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          Democratic governments don’t torture, nor do they support other governments that do. Yet, both Britain and the United States governments have for at least fifty years supported tyrannical regimes the world over who have consistently persecuted, tortured and murdered their political dissident’s, while they have hypocritically told lie after lie saying that they are supporting democracy and freedom. They do no such thing. What they really do is support fascism – rule by corporations and the elite few who never in a million years would allow true democracy to flourish anywhere in the world if they could in any way prevent it. As indeed they have in so most cases. And in doing so they have contributed to the torture and murder of untold millions of people who wanted nothing more than a say in how their countries should be managed for the betterment of everyone rather than just a tiny percentage of their populations.
          People who saw through these government lies and deceptions (dissidents) and who tried to right the wrongs they saw were quickly labeled and denigrated as being trouble-makers, subversives and communists, which then became a pretext for their persecution and torture by government security services, which are themselves bastions of fascism and corruption whose only real purpose is to maintain the status-quo and retain total control over the many by the few. These government gangsters and murderers are placed above the law. They operate within a worldwide framework of other fascist security services, which also target and persecute dissidents no matter where in the world they are or go to.  
           While these rogue governments continue to lie, deceive and brainwash their populations into idiocy they enrich themselves through drug sales, arms deals, oil contracts and other commodities accepting and giving bribes wherever they operate. Politicians accept so-called honors from royalty and other elite fascist power groups whilst carrying out wars and terrorist acts against ordinary people who simply strive to make a living for themselves and live in peace. And so long as these fascists can continue to fool, the vast majority of people into believing their foul deceptions these vast government corruptions will continue unabated. That is why the battle for your mind has taken on such huge prominence today. 
These rotten deceptions are now beginning to crumble at the edges all over the world. The truth cannot be hidden forever and finally people are at last beginning to see what fools they have been in supporting these vile government scams. They are seeing their so-called political ‘leaders’ for what they really are, brazen liars and tools of the elite few who have controlled all of our lives from the day we were born.
Don’t simply take my word for this, not any of what I have written. Do the research for yourself. All the information you need is out there on the Internet so open up your computer along with your mind. Search for the truth and see what your future and that of your children can be if you do so. 
Don’t delay in your own search for the truth, because the Internet is under attack as never before, by very powerful interests. These fascist interests are determined that the truth be kept hidden from you. They much prefer their world to be kept exactly as it is. Your present ignorance allows them to totally control you, to enslave you, and to do with you anything they might wish to do. These fascists know very well that the truth can set you free of their domination, that is the very last thing they desire.
That is why they have under various pretences murdered millions of people all over the world, to hide that truth from you. It is why the powers that be, are now introducing law after repressive law, laws that are purposely designed to target, censor and persecute truth seekers and truth tellers. But they can’t persecute, torture and murder everybody – even they aren’t that powerful.  So be brave, stand up for your rights as human beings. Stand up for the right to be all that you can be, instead of being regulated to ‘your place’ in wherever these fascist elitists want you to be. Make your own place in the world, where you want to be, doing what you want to do, without interference from anyone.
Demand proper and truthful political representation, with the right to instantly get rid of that representation if it fails to represent your wishes. That is what true democracy is all about. That is what real democracy is. Demand a media that tells you the truth instead of manipulating the truth to make it appear as something entirely different, as most of the Pravda media does at present. Put an end to the secrecy that allows your phony politicians to lie to and control you and your opinions. And put an end to the lie that there are so-called apposing political parties in Britain and America – they aren’t apposing fascism, they are all a part of the same political charade that simply creates a belief that they are. 
The crimes of these fascist elite groups have become so vast, so rotten and so obvious that more of their hired protectors and killers have begun to desert them. These recent ‘security’ defectors have come with further exposures of government crimes that are even more dreadful than previous ones have been and they reveal the awful depths to which our so-called democratic governments and representatives have sunk into the mire of corruption, tyranny, greed and sheer lunacy. They have become no more than a part of a vast criminal network that seeks to turn us all into criminals and so provide further excuses for the repression, torture and murder of anyone who dares to appose their wanton mindless excesses.
          Ralph McGehee, John Kaminski, Phil Shneider, Dr Steven Greer, David Ray Griffin, Linsay Williams, William Blum, Harlan Girard, Bill Moyers, Michael Parenti, William Cooper, David Shayler, Jordan Maxwell, John Stockwell and very many more brave prominent people, all highly respected in their fields, have informed and warned us of what our criminal governments have already done, and also what they intend doing to us all in the future. Unless you start taking real notice of their warnings now and begin to realize for yourself how you have been fooled and manipulated over the last fifty years at least, your future, if any, is going to be very bleak indeed. 
          James Casbolt, the latest addition to these ‘insider whistleblowers’ has quite graphically stated what he witnessed while working for ‘Her Majesty’s Government’ in the United Kingdom and elsewhere as an MI6 agent. Along with other now ex-agents of the state he describes wholesale drug-running, the torture, mutilation and murder of British citizens – possibly in their thousands, by the very people who are supposedly there to protect us, but who in fact protect only the elite British monsters who rule over us with a rod of iron whilst their tame ‘state’ newspapers and television stations continue to parrot whatever lies are needed to lull the British and American populations into further idiocy and compliance with whatever repressive actions and laws are dreamed up to keep these degenerate fascist criminals in power.
