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Most of what you believe to be true probably isn’t Governments around the world suppress many inconvenient truths because it is in their interests to do so. Indeed, so corrupt have many governments become they now lie to us on an almost daily basis. Those lies are backed up by the state controlled mainstream mass media and the ‘security services’ so they are easily believed by a public purposely kept ignorant of what is really happening in the world around them. Instead of revealing the truth the state media revels in silly exposes of celebrities, promoting childish games, pure trivia and anything else that will occupy your minds and help to sell the rubbish they tout as being ‘newsworthy.’
One of the most childish games of all is that of politics, whereby the public has been brainwashed into believing that whomever they vote for will look after their interests to the best of their ability. When in fact all most politicians ever do is to look after their own personal interests. In Britain their governments have, with the full connivance of MI5 and their secret police the Special Branch, become little more than lapdogs for the Queen and the Confederation of British Industries (CBI), a fascist organization if ever there was one.  Politics, like organized religion, has become rotten to the core. The present Pope for instance has just employed one of the most corrupt men who ever lived, Henry Kissinger, who is responsible for the horrible deaths of many thousands if not millions of people all over the world, to look after some of the Vatican’s financial interests. If the various religions practiced what they preach they would all be out on the streets in they’re millions every single day protesting at the evils their various governments commit year in and year out without end. But they aren’t. They conspire with them, and simply go on asking for more and more money from the people whilst talking about redemption in some other supposed afterlife. Religion as we know it today is mostly just another scam that promises all but gives little in return whilst supporting the very worst atrocities politicians can dream up. Yes, I know that there are many good Christians out there, but they have been overshadowed by right-wing fanatics who both preach and practice the exact opposite of what is written in the bible. They support exactly the kind of monsters that Christ himself violently apposed.
The British government, of whatever party, does it’s own level best to keep it’s own citizens ignorant through the use of it’s notorious ‘official secrets act’ which prevents any news of real value and truth from ever being published in Britain. So while British ‘security services’, financed by huge black budgets, rampage throughout the entire country silencing any genuine opposition to royalist parasites, through the use of intimidation, torture and murder, the British people still believe that they live in a free society. Whilst in all truth the British population is in all probability one of the most suppressed in the entire world.
Even they, however, must come second to the North Americans, who undoubtedly are the most ignorant and suppressed people of any modern civilization. Whilst their various corrupt governments suppress and murder them, they appear to be totally ignorant of the fact, going so far as to believe that America is still the ‘land of the free and home of the brave.’ When in all truth every government they have ever had has deceived them and secretly practiced fascism whilst publicly pretending to be democratic. They proved that by allowing their security services, namely the CIA, to rampage throughout the world bringing about the murder of well over six million poor people as they did so. And they still haven’t stopped. The only governments America truly supports are fascist governments. The rest they try to undermine in every possible way. While promising the Iraq people ‘freedom and democracy’ they have since brought about the deaths of over 1.000.000 of them alone whilst installing one puppet regime after another to ensure that the slaughter continues. Britain’s own secret political police and security services, MI5 and MI6 have of course fully supported the CIA, as usual, secretly using some of their methods against their own countrymen and dissenters inside Britain. In doing so they have also installed an internal repressive apparatus throughout the country that ‘targets’ anyone or any organization that opposes their despicable criminal actions. These actions ensure that any British government remains no more than a puppet government answerable only to the Royal House of Winsor and it’s corrupt cronies.
That the 9/11 New York and the London Bombing disasters were both inside jobs brought about solely to reinforce the repressive political power structures of both countries is something most of their populations cannot seem to grasp. So brainwashed and manipulated are the populations of Britain and America today the very thought of their so-called leaders being nothing more than mass murderers and warmongers cannot be assimilated, let alone believed. So, their people go on taking in every lie and deception no matter what other alternative evidence is available to them on the Internet and elsewhere. But if you really want to fight terrorism then you need to look no further than Downing Street and the White House. That is where most of the world’s terrorism originates.
A few years back Bill Cooper, an American ex-military intelligence agent, exposed quite a few things the state-controlled media never has. One of them being, how President John F. Kennedy was murdered by his own government of the day, by being shot by a men on the grassy knoll and the secret service agent, William Greer, who was driving the car that fatal day in Dallas. The film showing exactly how the assassination was carried out was processed in Japan. That explains why Jackie Kennedy tried to scramble out of the car and away from the assassin. And why she remained silent about it afterwards, to protect the rest of her family. Another film taken as the President was being shot shows Lee Harvey Oswald standing in the downstairs doorway of the Texas book depository, so as he said, “I’m just a patsy’ was a true enough statement. So he was killed to keep him quiet too, as was Bill Cooper himself in 2001. But not before he had told us a few more inconvenient truths. One of them being that President Kennedy knew that the CIA was importing large scale drug shipments into America to finance their ‘black projects’, and another that he intended getting rid of the CIA altogether, which would certainly have been a blessing for mankind. So why everybody in Japan knows for sure who killed JFK our own mainstream media continues to lie and cover up the truth, while still insisting that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin.
Bill Cooper, among others, also informed us of operation ‘Grudge’ which was a part of the flying saucer cover-up. Cooper saw saucers himself plus photographs of crashed saucers and aliens, some dead and one alive. Many other ex-military agents have since confirmed these flying saucer exposes by Cooper. Some of who had their own experiences while in the service of the US government in various other places around the world. You can see and hear many of them as they relate their experiences on the Internet site of ‘The Disclosure Project.’ Indeed, these and other true stories of government deceptions have been around for years now, but the mainstream ‘state media’ continues to parrot whatever lies come out of Downing Street or The White House without ever mentioning what is really going on in the world. They almost always ignore the truth when it comes to exposing politicians for the brazen liars and criminals that they are. And so the general public remains ignorant of many truths that would benefit them in all kinds of ways. One of those being cheap or free energy.
