Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Was the election of Barack Obama to the presidency just too good to be true? Think about it.

For years on end we have had misrule by Presidents, Prime Ministers and other fascist politicians and dictators who through their lies, deceptions and sheer criminality have manipulated us into supporting devious schemes which has empowered and enriched themselves whilst driving entire populations to the very edge of ruin, starvation and even death. So much so that millions of people in America almost came to the very brink of revolution! Then suddenly, almost unexpectedly, a politician - a black politician at that, appears on the scene and calms everyone down by gaining the presidency. Giving us all hope that he might somehow put everything right again.

But can he really, and will he?

Such political deceptions have tricked the public into believing false hopes repeatedly year after year, and they fall for it every time.

Barack Obama is a good-looking charming intelligent man with a great family to match. And he certainly sounds sincere enough when making speeches. It would be hard for any decent person not to like the man, let alone admire him, as billions of people all over the world quite obviously do.
So much so that it is easy to forget what he has already supported, and what he intends to support in the future. So there really isn’t going to be anything like the change most people are expecting from him. Indeed, the ‘change’ Barack Obama talks about may well turn out to be so small we might not notice it at all.

The American Congress could, had it wanted to, have already made many of the changes the American people desired. But it didn’t. It continued to support a criminal president in almost everything that he did. Committing so many crimes when he ruled over everyone like some medieval monarch, George W. Bush could have, and should have, been impeached years ago. But no real opposition to the crimes of the Bush regime ever took place by the democrats in Congress who should by right have been standing in line to expose his crimes and bring him to justice. But again, they did not. They all but colluded in the criminality of Bush at almost every turn. In doing so, they proved their own mute compliance and criminality against the wishes of their own supporters by again showing that their so-called opposition was no more than a farce.

Yet, now we are being asked to believe that these so-called democrats’s are now going to support a man who is giving us the impression that he is going to do all but the exact opposite of what they have been supporting for years! Most of their lives in some cases.

This sounds like the usual political double-speak to me. I just don’t believe it. More than that I will go so far as to say that Barack Obama might just have been allowed to win the presidency because the neo-con’s, read fascists, wanted him to for their own rotten ends, in that they needed to avoid a domestic uprising and set-up a patsy for whatever evil scheme, or schemes, they have lined up for the future. These fascists don’t just think one day and do something the next day. They plan well ahead – years ahead, for whatever they have in mind. And they always have a fall guy to blame for whatever they do when it goes wrong for them. Or right for them, whatever the case may be. That is why I think that Barack Obama is just too good to be true. I don’t buy it. The evil bastards that rule over us have been killing and assassinating anyone, black people more than anyone, other than native American Indian’s, who sought to bring real change and true democracy to America, or anywhere else come to that - almost forever. For them to suddenly allow a black guy into the Oval Office just isn’t credible. Not when he has all but sworn to overturn every rotten thing they have ever done. It just doesn’t make any sense at all. Not to me anyway. I know exactly how those fascist bastards think and there isn’t a decent thought or bone in their bodies. Once they become rotten and corrupted, they stay that way forever.

That is why I can’t help but think about ‘what are they going to do?’ rather than what Barack Obama may be ‘hoping to do.’ And I am far from being alone with those thoughts. Simply electing what we hope and believe to be a good and decent man to run the country properly doesn’t mean that he will, or indeed that he can. Having one good apple in the barrel doesn’t affect the rotten rest of them. It’s usually the other way round. As president, Barack Obama is going to be overseen by the hidden government, the wealthy and very powerful fascist elites plus at least sixteen all but accountable devious covert security services whose role it is to maintain the status quo in America, just as they try to do elsewhere in the world. These people Barack Obama is going to be facing aren’t good and decent men and women that have the best interests of all of us at heart. The very thought of a true democracy with real accountability terrifies most of them and anyone promoting it will be accused of flirting with ‘subversives, communists and even terrorists.’ Indeed Barack Obama has already been partly accused of doing just that - and he isn’t even in office yet! But let’s face it, he is no fool, he’s been a politician too long to be that. He knows the score. He’s been on the streets. He’s a black man, he knows the real America all too well. Just as he knows that the very people who are now supposedly guarding him as the president elect may well turn out to be the very people he should beware of.

