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I am old enough to remember the Second World War. I remember the British Spitfires in dogfights with German Messerschmitt’s above the house where we lived in Yorkshire. During these fights above us, some of their spent bullets fell upon the roof of our house. We kid’s spent many nights in air raid shelters huddled together with our neighbors. One night an incendiary bomb destroyed our front gate, just a few yards away from where we slept inside our indoor bomb shelter. Later still, staying with relatives in London, I saw the German V2 rockets falling from the sky. They obliterated entire streets and killed many thousands of people. Many of us spent nights sleeping in the underground tube stations trying to keep safe from harm. A short while after that I was evacuated back to Yorkshire and to Pocklington, where I lived in a small row of cottages close to the huge military airfield there. We kid’s regularly used to watch the Lancaster bombers taking off in bombing raids over Germany.

For a time I was the camp mascot so I got a much closer look than most of the other kid’s. Some of the Lancaster’s were so heavily loaded they crashed and exploded on takeoff. Other bombers, heavily damaged coming back from raids over Germany, crashed and burned up whilst trying to land. We kid’s soon got to recognize the returning damaged bombers from the sound of their failing engines. Sometimes we stood silently gazing into the sky hoping that the planes would be able to land safely. Quite a few didn’t. One engine of a badly damaged bomber trying to come in sounded really bad, and as we stared upwards and watched it, a wing suddenly broke off and the huge bomber slowly began to cartwheel towards the ground close to where we stood. We all ran for our lives! But thankfully, it missed us. When we all rushed back to where the plane had crashed and exploded there really wasn’t very much left of it to see. There were no survivors of course. The memory of seeing those things remains with me to this day. Those tragic brave airmen were all so very young

Just a few years back I drove along the coast of Normandy in France. Painted across the front of one seafront café in large letters were the words, WELCOME TO OUR LIBERATORS. Feeling moved, I went inside to have cup of coffee and had a few words with another old man who also well remembered the war. Then afterwards I drove along the coast and passed all the huge graveyards where so many thousands of young men are buried. They died on the Normandy beaches as they stormed ashore to liberate not only the French, but also all the rest of us from the Nazis and their fascist evil that spreading out from Berlin had threatened to engulf the entire world. Only the heartless could feel unmoved at the sight of all those white crosses that covered so much land. I know that the sight of those graves brought tears to my eyes, and much anger too. Many years had passed since those young men died for us. It hadn’t been simply a case of winning the war against Germany. They had died for a much greater cause, for us to be truly free, not just from German domination but free from all tyrants, free to choose our own leaders and live the kind of lives we wanted. So that we could all be free from the imposition of any kind of fascist tyranny from any nation.

That, unfortunately, hasn’t happened. Indeed, since the Second World War we have gone through many other wars. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and other covert wars, unseen, and unremembered. The dead bodies of the young have continued to pile up, year after year, until now they are rarely mentioned by the politicians that sent them away to die. After dying their families, if they are lucky, simply receive the body and a letter saying how they died. Newspapers rarely show photographs of all the dead soldiers being unloaded off aircraft as they are brought home in coffins. The tens of million’s of maimed and dead civilians who have perished in these wars are mostly forgotten altogether, except by their own families. These unfortunate men, women and children, are simply regarded as being casualties of war and labeled as being ‘collateral damage.’

We can be forgiven for thinking that something is very wrong somewhere? Why, in this day and age, when men go to the moon, and when startling inventions appear on an almost daily basis, do we continue to have these stupid tragic wars? When we consistently show just how intelligent we can be, why are we not intelligent enough to avoid wars and the terrible human suffering they inflict upon us? Can the answer to that question simply be because we actually want these wars?

