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Are we alone in the universe? For over fifty years now our various ‘governments’ have lied to and deceived us on many issues. They have led us into crisis after crisis and war after war, under which many of our so-called leaders have grown fat and immensely rich on the profits derived from these wars. Indeed these contrived wars have produced vast profits for some governments, and the armaments manufacturers and bankers that control them. Brainwashed into stupidity and obedience the mass majority of people here on earth have willingly followed the dictates of their puppet leaders into committing the worst crimes imaginable. Those of us who have seen through the democracy charade have suffered more than most. In trying to bring the real truth to the people many of us have been harassed, persecuted, tortured and murdered. These gross criminal acts against us have been carried out by the many various security agencies who are in fact in place to protect not the people as a whole but to maintain the status-quo and the very few people who ‘own’ the shadow governments. Presidents, Prime Ministers and other political figures that have also come to realize the truth have all been silenced or murdered by these sinister security services, most of which are totally unaccountable to anyone but the secret shadow governments and the few wealthy people who control them. 
Whatever these secret shadow operatives are now being exposed by many highly placed people who have themselves come out of the shadows, some of them in their twilight years I must add, by writing books about their own experiences, and also by joining the Disclosure Project set up by Dr Steven Greer. For those of you who haven’t heard of Dr Greer he is an expert on Unidentified Flying Objects, otherwise known as UFO’s. And yes, UFO’s are undoubtedly real, they have been with us for thousands if not millions of years. They have been visiting our own planet for far longer than any of us have been here. They have been seen by many thousands of commercial and military pilots as well as hundreds of thousands of private citizens from almost every county on earth. And yes, there are aliens too and they have also been seen and indeed some of them have apparently landed on our earth and contacted some people. In other cases these alien bodies have been recovered from crashed flying disks and other craft, which technologically are far in advance of anything we on earth can produce at this time.
Some of the people who have tried to expose this alien presence amongst us have also been severely persecuted by our government’s intelligence agencies simply because they fear that a general acceptance of aliens will undermine the corrupt governments most people on earth have been forced to accept. As a result of this persecution many thousands of commercial and military pilots have in the past not reported alien craft sightings for fear of ridicule, loosing their jobs or worse. Whatever, there are now so many sightings, videos and photographs of these alien spaceships pilots and radar operators from all over the world are coming out in force to openly acknowledge their presence here. Dr Greer has coordinated many of these alien sightings, and the testimony of those who observed them, within the Disclosure Project. By doing so other people may be tempted to also finally tell the truth and join Dr Greer in informing the entire world of the alien presence and into peacefully accepting their being amongst us. By openly welcoming them to join us they may hopefully help us to solve the many serious problems we face on our own planet today.
Trying to form a dialog with our alien brothers from outer space is far more important than you might realize. The military forces here on earth have it seems already brought down some alien craft, and also killed some aliens. Which is bad enough in itself, but now the secret shadow governments are apparently trying to turn us against all aliens by trying to foment a war ‘attitude’ towards them, even going so far as to try and develop weapons in outer space, and on the moon, supposedly to ‘protect us’ from some ‘alien threat’.
This is the very worst thing governments could do and it simply further highlights the sheer ignorance and stupidity of those who do govern us. Of course our governments have lied to and deceived us so often they may simply be using an ‘alien threat’ as an excuse to filch the American and British taxpayer into paying billions of pounds and dollars for yet another costly armaments program that won't work? Think for just a few seconds, what we here on earth have accomplished during only the last hundred years, and then think what our visitors from outer space must have accomplished. Their civilizations may be millions of years ahead of us in every respect. If they wished it, or considered it necessary to defend themselves from our hostile actions against them, they could quite possibly turn our entire planet into a cinder, let alone any one particular country. So to allow some of our insane political leaders to continue as they are, along with all their rotten corruption and deaths that have arisen because of it, is at best asking for the very worst trouble you could imagine, for us all. Some of the aliens amongst us may well be robotic clones and programmed not to respond to threats or actions against them. Others however may not be clones and they might well respond to violence directed towards them in the same manner, so do try and be sensible if by any chance you do meet up with an alien. A cautious approach is recommended.  Reaching for a weapon is not advisable. Keep an open mind and offer your hand in greeting instead. Believe me when I tell you that people here on earth are in far more danger from their own repressive government’s, particularly those of the United States and Britain, than they would be from any alien who approached them. If they wanted to harm or kill us they could have done so with ease long ago, that they have not done so indicates their good intentions towards us, so do respond in kind. For once in your life forget the lies our deceptive governments are telling you, think and reason for yourself.