George W. Bush was very fond of saying that he ‘had a mandate’ to commit all the crimes that he did. Well, Barack Obama now has an even larger mandate to do exactly the opposite. And by God, he had better use it to full effect from his first day in the White House. John F. Kennedy knew of the many dangers posed by the rogue American security agencies. That is why he wanted to get rid of the CIA, which might well have been a factor in his assassination, and quite probably his son’s too. President Carter posed a similar threat in that he wanted to open up the files on UFO’s, so they got rid of him as well. As they have anyone else that wants to make the United States into the open democracy, it pretends to be. The overpowering secrecy practiced by the British and American governments do little more than consolidate the wide corruption in both countries. We desperately need open governments, not the pretence of being open, but the real thing. We don’t need politicians who follow their selfish corrupt agendas of their hidden masters but decent good people who will comply with the wishes of the people who got them elected. That’s what real democracy is all about and it is well beyond the time when we should all have got it.

The election of Barack Obama may turn out to simply be a stopgap. Another clever political ploy to fool the American population into further apathy until the secret government makes its next evil move towards the total enslavement of anyone that dares appose it. This may sound far-fetched but when considering the many steps that have already been taken to intimidate us and curtail our freedom, it becomes more plausible. So until those restrictive barriers are finally removed by president Obama we must continue to believe that he isn’t all that he’s been cracked up to be. In a recent TV interview, Ralph Nader was frowned upon for suggesting that Barack Obama might be some kind of Uncle Tom, but, like it or not, the possibility is certainly there and until the new president proves otherwise we had better keep an open mind on the subject.

To readily believe that powerful fascist elements in our society, who have literally made hundreds of billions of dollars out of scamming the public purse under all kinds of pretences, will simply stop doing so because a nice guy will soon sit in the president’s chair is, I think, unrealistic to say the very least. These people still have the government under their control, as they do the military as well as vast private armies and all the security services. To believe these powerful unscrupulous fascists are going to let one lone man stand between all that and their own massive wealth and power is a leap I just cannot take. The often-repeated phrase ‘only in America’ that is following Barack Obama’s victory may be a little premature.

When dealing with governments it is wise to be cautious, and extra cautious when dealing with the American government in particular. As many people have found out to their cost. Money talks louder in America than anywhere else on earth. As all Americans know. Corruption has been turned into an art form. They don’t only buy their own politicians and presidents they buy many others too all over the world. As the ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’ proved very well. Simple common truth and decency has never been an essential part of American political policy either at home or abroad. Decency has always been a talking point with American politicians but rarely has it been applied in practice, unless they could make a buck or two, somewhere along the line.

The so-called ‘war on terror’ in reality has proved to be little more than Britain and America’s war on the world. A huge cash cow that has again done no more than fill the coffers of the elites and reduce almost everyone else to a state of ignorance, fear and near poverty. America and Britain have together conspired to induce around fifty or so wars around the world since the end of world war two, and in doing so they and their co-conspirators have sold enough arms to kill everyone on earth at least six times over. Overthrowing democracies is their favorite pastime. They much prefer fascist dictators like their own in positions of power. These two terrorist governments are the worst the world has ever seen; yet both have the sheer gall to lecture other countries about the evils of terrorism. If China or Russia ever drops the bomb on both Britain and America ‘terrorism’ would be reduced by at least 95% overnight. But do you think that Barack Obama is going to tell you this, or do anything at all to stop it?

Had the public purse not been looted to start and continue these war’s and had instead been spent on improving the lives of ordinary people the entire world would have been a far better place than it is now. Millions of dead murdered people would still be alive, happy and living with their families. Poverty everywhere could have been eroded. So much could have been done for all of us. But the hard-earned money of taxpayers was simply pissed away on destruction and death to satisfy the sheer greed of the fascist assholes of I% of the population that will never be satisfied with anything other than total power and world control over every living thing that breaths.

Why oh why do we put up with such evil, let alone willingly support it as so many British and American’s do? Cannot they see through the veil of their own ignorance and just for once in their lives stand up for what is right by getting rid of so much that is wrong with us. They certainly have the power to do so – they just don’t have the common sense or guts to do it.

Dr Les Dove


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