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Day after day, we see our leading politicians on television spurting out their rhetoric about terrorists and what measures they intend using to end terrorist activities. Unfortunately, for the rest of us these measures turn out to be, so drastic and draconian they create more terrorists than they destroy. During this ‘cleaning’ process, politicians also take away our own cherished freedoms all but turning our countries into prison camps, all in the name of ‘national security’, we are informed.
To uphold this ‘security’ our phones are tapped, our mail is opened, our faxes read and our computers are totally compromised, which in effect means that our right to privacy is all but completely removed. So much so, we eventually begin to wonder just who the real ‘terrorists’ are, and in doing so we begin to ask our politicians some very serious questions. We do, however, get very few answers to these questions. That is if we do get any answers at all. Therefore, we turn to our mainstream newspapers and begin to ask them the very same questions. But we quickly find out that the media also ignores the issues that constantly trouble us. So much so, we get to thinking about who the media is really representing. After all these institutions have always informed us that they represent us, the public at large. However, we soon find out that politicians and the media represent each other far more than they do the general public. Indeed, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty we are pretty much left on the sidelines. So, if we can’t get answers from either our politicians or the media we quite naturally enough try to find those answers elsewhere.
This is where our real problems begin.
Because of the ‘national security’ measures described above we quickly discover that asking questions nobody ‘officially’ wants to answer, can become very dangerous. Indeed, asking any question at all that in any way casts doubt upon what our politicians have already told us. It is, it seems, tantamount to casting doubt upon the entire political system. So much so, our own ‘loyalty’ to that system is brought into question? That we had been led to believe that questioning the system was an essential part of that supposedly democratic system has now been cast aside, in the name of ‘national security’ of course. It seems that we are now free only to agree with – not question the system. But we do so anyway, because we are getting very curious, and just a little afraid, that what our politicians and the media are telling us may be far from the truth?
So we begin to wander again just how far from that truth we are?
Our politicians won’t or can’t tell us, and the media won’t or can’t tell us, so we turn to our computers and the Internet to go online for answers to our questions. Make no mistake; there is plenty of rubbish on the Internet, just as there is in the newspapers. But by the careful use of search engines, like Google and Yahoo (1), to name only two, plus a good bit of other research we can find some very detailed and important information. There, finally, we begin to get the kind of answers we were looking for.
The first thing we begin to understand is why nobody else would provide those answers; the reason being it seems is that they just didn’t want us to know them. They are supposed to be a secret. Both the media and our politicians prefer us to be ignorant. They prefer to avoid the truth, especially if it might damage their credibility. But on the worldwide Web, there are many secrets that our government’s don’t want us to know about. So many in fact we can’t help but wonder if our ‘governments’ truly really represent us or the multinationals – because it soon becomes very clear that what they are doing is more for their own good than ours! Indeed if governments do represent us at all it is more often than not through sheer necessity rather than anything else. The only time that politicians want anything at all to do with the public in general is at election time. Once the votes are in and counted, they simply couldn’t care less about what the public does or thinks, so long as it leaves them alone; they care only about themselves, and what their government can do for them, and their own careers.
During inquires into government actions another fact also comes to the forefront. There are supposed to be political parties representing both sides of the political divide – right and left. But in fact, they don’t. That, it turns out, is simply another charade that allows us to believe that our political bent, whichever side we are on, will be represented. But it won’t and it isn’t. In fact, we the people, take a seat so far at the back our political desires are hardly represented in any way – if at all. Indeed the only people who can be absolutely sure of true representation are the people who to all intents and purposes own governments. Which are, the Multinationals, the huge Corporations and the elite of society? Only they have the money and power to hire lobbyists, who in effect bribe politicians to do their bidding, rather than ours. Research will quickly show that the billions of pounds and dollars made each year by these huge business conglomerates is more than enough to buy any politician on the planet. So most of the laws that are passed by governments are foremost for the benefit of that small business elite, which is about one to three percent of the entire population.
