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          There has been a lot of discussion in blogs about whether the United Kingdom is or not a police state? So let’s take a close look at things. Whether anything is or not what it is supposed to be can only be determined by a close and open examination of the facts concerning it. Many people in Britain are utterly convinced that their country is not a police state simply because they believe that their newspapers and television, in fact the media in general, would quickly expose any wrongdoing by the government or the police and security forces. And indeed, in a true democracy that is the case, they would. However, Britain has the ‘Official Secrets Act’ a fact that most people inside Britain know nothing about whatsoever, simply because the media rarely touches upon the subject. It is censored.
 Whatever, by using that iniquitous Act, the London government has the power, throughout the UK, to order that certain subjects are absolutely forbidden to be discussed. Recently, the forbidden subject was any discussion of possible foul play in the death of Princess Diana and her intended husband Dodi Fayed.  Further than that, any discussion is forbidden about how the Official Secrets Act exactly works. However, when there is a subject that an editor, publisher, or station manager believes would be covered by the Official Secrets Act, they must immediately inform the London government, and if the London government issues what they call a "D Notice," then these media outlets throughout the UK are not only forbidden to go forward with any story that they're working on; but also, the D Notice serves as a potential seizure: it authorizes the UK government, through its various operatives, to immediately seize and close down any printing plant that is in the process of printing such a story, or of disclosing that article on any radio station or TV transmitter. They are all immediately seized by the London government, closed down, and the publisher, the editor, and the key personnel (including the writer of the story) are immediately put under arrest. And the worst part of it is that the rest of the media is not even allowed to mention that these people have been arrested or that their publishing and transmitting facilities have been seized. In other words, it is forbidden to discuss the D Notice and also forbidden to discuss the technical operation of the Official Secrets Act. So, there is even more censorship regarding the instruments of censorship.
So, as can clearly be seen censorship in the United Kingdom is through the use of the above act all but total. Any news that might truly inform the British population of illegal civil or human rights violations of any kind committed by the government, the British secret services and the police Special Branch (Britain’s Secret Political Police) is never published. So all the gross abuses that have been committed by these secret ‘security services’ have gone totally unreported. As a result, the British people in their ignorance have simply been deceived into believing that such abuses have never taken place.
  The public has over the years reported hundreds if not many thousands of such abuses to all sections of the media in Britain, but fearful of the consequences – as outlined in The Official Secrets Act, they have all been ignored by the media. After all, what newspaper owner or editor wants his plant closed down and all his printing machinery confiscated? For what reporter wants to be arrested and put into prison simply for reporting the truth? And that wouldn’t be the only censure; in addition, that reporter would never be able to get a job on any other newspaper ever again. MI5 and the Special Branch would certainly make very sure of that. So in addition to loosing his job the reporters family would suffer too. And that would be the very least that would happen to a reporter who dared to cross the line.
The British media can of course report on civil or human rights abuses that are committed by other countries, particularly so when British travel agents and reporters visit other countries, such as China for instance, when they are quick to point out the slightest human rights abuses without them ever mentioning that the same, and worse abuses are also being committed within Britain.  They are in fact very good at doing so. That stance gives the public the impression that Britain is very much against such abuses, as most people there readily believe. Such report’s serve to reinforce their belief that such things could never happen in their country. But they do, and they have been happening for well over a hundred years, almost without pause. The public at large simply doesn’t know anything much about it.
The very few Web sites in Britain that do try to fully inform the public of what is happening inside their country are very quickly closed down. I started one myself many years ago, and being a true Yorkshire man, I said exactly what needed saying. But I was soon ‘targeted’ by the secret police for being so outspoken and I suffered greatly as a result until eventually I was driven from the country. Other people who also over the years have tried to do the same thing have also suffered and had their Web sites taken down to say the least. George Farquar operated what was probably the very best dissident Web site of all in Britain. But George too was in time arrested on trumped-up charges and thrown into prison before being driven from the country. So the state-sponsored thugs in the police Special Branch continue to harass, persecute and torture people in Britain whenever they like without and fear at all of being exposed and brought to justice for their crimes. But of course the general public there remains ignorant of such things.
But it isn’t just strict censorship that keeps British subjects ‘in their place’. Entire teams of Special Branch stooges operate throughout the entire country. These stooges are quickly directed to any dissident who is brave enough to speak out politically and publicly. These stooges can and do make life very difficult indeed for anyone who questions the status quo, which certainly gives the lie to Britain’s claims of free speech, along with its pathetic claims of having an open government. The police Special Branch would quickly remove any political candidate who truly desired to make the British government truly ‘open’ in any respect. The government and everyone in it are subject to whatever the British queen desires. It is what she says that goes, not what the government or the people might want – not that the government would want to change anything very much, because everyone in it is there simply because they do support royalty. They wouldn’t be there if they didn’t. It is as simple as that. 
