Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Sure, it’s great that Barrack Obama has gotten the presidency; I’m just as pleased as everyone else is. But unlike many of Obama’s followers, I don’t expect any drastic improvements just yet. Indeed, what the new president should do to put America back on track, and what he will do may be two things very far apart. Huge American corporations helped finance Obama’s election campaign and once he is in the White House they will be the first standing in line expecting the usual return on their investment. However, because of the massive effort by ordinary people who also gave to Obama, and fought against the rigged voting machines, and corrupt voting officials who did their best to sabotage the democratic vote, Obama has more leeway to act on their behalf than he might have had. And so there are some things that he can do right away that are very important indeed.

(1) He can scrap the rotten Diebold voting machines and replace them with accurate one’s that also give a print out and leave a paper trail that can be instantly checked, and rechecked later if necessary. And he can clean up all the other scams that try to prevent democrats from voting.

(2) He can scrap ‘The Patriot Act’ and make the American Constitution worthy again.

(3) He can ban Renditions, torture and close the Guantanamo prison center along with other secret prisons, and release of all the innocents held there.

(4) He can reform the CIA or better still scrap it altogether. It has brought nothing but shame on America since the day it was founded.

(5) He can get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and bring American troops home – all of them from 120 bases around the world. This alone will pay for most if not all the he needs to do.

(6) He can work to roll back media regulation laws to pre-1988 standards and return the "fairness" rule, which prohibited broadcast news outlets from acting as propaganda arms for specific political parties and politicians.

(7) He can break the oil industry's multi-decade collusion with automakers and work towards a ban on the manufacture of gasoline-powered vehicles. (We've NEVER needed gasoline as a fuel to power our cars.)

(8) He can scrap no-bid contracts of all kinds that the Bush administration handed out to its friends in high places.

(9) He can give the people of New Orleans’s their homes back.

(10) He can order an investigation into the recent multi-trillion dollar Treasury Department giveaway to investment banks and brokerage houses. He can also look into the operations of the Federal Reserve Bank and their role in creating the current financial catastrophe that's overcome the world.

(11) He can sign on to support the World Criminal Court.

(12) Convene a proper investigation into 9/11 and the subsequent whitewash.

The other things he should do can wait a little longer, but not too long. What politicians say they are going to do and what they actually do are two very different things. So, if Barack Obama doesn’t come across and do the right things he is going to be in very deep shit. And the next revolution won’t be as peaceful as this one was. Fascist Politicians are devious to a fault. Should Obama not fulfill his promises they will come down on him like a ton of bricks hoping that his failures will propel them back into the White House.

Remember too, that the American Congress is but two sides of the same coin. It has proven that repeatedly. To be his ‘own man’ Obama will have to be more than just very clever, he will also have to be very brave. Thousands of powerful hard-core vindictive fascists will appose his every action and try to discredit him at every turn. In apposing them, he may well put himself in line for assassination. The favored American way of getting rid of what they see as ‘troublemakers.’ Just as they have gotten rid of other leader’s who sought to make America into the ‘democracy’ it has long pretended to be. So, don’t hold your breath as you wait for the ‘change’ that Obama has promised. Continue to give him overwhelming support when he deserves it and just hope that he does come across as the man who really makes America into a proud and just country that we can all begin to look up to.
Even with all the potential Barack Obama has, making inroads into the deeply imbedded and ingrained corruption in America probably won’t happen for a year or two at least. The man faces a huge task by any standard. So, he will need all the help that he can get from anyone able and willing to give it. He will do well to listen to and act on the advice of some of those people who are outside of the present political set-up. Most of the politicians already there have contributed to the decline of America. Their advice he definitely doesn’t need.

Probably more than anything else, America’s foreign policy needs a drastic overhaul. It needs to stop supporting phony democracies like Britain, Columbia and other rogue police states that repress, persecute, torture and murder their political dissidents. The USA also needs to stop overthrowing real democracies and stop installing tyrants and dictators all over the world. Other countries are more than able to decide their own futures without any interference from America or any other country. So getting American troops out of the Middle East should be a priority. America has more than enough problems of its own without taking on other problems overseas. In other words, it should mind its own damn business. That will solve the ‘terrorist’ problem. America should stop exporting jobs too. If American company’s wished to sell their products in America then they should ‘make them at home using American labor’, as should Britain and other countries who scour the world looking for cheap labor instead of employing and paying a fair wage to their own citizens. That would provide a few million new jobs almost right away. As would switching away from gasoline into using ethanol, now – not at some vague time in the future. That would also go a long way in solving the global warming problem.

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