Monday, December 22, 2008


Comments from outraged ‘citizens’ in Britain and the USA over the atrocities committed by Israel against the Palestinians are flooding into on-line news outlets all over the world. They all cry out in unison for their so-called leaders to take some kind of action against Israel into trying to stop further bloodshed and deaths in Gaza. But these protestors are wasting their breath. Their leaders are bonded together with an absolute determination to maim and kill anyone who dares to stand in the way of their New World Order, an order which demands absolute obedience to the fascism Britain and the USA now embraces. The deaths of so many men, women and children in Gaza means nothing at all to British and American politicians – their victims of oppression are regarded as no more than obstacles to world dominance and total control of everyone on earth by a few rich elitists.

The images of Britain and America that are spread around the world are no more than myths, Hollywood creations that paint a picture of common good, decency and protection for the underdog. Just myths, lies and deceptions that have been ingrained into the minds of people since the day they were born. When it comes to propaganda Hitler had nothing on what the British and American governments have brainwashed into the heads of their populations. Most of whom will believe almost anything if it is broadcast to them over television by one of their so-called leaders.

Britain, America and now Israel are nothing more than rotten police states that have been secretly torturing and murdering their own dissenting citizens for many years. That these same monstrous regimes are now doing the same on a worldwide scale comes as no surprise at all to any genuine human rights researcher. I say ‘genuine’ because these phony ‘governments of the people’ in the UK and the USA have made very sure that any human rights organization operating in their countries never expose the many criminal abuses that are committed by their ‘state security services’ on a daily basis. Were these human rights organizations allowed to publish the truth both Britain and the United States would stand alongside almost any other vicious police state that we have had to endure through the years, including the worst of them.

That the people in Britain and America still consider their so-called democracies to be true shows just how brainwashed they have become - and how stupid their citizens can be. The lies and deceptions published in their ‘state’ media is gobbled up by the people with glee in the belief that they are on the ‘right side’ and that ‘their government’ will always do ‘the right thing.’ When in fact, they never have and never will do the right thing. Their governments are no more than tools, hired by the elite to do their bidding no matter what the cost, in lives or money. The elite warmongers and monarchists have more than enough of the latter and they don’t give a damn how many people are killed in any war just so long as it serves their purpose.

There is no ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ side in either the British or American governments – they are all there for one single purpose, and that is to play the game and make very sure that the ‘status quo’ is maintained. That the iron grip on the populace remains as it has always been, and that ‘true democracy’ never ever becomes a reality. Should that democratic dream ever become reality the British and American people would quickly realize just how foolish they have been. And how undemocratic the monsters that rule over them really are. Indeed, if ‘the books’ were opened wide and the truth revealed the populations of both countries would find that their standards of living could have been twice as high and their taxes half as much as they have been. That is if they had been living in true democracies instead of the police states they really are.

But of course, any British or American government won’t open the books, the content would reveal far too much. They would reveal the widespread internal repression both countries have and do now secretly practice. They would reveal injustices, frauds and deceptions on a huge scale. They would clearly reveal the International wars that both countries have brought about and made untold billions from as they murdered their way across the globe bringing repression and death to every country they overpowered. The ‘war on terror’ these rogue countries talk about is their ‘war of terror’ on anybody or any country that dares to appose their fascism. They have become the embodiment of modern evil and their despicable deeds are known worldwide to anyone with half a brain and an eye for the truth.

The tyrants and clowns that pretend to be Western statesmen must be stopped and brought down to face the justice they deserve. If the people – citizens or subjects, don’t take real action now against the monsters who rule over them they may never get another chance. When these tyrants have totally destroyed the Palestinians and other nations, which appose their vast crimes against humanity they will openly turn against all their own citizens who appose fascism and kill them too. Make no mistake, that is their intent and plan of action and they will carry it out to the hilt unless they are prevented from doing so.

The Americans are foolishly putting their faith in Barack Obama, their new president, a man whose only comment on the wholesale slaughter of the Palestinians is ‘no comment’ which should have prepared the Americans for what is to follow when he takes office. Which will no doubt be the same as it has been for all the other American presidents in that he will take the self-same route in pretending to be ‘democratic’ as American forces rampage around the world defending fascism and all the evil it stands for?

In Britain Gordon Brown will as usual brown-nose himself with America whilst totally ignoring anything the British people might want. He showed his true colors when he invited the despicable fascist Margaret Thatcher to Downing Street. Like Tony Blair before him, Gordon Brown doesn’t give a rat’s ass for democracy nor does Jack Straw his foreign secretary, who now spends most of his time in trying to deny that Britain is a rotten police state, which it undoubtedly is. The Palestinians will get no help from that quarter at all, nor will anyone else who cares about real freedom and democracy. These political clowns don’t have a grain of decency in their entire bodies. It will be up to the British people themselves to get out on the streets and protest the inhumanity that characterizes the British, American and Israel governments, though they will probably have to appose a huge secret and open police presence in doing so.

