Friday, February 29, 2008

No UK Bill of Rights - Ever


In a recent Guardian article Britain’s justice secretary, Jack Straw stated that the United Kingdom was unlikely to have a full written constitution for at least 10 or 20 years. I can do better than that – try NEVER instead.

To have a written modern Bill of Rights the government wouldn’t simply have to state what ‘rights’ the British people do have because such a document would also very clearly show what rights they don’t have, and the truth is they don’t have any! They never have. That is why their phony political representatives can’t or won’t produce such a document. What’s more, anyone of note in Britain who dares to insist they have a Bill of Rights now will in all probability be persecuted, undoubtedly tortured, and definitely sentenced to internal exile for doing so. After which they will be driven to ‘suicide’.

The British have been deceived about their so-called ‘rights’ by one government minister after the other ever since they can remember. You have to have truthful politicians and honest government in a real democracy and that is something the British people have never had either. Indeed all they have ever had is one lying politician after another, like Margaret Thatcher and her “Francis of Assisi’ crap, then Tony Blair with his fascist ‘Third way” crap and now Gordon Brown with his “My father told me” crap, all of which were no more than lying deceptions designed to lull the public into believing they were going to be represented by people who actually had the public’s best interest at heart. They didn’t and they don’t. These so-called ‘representatives’ are all corporate fascists who don’t give a monkey’s toss what the British public wants and they never have. They don’t represent the British people they simply manipulate them into doing whatever their masters want them to do. If these rotten politicians truly represented the whole of the British population, they would never have been allowed into office by the ‘security services’ in the first place. So they don’t, they represent the financial interests of royalty and their miserable self-centered hangers on plus the powerful vested business interests who stoutly resent any attempt to provide the British people with any document that would enable them to have a true democratic voice in the real management of their country.

The only true ‘right’ the people of Britain have is the right to do as they are told and no more than that. The moment anyone in Britain with a modicum of courage stands up and demands a true say in the management of their own country MI5 their secret police (Special Branch) and the media band together to discredit and destroy them in every possible way open to them, legal or otherwise. That is the way the establishment that controls it manages Britain. It decides what the people will or not have just as it has always done.

Of course, if the British people really did have the brains and courage they are supposed to have they would get out onto the streets in their many millions and demand – yes DEMAND a written constitution NOW – today, not in ten or twenty years but NOW. Because they are little more than serfs as they are, in another ten or twenty years they won’t even be that, all they will be is a number without even a right to breathe unless some unnamed rotten fascist in parliament decrees it. But before they do that, the British people are going to have to start thinking and reasoning for themselves. They are going to have to stop believing all the drivel their politicians, national press and television dishes out. The garbage that is touted as news by the media in Britain is little more than propaganda based on lies and misconceptions purposely formulated into making fools of the population who will be forced into fighting more phony wars and into supporting fascists who pretend that they are going to protect them from harm when in fact they will be doing the exact opposite of that.

Indeed, new repressive laws in Britain are being passed one after the other that are purposefully designed to remove even a remote possibility of the British people ever having a say on how their country is managed. With dire consequences towards anyone who dares to appose such laws, no matter how vile and undemocratic those laws are. When the British police state is protested against by decent people, state journalists like Henry Porter and Simon Jenkins write articles denying such a police state exists because they say the British state cannot be compared to ‘the real thing’ – meaning a proper police state?

Well, I have lived in three proper police states and none of them has been as rotten as Britain is today. There isn’t anything that MI6, MI5 or the police Special Branch in Britain do that real police states don’t. The only difference is that things are done more insidiously and secretly in Britain than they are elsewhere. If Porter and Jenkins wrote the real truth about their countries ‘security service’s’ they would undoubtedly quickly find that out for themselves. But neither of them will, because if they did they would both be out of a job the day after they did so and they would never get another, and they both know it.

The British role in supporting American fascism in the Middle East and elsewhere has easily proven how willingly the state supports repression and torture outside of Britain. To believe they don’t allow those same government forces to do exactly the same to their own people inside Britain is to live in cloud cuckoo land. The old saying that in Britain a man’s home is his castle stopped being true at least fifty years ago, his ‘castle’ offers him no more refuge than would a rabbit warren and indeed today, according to a 2007 report by Harry Snook, a barrister for the Center for Policy Studies, there are at least 266 powers allowing officials to enter your home, and not all require a warrant by any means. Not that the ‘security services’ ever needed a warrant anyway – they can and do enter anyone’s home in Britain at any time they like and they always have been able to do so. As new immigrants in Britain soon find out for themselves. Not having been brainwashed all their lives newcomers to Britain quickly see through Jack Straw and his ilk and the charade of Britain’s so-called ‘democracy’ - indeed these new immigrants are the people today who are at the forefront of exposing the real British police state for all to see, that is those who want to see it. Most people in Britain simply cannot bring themselves to imagine Britain being the kind of rotten police state is it. For doing so would open up the possibility of their being total fools for so many years past, which is something they cannot bring themselves to face. But in the coming years, they are going to have to accept that fact whether they like it or not. It will become glaringly obvious to everybody no matter what their state media says or parrots on behalf of the government.

