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The degree to which the ‘Security Services’ have intruded on all our lives has become almost unbearable. These intrusions have also exposed just how sexually deviant many of these security specialists are. They appear to be far more interested in the sexual habits of people than anything else, which suggests that blackmail is an added aspect in their search for any kind of ‘evidence’ that can be used against ‘suspects’ of any kind. Barrie Trower, the well known expert on psy-warfare has mentioned this fact many times during his online videos and interviews about the subject   

The millions of people who prefer to watch various forms of porn on their computers give no reason for the security services to believe that such people are in any way a ‘threat to state security’ yet they are being placed on black-lists that might in some way suggest that they are. Added to this is the fact of many crooked police and security officers who have lied under oath who may well have ‘padded’ the files of people who for whatever reason they viewed as their potential or real enemies?

Then we have Paul Craig Roberts’s honest writing, when he asked in a recent article; Why Should Anyone Trust a Government That Kills, Maims, Tortures, Lies, Spies, Cheats, and Treats Its Citizens like Criminals?

Why indeed. Both the American and British governments have been waging war against their own citizens for many years, simply because people have finally woken up to the fact that their countries are a long way from being the free ‘democracies’ their ‘state media’ has portrayed them to be. If anything the above countries are the exact opposite of what we have been told they were, and they are getting worse and more repressive by the week. Very much so, though you won’t find the true extent of how tyrannical these countries have become from reading or watching the mainstream media. Their editors are all bought and paid for. They will only allow to be printed what the government wants you to believe; which most often is a far cry from the truth.

The real truth is that many governments today have their backs to the wall. The Internet has allowed many unknown truths to emerge; truths that in the past were well covered-up and hidden away from public view. Now that many of those truths have at last seen the light of day we know what we are up against, we know to what extent government forces and their terror squads will intrude on our supposed freedoms and just what they will do and how far they will go to extinguish them. 

Almost twenty years ago when I was living in Britain I discovered my own truths when I organized a charity called the National Association of Disabled Writers. After having left South Africa after being put through the wringer by South Africa’s secret police for my writing the truth about their death squads, I soon realized that there was a crying need for a truth telling organization in Britain, simply because it soon became clear to me that such an organization was badly needed there. British newspapers to me where little more than a joke; Filled with trivia and distorted news I was I left in no doubt that a good dose of the truth was exactly what the British people needed. 

Being legally registered as a disabled person in Britain I knew that many other disabled writers all over the country were in need of a project that could both help their own needs and also serve to inform the country of exactly what was happening there. That Psy-Warfare was already being used in South Africa I knew from my own experiences whilst living and researching there, but quickly finding out that the British Security Services were also using such covert methods against their own British citizens had come as something of a shock to me. A national organization that would expose such vast abuses of state power I believed would be hard for any news organization to ignore. That being the case I brought the Writers Association into being and ran it from my home office. I was the chairperson of the association and Lady Margaret Simey, a nationally known and highly respected academic, offered to be my honorary vice chair-person, an offer I gladly accepted. So with letterheads printed I set out to put the association into first gear with a little advertising. I alone financed the association during its entire life. The only donation we ever received was for about twenty dollars which was promptly spent on postage stamps, as very few of our writers could afford or indeed use a computer at that time.

During that period many people in the middle East were being killed by land mines left over from previous wars, so I wrote about that in one article and gave thanks and credit to Muammar Gaddafi who had just opened two new rehabitational centers for people who had lost limbs due to stepping on old land mines. A copy of my article was later published in a Libyan magazine which apparently was seized upon by MI5/MI6 as being supportive of Gaddafi whom they hated because of his support for the Irish Republican Army (IRA) who was trying to free Ireland from British rule. Gaddafi was also disliked by the British because he was proving himself to be a good example to his own people through giving them an annual share of Libyan oil money and the many other examples he showed in providing free excellent health care and liberating the women in his country, whose lifestyle was far better than it was in the countries surrounding his own. Indeed it can be honestly said, in spite of all the hatred used in demonizing Gaddafi, that he did far more for his own people than Britain or the United States ever did for their own. 

However, no sooner had I got the writers association up and running when I discovered that somebody had been inside my house and office while I was away from it. Some of my treasured books had been stolen and it soon became obvious that my entire house had been searched. During the following weeks, months and then years I realized that I had because of my work become an ‘enemy of the state’ and that the security services were intent on both closing down the Writers Association and driving me personally out of the country. It also became obvious just how the British Secret Police intended to bring that about. During their many secret searches of my property while I was away from it these security agents damaged and stole many of my personal possessions along with any money that they could lay their filthy hands on.