These business elite’s, often referred to as the Illuminati, represent newspapers, banking, oil, pharmaceutical products, food products, computers, building, publishing, radio, television, telephones and armaments, to name only a few. Their activities in Britain, and some other countries, are hidden and protected by various ‘Official Secrets Acts.’ Which may and often does hide a multitude of horrors, that may be very hazardous to public health (2)? Their business interests are worldwide in every sense. Their profits are almost unimaginable. Their greed is unlimited. Their corruption is total. And worst of all they love wars. Wars make them billions of untold billions in profits every single year. The lives that are lost in these wars mean absolutely nothing to the multinationals. Lost lives are simply a part of making their profit. It's’ all there on the Net. Look it up. Do some research? Find out how ‘our governments’ and their Illuminati supporters have been conning us. Find out for yourselves how our Presidents and Prime Ministers have lied to and deceived us all over so many years past and present. Find out for yourself that when they are saying and promising something - with a hand over their hearts, they are in fact doing exactly the opposite to what they are promising to do.
Over the years, we have all been led to believe that the criminal Mafia societies are both tough and ruthless killers, and indeed, they are. But compared to our so-called civilized governments they are just normal criminals. No criminal organization on earth has ever come close to committing the kind of insane crimes that have and still are being committed by our elected governments. Indeed, the greatest terrorist organizations in the entire world have been formed and financed by our governments. They have persecuted, tortured and murdered many millions of men, women and children throughout the entire world, and they are still doing so today.
Lying politicians have become the scum of the earth – we put them where they are, we apparently let them do whatever they want to and we let them get away with it. All this you can find out for yourself, indeed you will have to, because the mainstream media won’t tell you about it, the same business interests that own the government own that media. And the media is controlled by the security services (3). And they are hardly likely to condemn themselves.
Of course, some people might not want to know the truth. Surprisingly enough many people don’t. For when they do find out the truth about their own governments they will come to realize what fools they have been to support them over all these past years. Many people would rather just not know that about themselves. Rather than admit their complicity and ignorance they would simply prefer to remain ignorant, both about the past and the present. They would rather just leave everything of any importance for somebody else to do, like Presidents and Prime Ministers, for instance. Even if they do kill a few more million people in the process, which they quite probably, will. The only time these kinds of ignorant people react to terror is when their own families become involved. Only when death stands on their own doorstep do they really begin to think seriously.
Doing some more research, closer to home this time, we try and find out what ‘terrorists’ have been doing to us here at home, rather than what they have been doing abroad.
When the World Trade towers came crashing down and the Pentagon went up in flames, it was something that caught everyone’s interest. How could it not? Aircraft one after another apparently crashing into huge skyscrapers flames everywhere, people jumping from windows, people on the ground running for their lives. We were all horrified! Little else was on television for days. Almost nothing but ‘terrorism’ was talked about. We were all shocked at the immense horror of it all, the huge loss of life, and the heroism of those firefighters and policemen on the ground as they tried to help anyone still alive. My God! Whatever had we done to deserve that kind of hatred, and from whom? We asked ourselves.
Well, apart from torturing and murdering a few million people around the world – taking over their countries and plundering them of whatever resources were worth having, particularly oil, nothing really. I mean, we had been doing that for well over forty years already, so what was so different now.
Well, for one thing, people were being better educated. And some of them were finally beginning to think for themselves. The Internet had made worldwide communication available to billions and billions of people who before had nothing but their own local newspapers and radio to tell them what was happening. But most of that ‘information’ was just rubbish, propaganda and lies. All their media really did was manipulate them into doing whatever their own rulers wanted them to do. Just as ours still does. But when the Internet came along, they found a whole lot of information that had been denied to them. They came to realize what fools they had been, and that maybe now was the time to do something about it. To wise up to reality and fight the oppression that had engulfed them for most of their lives. They had little to loose anyhow, but very much to gain. And there were many other people around the world who would help them. Adversity draws people of like mind together. They could help each other and they did so. They banded to fight their common oppressors, Britain and the United States of America. Who over the years had together been the cause of much of their misery? The UK and the USA then called these banded people ‘terrorists’, simply because they were prepared to fight and die for a better life than they could ever have had otherwise. In spite of much opposition from us, some of these so-called ‘terrorists’ eventually regained control over their own countries and also did manage to make a better life for themselves and their own people. But our ‘security services’ never gave up trying to retrieve control over these countries and even today; they continue trying to do so. The difference being that we too are better educated and unlike the ‘security services’, most of us have no desire at all to control anyone’s country other than our own. This stance on our part is seen by the ‘security services’ as being ‘subversive’ or ‘unpatriotic.’ Indeed, they regard this line of thinking, as being somewhat ‘terrorist inspired’ in that, by their way of thinking, we should support our governments no matter what they do. Or how many people they murder.