Aliens from other planets may offer us wisdom and intelligence plus a wealth of technology we at present can only dream about. Some of the high technology we already use came to us via the military, such as lasers, integrated circuits and fiber optics to name only three, which apparently were recovered by the military from crashed spacecraft and then eventually passed along to industry. Don’t throw away the chance to absorb more of that knowledge and technology by being foolish. We may yet see a world that is free of war’s famine and disease. Grow up and accept the future as it is being offered. We have everything to gain and very little to loose. Here on earth there are many different races. The same applies in outer space. All aliens are not little gray men or women; indeed some of them apparently look exactly like we do, or as Robert Dean, a prominent UFO researcher, says, we look like they do, so keep that in mind. As you will see for yourself in the videos mentioned below some areas of the moon and Mars have already been colonized by aliens, as undoubtedly have many other planets in our universe. So prepare yourself to be surprised.
Many people are and will remain skeptical about the information regarding UFO’s and aliens. At various times in our history the leading minds of the day have stated that iron ships could never float, that heavier than air machines would never be able to fly and that radio and television was an impossible dream. In our own time it has been stated than man would never reach the moon, and some people still insist that we haven’t. I myself remember when I saw my first jet plane, and when relating this to a so-called intelligent man he all but told me that I was delusional insisting, “airplanes without propellers cannot fly!” Even today, someone I know told me that UFO’s are simply ‘manifestations of evil’. Many of the thousands of commercial airline pilots who have witnessed flying saucers and other objects in space have also been accused of being crazy or delusional, yet their accusers never hesitate to fly away on their vacations with these ‘delusional’ pilots at the controls? There are still some people who remain totally convinced that the earth is flat, so no matter what evidence is produced there will always be some people who will never accept evidence of anything unless they see the object under discussion with their own eyes. Other people insist that strange flying objects are all new military machines being tested. However, some of the objects being sighted by highly reputable witnesses are twice the size of an aircraft carrier and can fly silently at many thousands of miles an hour. Which is certainly beyond the bounds of any military force on our earth today. Still, UFO skeptics have a right to their opinion as we have to ours. No matter what evidence is presented some people will continue to believe that our own planet is the only planet in the universe with life on it. So be it. But as I have said, try to keep an open mind think outside ‘the box’. There is still much information regarding UFO’s that we know nothing about at all – but it is still out there, waiting until we are intelligent enough to understand and accept it.
Remember also that the fifty-year cover-up of inner and out space phenomena is but one of many other government deceptions. Once the UFO deception is finally exposed for all the people in the world to see many other state secrets may also see the light of day. This will undoubtedly include the free or cheap energy machines developed by free thinking scientists and inventors who have been repressed by the military industrial complex; which has ruthlessly persecuted and sometimes murdered anyone who might in any way undermine the total control over our economies by a few backward looking fascists, and the insidious security services who protect their vested interests. These interests do of course include, oil, gas, electrical, drug and food commodities as well as many other commercial interests, most of which might well be rendered all but worthless by the introduction of highly advanced technology. Through an open dialog with aliens from other worlds that are far more technologically advanced than our own we might yet see a whole new wonderful world that can benefit us all. Change is however anathema to far more people than we might believe. A change that may profoundly overturn many of our present concepts and presently accepted scientific and religious beliefs is something that will almost always be sternly resisted by those who now control us.
The few people in high places that have in the past tried and failed to bring the whole truth about UFO’s out into the open should not prevent us from insisting that we should now finally be told the truth by our governments. Before you vote for any politician again ask them if they are in favor of UFO disclosure. If they ridicule you or say no, then don’t vote for them, because if they continue to lie to you about UFO’s they will lie to you about everything else. If they proclaim ignorance of such a hugely important subject as UFO’s then they aren’t worth voting for anyway. We already have far too many liars and deceivers in public office without adding to them. Our politicians owe us the truth. And if they won’t give it they are worth nothing to us. Some reporters say that unless UFO reports are ‘officially acknowledged’ then such reports are worthless. I disagree. Evidence is just that, what is evident, and whether any government minister chooses to reject or acknowledge it is totally irrelevant to my mind. Who are they, after all, to tell us what is true ore not. Who made them the only arbiters of the truth? And when, might I ask, did they ever deem us worthy enough to receive it from them anyway? We deserve honest government, and it’s about time we demanded and got it. In fact we should now demand a whole new system of government with effective oversight that prevents the present corruption from ever having the chance to develop in the first place. The corporate control of governments should be removed and that control given back to the majority of people our governments are supposed to serve but don’t.
 Dr Les Dove
1st May 2007
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