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People all over the world want the same things for their lives. Good health comes first, then a decent job that allows them a fair standard of living. This is usually followed by a wife and family they can love and feel proud of. Many people do reach these goals and become good happy human beings, but billions of people never realize their dreams of a good life simply because their governments don’t allow them to.
Government leaders like to feel that they are all-powerful, but all of them also fear that their power might at some point be taken away from them, that their people will want something better; like other leaders offering a fairer and a better system of government, so politicians put in place barriers and obstructions that constantly prohibit people from reaching their full potentials in life.
Some form of class system is at first used to divide their populations. This usually begins at a very early age when school children are divided by ‘examinations’ with the children of right-wing government supporters being given higher grades. These divide and conquer techniques have long been used as one method of controlling and limiting ordinary people into forming what might become a strong unified opposing force. Governments have used this method for centuries and they still do, usually with great success. They bring this about by telling lies about so-called ‘royal  bloodlines’ and by creating deceptions that their ‘state media’ parrots as being true and which many people believe simply because ordinary people can’t bring themselves to believe that their political leaders and their mass-media would brazenly lie to them. What follows is that the so-called ‘upper classes’ then align themselves with the government to ‘protect their own class status’ thus pitting themselves against the common people by reinforcing the government’s position.
These new ‘elites’ are then given privileged positions and benefits denied to the ‘lower classes’ who are further subjected to career limitations through ‘unwritten laws’ which are carried out by fascist state police and ‘intelligence services’ who feed off each other’s lies and deceptions like the parasites they are, slowly  worming their way into every aspect of our lives to impose a ‘know your place’ rule that is firmly imposed and which prevents the lower classes of society from ever gaining a position of true political power. This is rigidly enforced at every level by both the police political Special Branch’s and whenever necessary state death squads who freely use their vast powers against anyone who they believe may threaten their corrupted system.
The above applies especially to non-fascist entrepreneurs whose business efforts will be constantly sabotaged by government security agents who hack into computers and steal industrial secrets and methods to prevent the success of anyone with opposing political views. This has been and still is one of the main reasons for the mass surveillance by the American NSA and Britain’s GCHQ who have both been committing industrial espionage for many years all over the world. Never put a good business plan onto your computer- it will certainly be stolen!
Another government ploy lays in keeping poverty amongst the ‘lower classes’ at a high level. People who must constantly strive simply to make a living don’t have the time or the will to concern themselves with anything else. Therefore much government time is spent warding off anything that could be truly beneficial in making life much easier for people in general, like cheap energy or gasoline and affordable houses, all of which could be vastly reduced in cost if the state desired them to be so?
All the above is reinforced by vast financial state corruptions which engineer many various  schemes that are officially stated to be in the interests of everyone but which in fact benefit a very few already wealthy people and which are always paid for by the taxpayer out of state funds. The arms industry is probably at the top of the list with billions of pounds and dollars being spent annually on armaments that are rarely if ever used. For example the US spending on its military in the year 2012 was the colossal amount of $684 billion. How much the UK really spends God alone knows, it’s said to be 60 billion but you can take that with a large dose of salt? For instance; did you know that for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars alone Britain’s part of the £30 billion we all spent was roughly around £1000 per head that you personally paid towards taking all those thousands of lives and destroying all those thousands of homes? If that amount of money was spent on improving the welfare of the people instead of killing them in stupid and unnecessary wars can you imagine how better off we would all be?
The ‘law of the land’ always favors government on matters of importance, the government is never wrong even when it is. Sheer hypocrisy is a part of every government. Their daily lies and deceptions must be true their state media informs us, and if we refuse to believe that we must be terrorists they say; and as such liable to imprisonment or the death sentence, another ploy that limits anyone from openly opposing the state. In the US and the UK people can be persecuted and arrested without charge and detained indefinitely simply for speaking or writing the truth.
Over the last fifty years government propaganda has become an art form; that state ‘representatives’ can be so very different from what people have been brainwashed into believing is something they find almost impossible to assimilate as fact. Had it not been for the Internet allowing the worldwide free communication of knowledge, people in general would still be convinced of their previous political beliefs. But thanks - and gratitude, towards the many whistleblowers that have come forward and exposed the real truth about government repressions and the many criminal acts that they have carried out in the name of their citizen’s, people are finally beginning to see the truth for themselves.  
David Icke’s gallant attempt with The People’s Voice television station to provide a genuinely censor-free media outlet in Britain has failed. This is no doubt  due to MI-5 constantly doing everything it could to sabotage the project, and now the station  is little more than a lame duck showing little of the promise we all hoped for. We are back to watching the same old BBC lies and news distortions the British media in general has become famous for, allowing the brainwashing of the population to continue on as before.   
Now that our governments – the new Nazis, have been exposed for the liars, cheats and criminals they truly are, they are reacting as tyrants usually do, by ignoring the truth and by denigrating anyone who dares to tell or write about it. Indeed, truthful writers in Britain are now being regarded as terrorists and are being threatened with life in prison. No doubt in the hope that enough people will continue to believe their politicians litany of lies thereby allowing their nasty charade to continue on as before. That, however, is highly unlikely. When governments persecute and murder many of their own citizens as the United States and the United Kingdom did with their ‘false flag’ bombing attacks on 9/11 and 7/7- simply to install yet more fear in their populations, it highlighted what those governments desperately wanted to avoid; which was that their populations were indeed at last becoming aware of who and what their governments were really supporting.  Those internal false flag attacks gave government ‘security forces’ everywhere further power to prevent a popular uprising and a rebellion against total fascist rule by making political protest a crime.  
As the victims of Western fascism are being stomped into the ground by corrupted governments and their bankers we see little of the state hero’s our ‘leaders constantly boast about. As people are being deprived of work and their savings, along with their liberty and their freedom, the people in the USA and the UK have meekly accepted the horror of fascist rule almost without protest, and are seemingly willing to accept even worse in the years ahead. They should be hanging their heads in shame. What are they waiting for – the concentration camps? They are coming back. Fascism can’t exist without them. Many camps have already been built across the United States, Britain is sure to follow.
Dr. Les Dove CP.H


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