Reluctantly I reached the same conclusion as some other researchers have. Most wars are engineered and brought about by politicians and Western intelligence services, and we have been duped and manipulated into supporting them. As Amnesty International has stated, in most of these conflicts the CIA and MI6 has been found to be lurking somewhere in the background. Of course, not all of us want wars. Just some of us do. For instance; certain people who make huge amounts of money from wars, like the CEO’s of oil and armaments companies, and the shareholders that support them (1). But power, and raw political power is also a prominent feature of most if not all wars? Indeed today, wars are rarely fought to keep an enemy from invading our shores as used to be the case. No, sadly wars are started as profit ventures by fascist capitalists who see them as a way of both making billions of dollars whilst suppressing and culling populations at the same time. These fascists have secret little clubs (2) where they gather all together plotting how to start profitable wars whilst keeping anyone but themselves from making money out of them. That thousand’s upon thousands, if not millions of people may die in these wars matters to these capitalists not at all. Lost lives mean nothing whatsoever to them, their only concern is over the vast profits they make from these wars.

Just one answer to a very troublesome question, but to reach a true conclusion we must go back in time to the Second World War. When we do so we find out that even then these fascist capitalists were conspiring with Germany and their Nazi collaborators to profit from that war, which filled all those graveyards on the Normandy coast and many others elsewhere throughout, Britain, France, Canada, America and Russia and other countries (3).

Since those far off days, a clear ‘war pattern’ has formed in our history. The real rulers on our earth are rarely seen, they operate behind the scenes and buy corrupt politicians to do their dirty work for them. Some of who make vast amounts of money in the process. And when I say vast amounts of money, I don’t mean just millions, but billions of pounds and dollars! Most of which is reinvested back into more wars to make even more billions.

Most of these wars, covert and overt have been created by a succession of American Presidents and they have in most cases been fully supported by the United Kingdom. These wars took place in Greece, Italy, Iran, Guatemala, North Vietnam, Hungary, Laos, Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Congo (Zaire), Brazil, Indonesia, South Vietnam, Bolivia, Uruguay, Cambodia, Chile, Angola, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama. Combined they resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent civilians (4). The present war in Iraq is simply a continuation of the process, and the recent ‘terrorist attacks’ in America and Britain are now seen as being ‘inside jobs’ with their aim being to deceive the public into supporting even more wars of repression.

Of course, it stands to reason that eventually some people would begin to figure out all these elaborate government deceptions and expose them to public view and they did so. Having your hopes and dreams shattered is bad enough, but having your loved ones thrown on to battlefields to die a horrible death so that corrupt rotten politicians can profit from it is almost unbelievable? It raises an anger that cannot easily be calmed, let alone forgotten. Over time some writers transferred their anger to paper in the form of articles, books and videos that exposed much of which had been hidden and suppressed by those who had profited from these vast schemes of corruption and crimes against humanity. Indeed, so much corruption began to be exposed by these writers that governments began to feel uncomfortably afraid. If allowed to continue these ‘dissidents’ would eventually uncover so much dirt many politicians just might all end up in prison – or even on death row.

Mass suppression and censorship isn’t new to any government (5). To some extend nearly all of them practice it in one form or another. But politicians can’t simply suppress their populations without having some very good reasons with which to allay fears that everyone in the country might be suppressed. People just might revolt? Therefore, governments had to have plausible reasons as excuses for their actions. Usually it was stated that they were protecting the nation from ‘communist aggression’ or ‘communist infiltration.’ As a result all newspapers, in fact the media in general, particularly television, was subjected to the kind of government censorship that prohibited them from publishing anything at all that might expose the real truth of government deception and mass criminality. This censorship and manipulation of the news media was in America enforced by the CIA and in Britain by MI5. So much so that millions of people the world over were completely fooled into believing many news items and political statements, which came from both the White House and Downing Street, and which were quite often a tissue of lies and totally untrue. We were in fact utterly brainwashed! And we continued to be fooled right up to the day when the Internet made worldwide mass communication possible for billions of people who detested the censorship they had been forced to live under. This new form of Internet freedom created a different kind of writer and began to open up a whole New World of knowledge that had never before existed. Censoring the Internet wasn’t easy. It could be done, and indeed, it is being done, but enough real information gets through, and so quickly, it’s hard to stifle or prevent. So now, we get all kinds of information and news not simply from a small one-sided source but from all over the world. This flow of knowledge has opened up our minds and altered our opinions in a great many ways. We are no longer isolated and manipulating our minds into believing outright lies is something politicians now cannot do easily.