In America many millions of people have already been forced to accept how crooked and rotten their governments have become, though you would never know it when reading or seeing their mainstream media. Unlike Britain, however, their critical Internet sites have as yet not all been taken down, though censorship of some of them is becoming more apparent every day. Even so, a great many American Web sites continue to expose their government’s lies, deceptions and tyranny without any hesitation. Censorship in Britain prevents anything even remotely comparable from being seen by the British about their own rotten politics yet the British government hypocritically dares to lecture China about its censorship of the Internet whilst they themselves have been doing exactly the same thing all along. But that is typical of them, nobody can teach the British anything about hypocrisy, they are the masters of it. Saying one thing whilst doing exactly the opposite has been turned into an art form in the UK. And the American’s are fast catching up. A good example of this hypocrisy is a recent article in the Guardian by Timothy Garton Ash, that states: “The Kremlin runs a so-called democracy that is in fact authoritarian. At the same time it intimidates its neighbors” a statement that perfectly describes Britain’s own phony democracy, yet Timothy Ash would of course never dare to say that what he writes also applies to Britain, that is if he knew it did? But that is typical of the British. They are so heavily censored and cut off from any real information about their own country they have no idea of what I’m talking about when they read articles like this one, unless they too have become victims of British oppression, as many people there have. When the average Britisher reads articles like this they automatically think of Russia, China or some other country that they have been manipulated into believing is downright oppressive. As do the Americans or anyone else who has been brainwashed by their own government since the day they were born. That includes many media reporters too, most of who are just as politically ignorant as are the rest of the population. Almost all governments lie to, manipulate and deceive their people one way or another. And they get away with it too. Quite probably, because people have apparently come to accept the fact that politicians in general are cooks and liars and that politics is the dirtiest most crooked and ruthless business in the entire world. Yet that fact doesn’t stop people for voting for their political crook of choice, which usually means choosing a lesser evil at best, simply because none of them have ever lived up to the promises they made which got them elected in the first place.

Living in an open police state does at least have one advantage – you know exactly where you stand. Everybody knows for sure that their politicians are crooks and that their security services are ruthless. There isn’t any pretence about what will happen to you if you dare to speak out against it’s rotten and corrupt system. So, people do so being well aware of what the consequences of any political actions they take may be. They know their situation from the outset. Being so readily prepares them for persecution and repression at the hands of their oppressors. They are mentally prepared for possible torture and death if they dare to speak out, let alone write, about the repression that surrounds them. Those who live in phony democracies fare far worse because they expect exactly the opposite to what does happen to them when they become political dissidents. They face a reality which is totally unexpected by them and which they are totally unprepared for, their imagined world is turned upside down and in an instant they go into shock and become easy victims for whatever cruelty, mental or physical, is inflicted upon them by state fascist thugs and gangsters who are only too eager to destroy them by any method they chose.

Thus, the British and American’s who foolishly believe in and delude themselves about their so-called democracies are to be pitted. Whilst they close their eyes to what their governments are really doing in other countries, never for one moment imagining that the same could happen to them in their own country, they have already lost their souls, they just don’t know it yet. But they will, it is just a matter of time. That is as sure as the day after tomorrow. These people are indeed to be pitted. When they finally do open their eyes to reality they will become little more than sheep wondering in the wilderness without any hope as to what the future, if any, holds for them. In the meantime, however they will continue to believe whatever deceptions their governments inflicts upon them. They will believe that people who claim the right to live as free men in their own countries and are prepared to fight for their rights are ‘terrorists’ - they will believe that people in their own countries who expose corruption and demand honest government are ‘subversives’ just as they will continue to believe all the other crap their so-called representatives feed to the media as ‘news’ simply because that is what they have always done. It’s a habit ingrained from birth and they can’t shrug it off anymore than I can stop smoking after doing so for the last fifty years.

All politicians know about the power of psychology. They know very well that if you go on repeating the same lies over and over again, that most people will in time come go believe whatever they say, no matter how untrue or ridiculous it might be. That is why in almost every speech they give politicians bring in the phrase ‘democracy and freedom’ when they know damn well that is the very last thing they would support. But it sounds nice and it is comforting for people to hear, even though it’s no more than another rotten lie that tempts people to vote for them. As indeed they do. Most politicians employ good speechwriters who can make almost any sort of repression sound as if it was good for us and to our benefit. The ‘state media’ then further embroiders their lies to make them sound even better still, making political liars into something resembling the second coming of Christ or something similar, whilst disbelievers and critics are all but crucified and labeled as being ‘communists’ or ‘unpatriotic’ at the very least.

So the British can forget about getting a true ‘Bill of Rights’ or any other document that would enable them to live as citizens free from government oppression and repression. It isn’t going to happen, unless they stand up for their rights and make it happen themselves. But before they can do that, they are going to have to get rid of Britain’s notorious ‘Official Secret’s Act’, which hides and protects fascism, muzzles a free press, neutralizes human rights organizations and hides gross abuse by state terrorist organizations. America does of course already have it’s own ‘Bill of Rights’ and a ‘Freedom of Information Act’ yet both have been watered down so much by the fascist George W. Bush that today they aren’t even worth the paper they are written on. If by some miracle, the British ever do get their own so-called Bill of Rights and a Freedom of Information Act written by their government that is exactly what they would be worth too. Nothing. That is unless the population at large writes their own Bills of Rights and insists that from then onward all their politicians and governments agree to abide by them to the letter. A highly unlikely event I know, but dreams do sometimes come true.

Dr Les Dove


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