The truth is that the security services are deadly afraid of novelists. Unlike newspaper editors we aren’t constrained by government rules and regulations, we can say what we want in faction novels and expose all kinds of dirty government secrets that can be read all over the world for many years. British governments try to get around this by saying writers aren’t writers unless they have been published; and then they prevent British publishers from publishing the works of dissident writers. They glorify novelists and academics that don’t dissent and keep their mouths firmly shut about the British police state. 

 No matter how many times I had my house locks changed these government parasites still managed to get inside to steal and damage anything that they wanted to, and there wasn’t a damn thing that I could do to stop them. How can you complain to the police when the Police Special Branch and their Special Air Service (SAS) accomplices are robbing you?  I did at one time approach a local lawyer, but as I expected he was soon put out of business. Another time I had a long phone conversation with a London lawyer, but all the notes concerning our conversation that I had written down while having it were stolen from my office the very next day, and I never heard from her again.  
Recently I read an editorial article in The Guardian newspaper which said; “The Guardian view on the government's right to snoop.” It was about ‘The legal basis for the ‘Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa)’ and stated that: ‘While in theory the law allows those who fear they have been wrongly put under surveillance to apply for compensation, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal exists only to ensure the law has been followed by all the public bodies that operate under its authority. It will never either admit surveillance has been carried out, which the security services say could drive the subject underground, or deny it, since that risks allowing the subject to operate with impunity. According to the UK Commons home affairs committee, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal has upheld only 0.68% of complaints it has heard. None was against the security services.’

I should add to that by saying the Security Services in Britain have total control over the postal and telephone services. They can prevent any written letters of complaint from ever reaching the person or organization it was addressed to. And that they do so regularly I again know from my own experiences. The same applies to the phone services and the Internet. Hundreds of people all over Britain have complained about the Security Services and their brutal use of microwave devices that disable torture and can kill them. Many more victims have probably been prevented from reporting their abuse at the hands of security forces. And the British media remains totally silent on the subject. In my own Torture Report I have written down the names of 80 British torture victims we do know about and since then many more people will undoubtedly have been tortured by the UK security services, yet not one British ‘newspaper’ has printed a word about it, let alone attempt to bring the perpetrators to justice. Not one; and yet we are being told that we have a free press and there are no complaints against the security services? 

Not satisfied with regularly stealing many of my possessions, including some of my book manuscripts, police smear teams began to demonize me by circulating all kinds a lies in their efforts to silence my many Internet articles about their activities. My telephone was also tapped around the clock. Which again proved to me just how decedent and corrupt the Secret British police and Security Services had become. But I pressed on, hoping that eventually they or the government would realize what was happening and put a stop it. But no, instead the security services had some of their hired thugs follow me around until one of them attacked me and tried to provoke me into fighting him so that I could afterward be described by the police as a ‘trouble maker’. That was followed by more incidents designed to criminalize me, after which one of their agents then tried to directly kill me in a ‘hit and run accident’ which was quickly followed by further attempts to damage my car and send it out of control. Other incidents involved a long-time artist ‘friend’ of mine, a man who was persuaded to try and engage me into buying and selling drugs, and then another ‘friend’ tried to get me to lie for him under oath. None of these entrapment techniques worked I am pleased to say, but their failure most certainly annoyed British Security who resumed their attempts to criminalize me with a vengeance! Fortunately however, I was able to turn the tables on them for a while; which annoyed them even more, but our writers charity continued to survive. 

Another Guardian article by Patrick Butler entitled Campaigning charities that expose inconvenient truths must not be bullied’ touched on   the subject of some other charities who have been. It is all but impossible to write wrongs of any kind without becoming political and involving government at some point. So obviously there is a huge can of worms here just waiting to be opened? 