Many people around the world still don’t have computers, nor can some people adapt to using them. But in time, almost everyone will have and be able to use a computer, both for research, education and entertainment. Indeed, before very long we shall all be watching thousands of uncensored television channels on our computers from all over the world (6)? Many documentary videos, which the mainstream media refuse to show us, are already out there.

These new developments are scaring many corrupt politicians half to death. They can look into the future and see themselves being exposed before the entire world! Their crimes can no longer be completely hidden away as they used to be so they are right to be scared. They know that in the future they are going to be held much more accountable than they have ever been before. They know that their lies will be quickly exposed and their deceptions quickly seen for what they are. They know that there is a time coming when people everywhere will demand a whole new system of government. One that must respond to them and which will be quickly disposed of if it doesn’t. A revolution is in progress. It is being fought with both words and bullets and it cannot be ignored. That many of today’s politicians are trying to ignore it by smearing, persecuting, torturing and murdering writers and other dissidents in vain efforts to prevent this future change is to be expected. That is what governments have always done. Under all the usual pretences, including ‘national security’ and ‘preventing terrorism’ they are now bringing in many more unjust and repressive laws. They are even building huge concentration camps in the USA hoping that threats of mass public internment will frighten a cowed population into continually supporting them, but it won’t (7).

They won’t be supported because most people have nothing to loose and everything to gain by ridding themselves of rotten dictators. Most people in the world now see their so-called freedom and democracy as being no more than a sham and the charade it is. Americans too have woken up and at least half of them clearly see their President for the corrupt tyrant he is, and their politicians in Congress as representing nobody but themselves. Just as the British have come to see their own Prime Minister as being no more than a corporate lackey and a tool of the intelligence services and their royal masters, and next as a puppet of the United States.

The largest terrorist organizations in the world are the tools of the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Al Qaeda is like a flea on the back of an elephant compared to the American CIA and Britain’s MI5 and MI6. All of, whom are guilty of torture, mass murder and gross human rights abuses that stagger the imagination. These government terrorist groups are a total blot on the face of civilization. Only the worst kinds of degenerates would have anything at all to do with them, let alone employ them to do their dirty work.

If we are going to have a future at all then it is going to be one with honest governments who are truly accountable to all the people, governments that don’t need homegrown terrorists to carry out their policies, whether at home or overseas. If we have wars, they are going to be wars against corruption, poverty, greed, censorship and oppression by an elite cabal of corporatists. Enough of our young people have died on the battlefield. If they must die, in future wars let it be for the right reasons. Let them die on their own soil in their own lands fighting for real freedom and a true democracy that they have long been denied. If a war abroad has to be fought let, the politicians who declare it be placed in the front line of battle.

Dr Les Dove.




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"A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get."

-- Ian Williams Goddard

“Today real news is hidden from view, fake news is given prominence, truth is suppressed and fiction is promoted. Government and those in power are protected while those deemed enemy of the state are smeared. Myths and fables are granted attention while truths and realities are made to disappear, forever sent to the locked vaults of hidden fact where they will never see the light of day. The role of the fascist media is to protect the fascists, to smear those exposing truths, to ignore movements seeking truth to criminality, to enable the activities of the Bush cabal and to grant life to the manipulative mechanisms of the state. Its role is to keep the masses obedient, ignorant and subservient to the state, made unaware that every day their rights and freedoms evaporate, that every day they resemble the servants of the past and the serfs of the future.”

Manuel Valenzuela

“Certainly the security services and MI5 and so on have this superfluous building on Vauxhall Bridge costing millions of pounds and nowhere to go - so what do they do? They concentrate on animal rights, and they have a special unit (Special Branch) handing over information, which is supposed to be collected for specific purposes, mainly for the purposes of ensuring that there aren't any criminal offences being perpetrated. And what this case has demonstrated has been the criticism that has been made over the last 25 years by politicians and others working in the field of civil liberties, that at the end of the day it isn't about subverting the state, it isn't about criminal offences, it's all about keeping dossiers on everybody and ensuring that those who are seen to be intellectual and political threats are silenced.”

Mike Mansfield, during an interview. He is a UK leading defense barrister.

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