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I haven’t been back to Britain in seven years. Nor have I missed being there. It was a depressing place for me even before I left so I certainly have no desire to return there, more so when I catch glimpses of what is happening in the country today, mainly through friends, family and other people who get in touch with me from time to time. I used to get regular letters from various fellow dissidents a while back but now most of them have left Britain too and they are scattered in countries all over the world trying to build new lives for themselves.
However, recently I received a letter from somebody else who is being persecuted, and worse, by Britain’s secret police. It brought back a few memories of my own repression inside Britain so I decided to try and catch up on what is happening regarding human rights there today. I started by checking out the various human rights organizations that are supposed to help people in Britain when the Special Branch (Secret Political Police) targets them for various reasons. It seems that the usual human rights organizations are still in place, and to some small extent, they are still protesting about the sorry state of human rights in the country. But I have to say their statements regarding this issue are still very reserved, to say the least. By the time I left the country, I was totally outraged at the repression that was going on there, outraged too at the British media who remained silent for most of the time regarding the abuse of civil liberties, and other crimes committed by the security services. So things haven’t changed for the better in the UK, they have in fact gotten much worse since I left.  
The London tube bombings have provided the security services with excuses to bring in all kinds of new repressive laws, all under the guise of protecting ‘the state’ from terrorism. These laws are so loosely formulated that the police and security agencies can do just about anything they like to almost anyone they dislike, without censure of any kind. Simply speaking out against anything the police may do can get you arrested, and worse, for supposedly ‘supporting terrorism’, which is a total mockery of ‘free speech’ which ever way you look at it. Indeed, the British police and 'Security Services' appear to have all but copied the same kind of ‘terrorism laws’ that the United States has adopted. Indeed, the British government appears to be working totally hand in glove with their American security counterparts and appears to be in lockstep with whatever they do. At one time the British police never openly carried weapons but now armed police are almost everywhere. Today’s Britain is certainly not the place I grew up in. I wouldn’t want my children to grow up there either. That is if I had any. Britain always was a fool’s paradise but now it’s a fascist paradise too.  
The use of military microwave weapons against British dissidents has it seems now become commonplace. And it spite of the publicity these terrible weapons have received throughout the United States and other countries, mainly over the Internet, the British media has, as expected, remained silent over their use, and so the public at large remains as ever totally ignorant about the gross human rights abuses that are being carried out by British security against many of them, yet ministers of The Crown dare to state time and again that Britain is not a police state. To say their heads are buried deep in the sand is a vast understatement. If human rights organizations within Britain had the courage to highlight and expose the use of secret microwave weapons that in itself might bring the desired attention to the subject and so prompt some politicians to suggest that these weapons have no place in any country, let alone Britain, and call for them to be banned. However, for some very strange reason, that I cannot fathom – unless it is ‘The Official Secrets Act’ everyone who should be talking about these weapons and the dreadful injuries resulting from their use against dissidents, is saying nothing at all. Their silence on the subject is deafening!
I amongst many other people have been writing about military microwave devices being used against citizens for almost thirty years. Articles describing their use have appeared all over the Internet, videos too as victims and some supporting professionals have tried to make people generally aware of what fascist security forces are really doing to the citizens in various so-called democracies, yet Britain remains as cut off from this information as it ever was.
British human rights lawyers like Michael Mansfield, Gareth Peirce and Helena Kennedy have and are still doing their very best in trying to stem the tide of some human rights injustices but they continue to face a very difficult uphill task. The present ‘terrorism’ laws in Britain allow the security forces there to hide all kinds of abuses and in doing so victims of those abuses are hard put to receive the justice they deserve. That is if they get any kind of justice at all. Which most victims of state abuse don’t?
Over many years past a great many people have to my knowledge written to the British media about their being abused by their own government and many of those same people have approached the various human rights organizations within Britain, all of them asking for help of one kind or another as they have tried to free themselves from the clutches of the secret police and free themselves from being persecuted and indeed tortured. Myself amongst them I should add. None of us are terrorists in any sense of the word; we simply dissent over various government policies and abuses, which we see as being outright repressive, as indeed would be our right in any true ‘democracy’.  But neither help nor mainstream media exposure of our suffering was obtained by any of us. Many follow-up letters to these so-called human rights groups went unanswered, time after time, so to say that we were rebuffed by them would be a fair enough statement. Even today, many years later, I have written to some of these organizations and so far I still haven’t received a reply to my inquiries, which simply enough is: “How many British people who have been abused and tortured inside mainland Britain, by the British security forces have contacted you, and how many of them have you assisted?” The reply to that inquiry from Amnesty International, Liberty, Redress etc, have all been exactly the same – I haven’t had one?