One thing is for sure; the outrageous atrocities that the West is committing against peoples who are unable to defend themselves will forever unite them against us. We are sowing the seeds of hate that will grow for many years to come ensuring that in the end we shall get the justice we deserve. And for that we shall have nobody to blame but ourselves and our own ignorance and intolerance. So, when Britain and America finally do go up in smoke, as they surely must, don’t try to blame some ‘fabled enemies’ that we ourselves created, look towards Downing Street and Washington. Like it or not, that is where the real enemies of freedom are. That is where ‘false flag’ operations are designed and that is where orders to carry them out are given.

Both the American 9/11 scam and the London bombings scam were specifically designed to scare their populations and implant false enemies within their minds. The controlled state media in both countries made sure that happened by constantly repeating lie after lie and deception after deception until people not only became convinced these deceptions were true they also implanted the mind-set that to question them in any way was ‘unpatriotic’ or a ‘conspiracy theory’ that only a fool would believe. And most people did believe exactly that. However, careful investigations by many highly qualified academics and scientists soon provided evidence of these atrocities being no more than ‘inside jobs’ supported or actually committed by forces loyal to the political regimes of George W. Bush and Tony Blair, who was himself exposed by the ex-agent David Shayler as being an asset of Britain’s MI5 security service.

Similar false flag incidents have been and still are being carried out by the intelligence services of Britain the USA and Israel. Divide and conquer is their creed and they follow it faithfully wherever they can get away with it. They have started wars all over the world using such techniques and made their masters billions through them selling armaments to anyone who wanted to buy them. Indeed, Britain and America are both the largest arms dealers in the entire world. They are responsible for the horrible maiming and deaths of millions upon millions of people worldwide. These monsters are never happier than when they are organizing a war, any war, just so long as it keeps the billions flowing into their bank accounts. Killing people who appose their greed and crimes, even millions of their own citizens, would mean nothing to them at all. Indeed, it is these kinds of tyrants who all but completely own British and American politicians. More deceivers whose main task is to ensure that their populations fall for the lies and deceptions that keep the vast arms and oil rackets intact and flowing freely by creating so-called enemies out of defenseless men, women and children, who under one pretext or another they murder without compunction.

These modern day tyrants and robber barons proclaim themselves to be lords, kings and queens, and captains of industry as they award each other medals and other grand trivia with which to impress the fools who look upon them as being something they could never be – good respectable people who truly deserve the praise of a grateful public for work well done. No, they are not that, they are parasites that feed of people like the insects they are. They will never be anything else, and they know it. That the public doesn’t is simply due to the ignorance that is fostered upon them at every opportunity by ‘the press and their television stations’ all of which are owned and totally controlled by the same evil monsters who sell arms that kill and main babies and children on the streets of Gaza.

These kinds of fascists sponsor others of like mind who in their turn also become captains of various industries, including the banking business which has now all but turned into a kind of legalized mafia of which the real mafia would feel justly proud to be a part of, which it quite probably is. This incredibly powerful organization of bankers, also under the control of the elitists, is more than capable of bringing any country on earth and its people almost to their knees, including Britain and the United States if it suites their objectives, which are insidiously deceptive to say the very least. So whilst the real rulers of these two nations remain wealthy and hidden from view any population they choose, including their own populations can be controlled or even obliterated by a grinding poverty that they are in no position to resist. Recessions don’t just happen – by one means or another, they are created.

The ‘church’ more than eager to grasp every penny we care to give invariably sides with the elite and fascism, promising only that we shall ‘be saved or redeemed’ in some mysterious heaven that nobody has ever returned from. In the meantime, ‘the church’ is a partner in crime with almost every vicious police state on earth. Yet while untold numbers of its flock around the world are repressed and starving the Vatican in Rome has recently appointed Henry Kissinger of all people to look after its finances, which at a very rough estimate runs into the tens of billions of dollars worldwide. Instead of preaching about some supposed afterlife these preachers should be out in force in front of every state building to protest at the deprivation forced upon ordinary people by ruthless government fascists. But no, that rarely if ever happens. The silence of the church is deafening. For its inaction, its priests should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. They aren’t good enough to herd and look after a flock of sheep let alone people.

If we are to save our planet from destruction and its people from absolute slavery and permanent repression, we must take action ourselves. We cannot rely on the governments of Europe, Britain or America because the illuminati and their state fascist thugs own them all. People have to be educated enough to realize their true situation, to understand the very real corruption of their governments and how to overcome the terrible threat they are now facing from those governments. Now – before it is too late.

Dr Les Dove


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