Whatever, when millions of British and American people do stand up and protest at their governments actions those people become a ‘security threat’ in that it is their wish to run their own country – and not have the multinationals run it for them. This kind of threat might spread. People just might get it into their heads that they have the right to run their own countries. Without interference from either, the multinationals or their security services. That just might lead to true democracy, which would be unthinkable as seen through the eyes of the elite and their security forces. Such radical ideas had to be stopped at any cost. So, scaring the shit out of Joe public would be a good start. Then they might think again. They just might no want to have their government take complete control of their lives. And if the ‘terrorists’ were right here amongst us that could very well happen. Just think of all the control they could get and would have in the future – plus the profits they could make! Wow! Bring on the CIA, the FBI, the SIS, NSA and in Britain MI5 and MI6. Give them all a free hand - and get the job done! Whatever it takes? Let the terror begin!
So the twin towers in America came falling down, etc, etc, etc. Terrorists of course, certainly, but whose? The popular scapegoat of the day, Bin Laden, denies any involvement, as do others who were quickly fingered by the ‘security services.’ Some FBI terror suspects, said to have died on that terrible day, are thought to be still alive. Real evidence of any kind is indeed scarce, to say the very least. And there is much to suggest that some so-called ‘evidence’ of Middle East terrorism was planted, whilst other ‘real’ evidence went missing was covered-up or shipped abroad. In other words, the whole sorry tragic mess stinks to high heaven!
Since 9/11 many aircraft experts, demolition experts, some military experts, plus many highly experienced pilots, have on the Internet put forward some highly interesting theories on what really happened on that fateful day. I say on the Internet because not one single mainstream newspaper that I know of has dared to breech the real issues. They simply repeat whatever government’s say and ignore everyone else no matter who they are. However, more than anything else, one simple fact stands out above all others. As some aircraft engineers have pointed out time and again almost every single part of an aircraft can be identified by a serial number of one kind or another, as all aircraft have to be serviced regularly. But any identifiable part of any of the aircraft that are said to have crashed on that sad day has yet to be found? And there would have been thousands of them. Thousands! Yet, not one single identifiable piece has turned up. Which is almost impossibility, as any aircraft engineer will tell you. Even worse is the absence of many local videos that were confiscated or simply vanished on that day (almost a hundred of them apparently), videos that would have shown what really did hit the Pentagon. Instead we are asked to believe that a huge passenger jet aircraft with a large wingspan went into a small hole – again without leaving any real evidence of its passing. No engines, no seats, none of the passenger’s bodies, anything! These points are just two amongst the hundreds that are now being featured daily on many Internet Web sites. All of which totally refute the government explanation of what happened on 9/11. A recent Web poll stated that over 85% of people questioned about 9/11 disbelieved the official government explanation outright. Many more thousands of people have called for an official investigation that will take into account the evidence of aircraft and other experts, but so far, the government has refused to hold any such inquiry. Therefore accusations of 9/11 being ‘an inside job’ continue to mount unabated whilst the evidence of 9/11 truly being an inside government put-up job grows by the day (4).
Whatever, the events of 9/11 gave the Bush administration exactly what it wanted, mass public fear and the power to totally control the American population in every respect. George W. Bush has become their dictator in chief and his security services ruthlessly crush anyone who dares to appose him and his elite backers.