          Under pretences of all kinds, the Military Industrial Complex has started war after war which whilst culling populations has put billions upon billions – of your money, into the hands of deceivers, thieves and murderers. Who in their grand estates spend their time dreaming up further deceptions, not only on how to take away the rest of your hard earned money but also how to keep you dumb and ignorant whilst they are doing so.
The enemies we have are the enemies we make – don’t forget that. People of goodwill have no need to fight, no need of wars that will kill them, their children and drive them all into poverty while keeping robber barons in clover. Think of what those billions of pounds and dollars could do if spent on better things, like a good education, better health care, better housing, better roads and all the other good things money can buy for everyone, not just the few elite fascists as at present, but everyone!
          Or will you just sit back and wait for another 9/11 or 7/7 hoax to be brought about by these power crazed fascists who need to scare you even further into believing that you have more enemies you need to fight, and that they will need more and ever more weapons without end to do so?
          Probably – because you have swallowed all these government deceptions into making you believe just that so far, but what if you don’t.  Do you think that your government will then lower your taxes – dream on my friends, dream on, it isn’t going to happen? When Oil was discovered in the North Sea the British thought that they were going to get cheap gas at about fifty cents a gallon just as the Venezuelans do, fat chance. When Thatcher and Blair were elected to the office of Prime Minister they thought that they were going to get freedom – fat chance. They are both fascists and they brought you more wars to enriched their fascist backers, as usual, and that my friends, is all the British are ever going to get unless they finally wake up and smell the roses.
          Do you think that the British people will awaken to reality now that James Casbolt has alerted them to the facts of what is happening in Britain, as other ex-government agents have done? Now that they know hundreds if not thousands of their children are being abducted ever year, to be tortured and murdered by degenerate elite pedophiles to satisfy they’re obscene dreams and desires?  That they now know how MI5 and the British military formed black-ops death squads and ran ‘false flag operations’ through which they bombed and murdered hundreds of innocent people in Ireland then blamed the IRA for their filthy atrocities. Do the British people care about these facts?
          James Casbolt certainly hopes so; he has after all put his life on the line by exposing such horrors over the radio, Internet TV and during the public lectures, he has given to date. So, these events may yet become a turning point in the public’s attitude towards their so-called elite betters? Time alone will tell. Its still early days for James Casbolt, he undoubtedly has much more to tell us about the dirty goings on in Britain. That is if he gets the chance to do so. His life has already been threatened. And the British, like the Americans, are quite apt at getting rid of their wayward ex-agents through one means or another, James Casbolt easily accepts that possibility, as well, he should.  
          According to Casbolt, the vast rotten drug trade carried out by MI6 in Britain and elsewhere makes their royalist backers billions in profits every year, far more even than does their huge oil interests, so they will try to prevent further exposures in any way they can. Killing dissidents is an old British pastime they have been doing it for hundreds of years, murdering a few more dissidents won’t bother them in the least. However, these latest exposures of what is happening in Britain are quite obviously the mere tip of a very large iceberg. Through further exposures, we learn from Casbolt about huge underground bases, where many children and prisoners are kept in cages to be used or abused as desired. We are informed of the Free Energy Devices that are being kept from the public and of a sinister intelligence group formed by the fascist Margaret Thatcher to work at the site of a crashed ET craft in Britain.
As James Casbolt has stated he is only just scratching the surface of what is going on in Britain today and indeed has been for many years. In releasing all this information, I know just how much danger James Casbolt faces from now on. There are many groups of MI6, MI5 and Special Branch agents who are covering up the truth about the British police state, blatantly lying, discrediting and murdering anyone who does get close to the real truth of what is going on in Britain, indeed as I myself was discredited by their lies when I lived in that country and exposed what I had learned of the terrible repression going on there.  But as I said, if you are waiting on the British media to inform you of all these gross human rights abuses that are taking place in Britain you will have a very long wait indeed. You will have to find out about the New World Order and its despicable fascist disciples yourself through using a computer and going online. Don’t expect the BBC The Guardian or the rest of Britain’s Pravda press to tell you everything about it. They won’t, because they are in the manipulation business too. Even if they did have the guts to do so, Britain’s ‘Official Secrets Act’ would prevent them from publishing the truth. In any case, it now appears that in the event of a terrorist attack the police are going to take over the Internet in Britain. That being so you can expect another phony put-up-job to happen before long. Which means that anyone who speaks the truth about what is happening in Britain will automatically be censored off the Internet, along with anyone else who dares to criticize the British police state and write about it online?
          When you do discover for yourself exactly what is going on in our world you are in for a huge shock. That is unless you are already familiar with the real world. If you are you will simply accept this latest information as being yet another piece in the great jigsaw puzzle of our lives, so just take it all in and keep an open mind.  Because believe me, when I tell you that there is much more to come, there is – in spades.
Dr Les Dove
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