The subject of free or cheap energy is another thing the media likes to keep covered up. One reason being that the few wealthy families who have vast oil interests and other huge business interests around the world also own the mainstream media outlets.  Reporter’s who start talking and writing about free energy and how it could be available to everyone wouldn't keep their jobs for ten minutes, and they know it. So they keep on writing the rubbish they do because like the rest of us they have to live and support their families. But they know only too well that their so-called ‘free press’ is anything but. And that includes the BBC, who quickly gets rid of any reporter who dares to step outside the Orwellian framework it has created around itself.
However, many scientists and inventors press on with their hopes of one-day being able to free all peoples from the power of the oil, gas, electrical and drug companies forever. And yes, again, many of these inventors have also been ‘disappeared’ or have been murdered because their dream of a better life for all was nearing reality. One group of scientists who discovered how to run a car on nothing but free energy was accused by the FBI and other agencies of “trying to undermine the monetary system of the United States.” All their equipment and research papers were then confiscated and the scientists were warned never to contact each other again. Whatever, there is now much information on the Internet on how you can make your own power source. Some of the contacts are listed below in the reference section. You can buy ready-made conversion kits or make your own. By using them you can run your car mainly on water and even power your home with it. What can power a car can also power a home generator so start to get off the grid now. You will save thousands every year and break the money chain that binds you to the power companies. If you are mechanically minded you could easily start a small business converting your neighbors cars. Parts are cheap and readily available everywhere. Daniel Dingle in the Philippines has been running his own car on water for many years and he has already converted over 300 other cars to run on water. You can do the same. But remember to keep your endeavors quiet. Governments are making billions from selling you expensive gasoline. The last thing they want is for you to have cheap or free power.
The wealthy insidious tyrants who all but own and run the entire world are not going to be overthrown easily. They have vast, huge fortunes of many billions of pounds and dollars, they own the largest banks and they have corrupted and own politicians and governments almost everywhere, most of who are more than ready to do they’re bidding no matter what it is. They manipulate them into starting wars and into killing millions of people simply because of the profits they can make by doing so. Lives mean nothing to these monsters. Indeed they are apparently seeking ways in which to reduce the world population further still. So we can expect new wars and diseases to develop continuously in the coming years, all under some ridiculous pretext or other that will fool people into believing that whatever is done is being done solely for their own benefit.
The longer this situation continues the worse it will get. Phony ballot boxes that produce phony puppet politicians may one day be done away with altogether and simply be replaced by a secret board of even more ruthless money men who will simply order whatever they desire without any reference at all to anyone but themselves. Some of these shadow secret fascist governments are already in place. Resisters or other dissenters will be incarcerated without trial and used as slave labor. Concentration camps have already been built all over America. The day draws closer when these camps will be filled with ignorant people who refused to see what is before their eyes and educate themselves. It is a matter of public record that both British and American politicians conspired to bring about the first and second world wars and that these same politicians made huge fortunes from doing so. The millions of people who suffered and died in those and other wars since meant nothing to these money monsters. So if you believe that these same kinds of monsters don’t control you now, and that they are more than prepared to do exactly the same over and over again you are in for a very rude shock. They are, and they will unless you stand up and resist them while you are still in a position to do so, then slavery and nothing but slavery awaits us all.  
It is almost beyond belief that so many people can go on believing the rubbish delivered to them by their governments when the alternative options could change their lives so much for the better. Some people it seems simply prefer being lied to and deceived. To be totally free from suppression and to be able to live well without being tied to dept and poverty through ignorance is something they cannot apparently imagine. They are incapable of freeing themselves from the psychological bonds that bind them. They have been brainwashed so thoroughly they cannot see beyond what they have come to accept as reality. The time has come to wake up and demand honest accountable governments now, before it becomes too late to do so. If not these modern day Nazis, masquerading as statesmen, and their New World Order will eventually conspire to obliterate millions more people as they seek to make the entire world their own private playground.
Those of us who try to bring these truths out into the open suffer many harsh indignities. In trying to silence us and prevent these truths from reaching a wider public we are denigrated and discredited almost beyond measure. We are slandered and accused of all manners of terrible things. Our phones are tapped consistently, we are followed and kept under surveillance by various governments and their secret agencies and ‘accidents’ appear to happen to us almost as a matter of course, some of which we don’t always survive. I personally have been tracked and persecuted throughout Southern Africa, all over the United Kingdom and in other countries throughout Europe, and North and South America, for well over twenty-five years now. I am also suffering the same indignities in Mexico where I am now living. There has been so many attempts on my life I can barely remember them all. Most of these attempts to kill me happened in Britain, but others happened in the United States. Make no mistake, these security degenerates are vindictive to a fault, and their bosses are the same guys who go on television proclaiming that they are going to protect you from terrorism – when they themselves are the worst of all terrorists. But I for one will continue to write and speak the truth as I see it until the last breath leaves my body. Knowing that at long last hundreds of millions of other people have finally come to see the truth also, and that the day is coming when everyone else will also know it.
The evidence that more than documents the above is available on the Internet. Do the research for yourself. Uncover the truth for yourself.
Dr Les Dove.
20th May 2007
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