After having gotten used to South African security methods of silencing dissidents during my apartheid years I wasn’t fazed by the British attempts to injure and kill me, but replacing all of the things that had been damaged and stolen from me, as had probably been intended, was hard a hard cost for me to my bear. The final straw came when four thousand pounds that I had saved and intended to use to further advertise the National Association of Writers was stolen by security agents from my office safe. It then became very clear that I was up against a brick government wall and that there wasn’t anything further that I and my fellow writers could do in Britain to break through it. So in 1999 I gratefully thanked Lady Margaret Simey and everyone else who had helped in forming the writers association before bringing it to a close. Shorty thereafter I sold my house and left the country. One might have thought that my departure from the UK might have satisfied their security services, but again they have proven how vindictive they are toward outspoken dissidents by continuing to persecute me.  

Knowing that I was facing a bleak future I set about reorganizing my finances. The money I had received from selling my house I quickly invested in some secure Bonds which paid a monthly interest that I was easily able to live off. At that time Bonds paid a very good interest and by living simply and by not having to pay any income tax, because I was no longer a resident in Britain, the cash I had received from selling my house almost doubled during the next few years. So with my finances now reasonably secure I began looking for a new country that I could call my home.

At first I lived in America for a few years afterward, but the FBI and the CIA quickly carried on where MI5/MI6 might wisely have left off by starting their own smearing attack against me, so after traveling to Panama and later Ecuador I finally settled in Mexico where I have now been living for almost ten years. 

It should by now be perfectly clear to any serious political dissident that the security services of Britain and the United States don’t just want to silence their dissidents, they want them dead and buried so that they can take their fascist New World Order to the next level, as the many recent deaths of alternative writers and reporters in so-called ‘accidents and suicides’ have demonstrated. The elites and their mindless psychopaths are making their last stand and they are determined to win and control the world at any cost.  Your lives mean absolutely nothing to them, so unless you actually prefer living as a slave or are intent on become a corpse I suggest that you either organize a proper defense or consider getting away from your respective country as soon as possible. You can no longer turn to the government, the police or the security services for any kind of help, they have all been corrupted in one way or another – so you are on your own. 

The Mexican security services have to my knowledge not bothered me at all, but agents from both Britain and America have continued to smear my character and interfere in my life in various other ways. None of which has or will ever stop me from writing articles about their very nasty and illegal activities nor have they prevented me from working on the many novels I have written since coming to Ensenada. 
Dr. Les Dove CP.H


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Dr. Less Drove amd the many other like my self who have been torture. Mine is on going both day and night. I am now 62 years old and it started when I was about 33. I was living Boston MA, I left for Toronto Canada for a better life. It turned out that the torture became progressively worst. They are trying to kill me and have made several attempts to cripple. Police came into my home drug me, stole documents, one of which was my Canadian pass ;port when I tried to replace my passport I realized that they have taken my name out of the Canadian system and change my place of birth to India. Some one or companies have been in and out of my home home putting new windows. These windows bear the diamond shape symbol that correspond with the numbers 1993 a reference for Carcinogen! The Canadian government from the City of Toronto gave my ex dentist, Christine Ann Caulford, a serum to inject in my gum along with several chemicals and bacterial diseases! It almost most kill me I could hardly breath, falling, Receiving message to "LEAVE YOUR HOUSE, LEAVE YOUR KEYS AND DO NOT TAKE ANY IDENTIFICATION WITH YOU" They stole my car, they they replaced it with a look a like. It is very difficult to drive this car because for one I am breathing in the exhaust, the seat is extremely hot the back of the seat is burning my kidneys, disconnected the breaks on my car. I live in a Town house and my neighbours can accurately pinpoint every location I am at in my home. I did some research and realized that there is a military device that allows them to pinpoint my location; Its a hand held device called "Doppler Ranger Detector" One cannot hide from my neighbours or [police because it detects breathing! I continue to speak out against my torture and they up their criminal antics by increasing the electromagnetic fields in my home and surrounding areas this includes store and other public places. Now whenever my neighbors hit the wall simultaneously I am hit; by what appears to be a "Proton " Charge. I staggered, my tongue, lips jaw become numb and heavy and I am unable to speak. This led me to believe that they have planted "graphene an atom thick sheet of Carbon atom and electron in my home to produce the charge. I have spent a lot of money renevating my home and changing the locks but it does not make much difference because as soon as I leave my house the thugs enter My life is a living hell and this is only a tip of the ice burgh I am in pain, my blood count is low, My doctor cannot find my chart or blood work.

One main focus of their research is based on "SEX" and "Robery" I have been getting messages about the kind of sex I should have; they can suddenly change your mood and if I wasn't strong I would have committed raped

They have done several member of my family including my disable daughter


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