Of course, anyone else making exactly the same kind of inquiry and getting the same none answers would assume that they aren’t being answered simply because there aren’t any such abuses taking place within Britain, which I for one know is total nonsense because over these many past years I have been in contact with a great many people who have written to me describing exactly what has happened to them within Britain and how they have been persecuted and tortured by it’s secret police, namely MI5 and the Police Special Branch. Censorship of various kinds is widespread in Britain with MI5 having control not only over the media but also over the mail and phone services too, as well as the Internet, so I shall be kind and for now and assume that my mail to the above human rights organizations was intercepted, and that these various groups therefore never received any of the letters I sent to them. If that is true then it appears there is a need for some kind of ‘hot line’ where British torture victims can call in make a direct report of their suffering under British repression.
On looking over the Websites of these Human rights organizations today one notices that they are all quite impressive, in that they appear to be doing their best to uphold human rights, particularly in regard to torture, yet none of them are openly referring to torture taking place inside mainland Britain, only about torture that has and is being committed outside of Britain by other countries. Redress states in one of their publications that the British government appears to prefer not to get involved with any cases of torture even when those cases have taken place outside of the country. They stated: “The government appears to be embarrassed by the subject.” Quite, it should be.
I remember one British lady many years ago who had been tortured by a brutal fascist regime while she was in Chile. After reporting her ordeal to the British press after her return to Britain, she was treated as though she herself was a torturer rather than a victim of it. Very strange. Could it be that because Britain does so much business with evil regimes that torture and murder, they simply wish to avoid any discussion of the subject because it is just too close to home?
Whatever, one British historian, Michael Burleigh, believes that the British government isn’t repressive enough?  In a Times online article he stated: “One of the puzzles of our time is why Britain scrupulously adheres to the Human Rights Act, when our allies and partners systematically flout the European Convention on Human Rights. Talk of human rights abuses invariably focuses on the US, with sneering TV documentaries about Guantanamo or CIA “extraordinary rendition”. In a Hoover Digest article, Burleigh goes on to say: “In the war on terror, we must assert the virtues of Western civilization—including our Christian heritage—without apology.” In saying that he overlooks the facts, in that our Western civilization isn’t all that it has been cracked up to be. Our ‘civilization’ has raped and pillaged all over the world for centuries, we have caused and profited from countless wars and in doing so repressed and murdered millions of innocent people, moreover we still are doing so. It is true that we in the West have a better standard of living than do many other nations around the world, but that doesn’t make us angels in any respect. Robber barons have always lived better than their victims. But that has simply been because of their ill-gotten gains, not because they were better Christians, just better bandits.  Burleigh obviously must believe all that he ever reads in The Times and other British newspapers that parrot whatever misinformation the government wants them to. Is Michael Burleigh an apologist for fascism or what? He certainly lives on a very different planet than the one I do. Maybe he should check out the information in the references section below.
However, like I said at the beginning, I am not as up-to-date in these matters as I probably should be. As most of my friends have dispersed and I myself keep traveling on from time to time I am a little out of touch. Not with ‘security’, they are still following me around as always still trying to silence my criticism of their illegal and suppressive methods. So, I don’t get the kind of information from Britain I used to do in the past. And some more of my friends will probably have been permanently ‘neutralized’ by now. Some I knew definitely have, I read reports of their deaths from time to time. The security services will no doubt have increased their suppression of dissidents even further still, so some present victims may not be able to get in touch with me because of that. But I am always glad to hear from friends, whatever their circumstances. Not that I am in any position to help them, other than giving whatever words of advice or comfort to them I can. I’m a pretty old guy now and my own days are limited to say the least. But I am in good company; we resisters to fascism can look at our faces in the mirror every morning knowing that we did the right thing in standing up for what we have over all these years. And that is certainly more than most people can say. 
You can get a PDF copy of ‘The Torture Handbook’ online from: It does contain some interesting advice and also many addresses that victims of torture can contact for help. But I don’t see it as being much use for victims of torture in the UK by its security services. There isn’t a single word in the Torture Handbook about microwave torture techniques. The longer British human rights groups remain silent about directed energy devices the more these devices will be used against British subjects.
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