Britain also has the most secret surveillance systems of any country in the world. Over four million CCTV cameras, plus hidden cameras in pubs, clubs, hotels and domestic television sets, not to mention the millions of informers spread throughout the entire country. Believe me when I tell you that soviet Russia has nothing on Britain when it comes to keeping tabs on people. The British ‘Stasi’ puts the Russian model to shame on every count.
The British security services are also experts at keeping people silent in their oppression. Anyone who might in any way witness the persecution of a dissident very quickly learns to keep that information to them selves and not talk about it to anyone. Just as the media is suppressed by the Official Secrets Act ordinary people are kept quiet by threats of reprisal should they dare to speak out. They would loose their jobs for a start, and they would be highly unlikely to get another. If they were in business that business would suddenly find itself in deep trouble. And it that wasn’t enough other more forceful pressures would be applied to them. If that didn’t stop them from speaking out then they would in every respect have all the forces of the secret police applied against them. They would in effect suffer from the same harsh repression as known dissidents do, as would their families.
  One weapon that Britains secret police like to use above all others is the military microwave machine. Undetectable by anyone but the victim it is aimed at this weapon has been used in Britain against political dissidents for at least twenty-five years, and probably far longer. It can be used at a distance or from an apartment or the house next door to where the dissident lives. This terrible weapon can cause many physical and mental ailments to quickly appear. Particularly in people who are unaware of its use or of the effects it can bring about. Theses can be mild to severe headaches, extreme sleep deprivation - successive nights of disturbed sleep may also put people at greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes, nervousness and irritability, lethargy and fatigue, extreme stress, nausea, insomnia, eye damage, paralysis, aggression and rage, paranoia and panic attacks, hysteria, schizophrenia, hallucinations, memory loss, disordered thought, uncharacteristic emotions, obsessive behavior, confusion, hopelessness, brain and nervous system damage, heart attacks and fast-acting cancers and severe depression leading to suicide. This method of torture in the United Kingdom is SECRET State policy designed to secretly violate human rights.
Many thousands of British people are thought to have been victims of these abusive weapons but there in no way in which that can be proven unless the files of Britains secret police are ever allowed to be examined by human rights organizations, which is hardly likely to happen. It is this deniability that makes microwave weapons so attractive to authoritarian fascist governments and their secret police everywhere. You can see for yourself exactly how these weapons work by going to the following Web site.
          Very few people in Britain, apart from dissidents, know about these dreadful weapons, let alone the fact that their own secret police widely use them against dissidents there. The Official Secrets Act prevents that disclosure. Many Americans, however, do know about microwave weapons being used against them. For, in spite of the political repression now taking place inside that country, Americans still have a healthy respect for dissenters and many of their Web sites reflect that attitude.
          The ignorance and denial in Britain regarding its political repression of dissidents has been enhanced by the all but total silence of the human rights organizations inside that country. Just as the British naively believe that their media would awaken them to any wrongdoing they also believe that their human and civil rights organizations would do the same. That however is not the case. Indeed the human rights organizations in Britain are quite apparently subjected to the same injustices and censorship under the Official Secrets Act, as are the other media organizations. Simply because Amnesty International, Liberty and Redress, to name only three, have been aware of the gross human rights abuses being committed inside Britain for almost thirty years and none of them has exposed these abuses to the public gaze, nor have they protested at their use. Inside Britain, these organizations have been completely discredited by dissidents for their inaction.
          So as can be seen all avenues of informing the British people of what has and still is happening inside their country have been cut off. That is how police states work – that is why Britain is a police state. And it will remain so until freedom of thought, inquiry and of expression are fully allowed by laws that can be enforced by ordinary people, who at present are totally unable to do anything to protect them selves. They cannot afford to take their cases of injustices to the European court of human rights. It would cost them at least $150.000.00 to do so and even if they could afford that much where would the brave witnesses, if any, come from?  Who amongst them would dare to stand up against the might of the British State with its unlimited funds and ruthless secret police who would undoubtedly put insurmountable obstacles in front of them every step of the way?
Dr Les Dove
Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy … censorship. When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, “This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,” the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives … Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hood-winked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a freeman, a whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything – you can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.
Robert A Heinlein
“Democracy quite literally means rule of the people – all the people. Not just the wealthy few.”
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