the terrible deaths of all those involved. There appears to be no end in sight to the carnage we see on television day after day, no end in sight for wars to come, and no end in sight for those of us who try to expose and prevent such monstrous events from ever happening again. We at home have become just as much cannon fodder as those fighting in the front line of battle. And truth be known probable just many of us have died? From having disgusting microwave weapons used against us and from the illegal actions of government death squads that have waged their own private and mostly secret war against those of us who appose them, hoping that one-day justice may find a place in our world. In the meantime, it’s comforting to know that some rotten fascists have already paid out at least a hundred million dollars, and failed, to ensure my own silence.

" During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell

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