In Britain, not great anymore, the Prime Minister of the day, Tony Blair, had his own little 9/11. The London tube bombings aroused the nation as the Blair rhetoric also went into full spin about preventing ‘terrorism’ and ‘protecting the nation.’ But again, doubts about who alleged the bombers really were quickly arose as evidence pointing to a ‘security involvement’ was soon exposed to public view on the Internet. Again some videos of the events went missing, whilst others shown on television, were believed to have been ‘doctored.’ But one point above all others stood out. At least one of the bomb blasts came from under the train, not in it. And there wasn’t any way that any of the so-called four bombers could have planted a bomb there. When they went to London, from Yorkshire where they lived, these so-called terrorists also bought return tickets. Hardly the thing anyone would do if they were going on a one-way trip. But it’s the little things like these that stand out and make us question them.
Some ex-MI5 agents, including David Shayler, also inferred that MI5 might be involved in the plot, and knowing something of how MI5 operates myself, I can quite believe it. They are a ruthless and unscrupulous set of vindictive degenerate fascists, as you will find anywhere. Whatever, the London bombings gave Tony Blair his excuse to bring in the kind of police state legislation he wanted. He allowed MI5 to continue to torture and terrorize dissidents in Britain with microwave weapons from the day he was elected. Afterwards he had all the power he needed to do just about anything he wanted to. Gutless self-serving fascists who apparently bowed down to his every wish soon surrounded Tony Blair. As in the United States, the so-called opposition parties became no more than window dressing (5). As a result these two fascist tyrants facing each other across the pond will for the time being both continue to fool and manipulate their populations into allowing them to carry out any kind of repression and terror they wish. Both men are hated by much of the world’s population including many of their own people. So, we might see the end of them yet. When more people actually do realize that these two fascists are the real terrorists, they just might be spurned into enough action to get rid of them and their kind forever. We did remember, after all, fight two world wars against fascism.
Presidents and Prime Minister’s who are more than prepared to torture and murder their own citizens are capable of doing anything at all. Elected to protect and serve us any politician who fails to do so commits not only treason but also the worst of all betrayals. That George W. Bush and Tony Blair are guilty of vast human rights crimes has yet to be proven in a court of law. But that they are indeed guilty is believed by billions of people throughout the entire civilized world. A little more research on the Net may be all that is needed to bring real action rather than words into being and these two lying tyrants before an honest judge, who may at last prove to us all that true justice cannot be avoided by anyone, no matter how rich, how protected, or how powerful they are.
Dr Les Dove.

Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing tactics, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception - Mark Twain

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"A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get."
Ian Williams Goddard
" During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."
George Orwell
“Today real news is hidden from view, fake news is given prominence, truth is suppressed and fiction is promoted. Government and those in power are protected while those deemed enemy of the state are smeared. Myths and fables are granted attention while truths and realities are made to disappear, forever sent to the locked vaults of hidden fact where they will never see the light of day. The role of the fascist media is to protect the fascists, to smear those exposing truths, to ignore movements seeking truth to criminality, to enable the activities of the Bush cabal and to grant life to the manipulative mechanisms of the state. Its role is to keep the masses obedient, ignorant and subservient to the state, made unaware that every day their rights and freedoms evaporate, that every day they resemble the servants of the past and the serfs of the future.”
Manuel Valenzuela
“Certainly the security services and MI5 and so on have this superfluous building on Vauxhall Bridge costing millions of pounds and nowhere to go - so what do they do? They concentrate on animal rights, and they have a special unit (Special Branch) handing over information, which is supposed to be collected for specific purposes, mainly for the purposes of ensuring that there aren't any criminal offences being perpetrated. And what this case has demonstrated has been the criticism that has been made over the last 25 years by politicians and others working in the field of civil liberties, that at the end of the day it isn't about subverting the state, it isn't about criminal offences, it's all about keeping dossiers on everybody and ensuring that those who are seen to be intellectual and political threats are silenced.”
Mike Mansfield, during an interview. He is a UK leading defense barrister.

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