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Psychological Warfare

Definition of Psychological Operations:

'Psychological Operations: Planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator's objectives. These Psyops operations include the use of microwave weapons which can at a distance silently and secretly severely injure or kill any target they are aimed at.’

Today psychological warfare (Psyops) is being used against people more than it ever has before. Only now it is being used not so much against ‘the enemy’ as it is against entire civilian populations as rogue governments, such as the United States and Britain, seek to forcibly bend the wills of people into supporting fascism and illegal wars. Wars that enlarge the vast profits of the huge multi-national corporations, who now control governments through bribery, lobbying groups and their crooked politicians who are supported by hundreds of millions of pounds and dollars. Money that is easily recouped by these crooked corporations as they plunder the resources of countries worldwide, whose governments are unable to defend themselves against the huge armed forces that America and Britain now possess.
The United Kingdom is an old hand in the use of psychological repression and torture. Indeed Britain has a very long history of covert repression upon which its ‘security forces’ can draw upon. The present abuses are simply a continuation of its torture methods that stretches far back to 1850 when in Port Arthur, Australia, the British drove over 100 prisoners insane through the use of psychological torture methods. Through the use of modern torture techniques and equipment they have refined their methods further still and along with the American security forces they have turned psychological repression into a fine black art.
American’s learned much about torture when they imported thousands on Nazis into America after the Second World War. That knowledge has been increased by the CIA and the NSA who are responsible for the torture of millions in Third World countries whose democracies they have overthrown and turned into fascist police states. Now Britain and America fully co-operate in sharing their dirty little secrets in which the torture and murder of political dissidents plays a very large part.
Through near total control of the western news media plus a large dose of propaganda the populations of the United States and Britain still remain largely ignorant of what has and is being done in their name. Dissidents and other people who would try and expose psychological torture in these countries are quickly targeted and ‘neutralized’ by secret police and other security forces who are terrified that widespread knowledge of their savage crimes against humanity are exposed for all to see. Yet these cowardly government crimes are slowly being exposed, mainly over the Internet. Whatever, the day draws closer when everybody will know exactly how free their so-called democracies really are. They will see for themselves how over many years thousands of their fellow citizens have been harassed, tortured, murdered and fully neutralized as fascism was secretly spread into the far corners of society and government, until eventually it took over the entire machinery of state and in doing so it turned almost entire populations into little more than puppets owned by the state.
Both Britain and America now regard socialists as communists just as they regard all dissidents as potential ‘terrorists’ and indeed they are putting ‘subversive’ labels on anyone who disagrees with government policy in any form whatsoever. As George W. Bush stated: “You are either with us or against us.” Indeed as the once cherished freedom to disagree is being removed altogether dissidents of any kind will eventually be forced to either leave their country altogether or risk being placed into one of the many concentration camps that have already been established in America, and quite probably also in Britain?
We are seeing the true faces of the new Hitler’s. Fascist governments have never hesitated to take harsh measures against their opponents, no matter who they are. The United States and Britain are simply doing what fascist governments have always done. Declaring war, and everything that means, on their own people is just a part of what fascists do wherever they are. You can’t be ‘neutral’ in any way. Fascists won’t tolerate that stance at all. They expect you to do whatever they want you to do without any dissent. And if you don’t or won’t do that then you become ‘the enemy’. There aren’t any half measures. Fascists expect your full unwavering support of whatever they do, and that includes the torture and murder of innocents, including your friends, neighbors and even your own family if they consider that necessary. If you don’t believe that you should read the information contained in the reference section below?
Britains own secret police MI5 and ‘The Special Branch’ have long been in the business of torture and murder. Any form of ‘dissent’ is quickly reported to them by millions of informers. America’s ‘Patriot Act’ has now gathered in its own army of informers who like the British breed think nothing of reporting on and turning in anyone who dares to show a spark of individualism. The ‘free democracy’ both countries continually boast about has become nothing more than a myth. As millions of other people all over the world now know. But many US and UK citizens are, alas, still under the delusions of ‘freedom’ that they have been psychologically brainwashed into accepting and believing. Those beliefs are being constantly reinforced by the ‘state media’ and politicians as under the ‘terrorist threat’ banner they proclaim that only a strong (fascist) government can save and protect them from harm, when in all truth their their own governments are the real terrorists and ‘being saved’ by them means giving up all their freedoms forever.
Forget about ‘going to law’ if you unfortunately become a dissident target of your own secret police. The law is what the government say it is – and if they choose to ignore their own laws whenever it suits them they will do just that. The Americans and the British ‘security forces’ have been harassing, torturing and murdering civilians for many years and to my knowledge none of them have ever been brought to justice for their crimes. That is why those state criminals go about their business with such confidence. They know without any doubt that the laws of the land don’t apply to them. They can do whatever they want to do without any fear of ever being brought to book by their government employers. They are indeed ‘above the law’ as history has proved, and as dissidents soon find out for themselves.
State torturers take great delight in their work. They are proud of what they do to their victims. So much so they make a point of making sure that as many people as possible know the results of it. In making their obscene terror known to as many people as possible they deter other people from making their own dissenting views known. These state monsters with their many informers and smear mongers quickly spread and even enhance the horrors of torture suffered by their targets. These vindictive degenerates are the same people who pretend to protect the public from harm. They all have two faces, the seen and the unseen. One as the saviors of mankind and the other as evil incarnate who brings death and destruction to all who wish to be free. They all hide under and inside anonymous organizations like the CIA, NSA, MI5, MI6 and their various ‘Special Branches’. There are other, even more secret, organizations employed by governments, who all do pretty much the same thing. They keep their criminal governments in power by launching secret actions against people who seek to make politicians honest and accountable to all rather than just a few powerful elite families who now all but rule the world. These monsters are all supported by secret ‘black budgets’ coming from governments who know that they wouldn’t survive without them. Who couldn’t survive without their lies and manipulations we have all come to accept as simply ‘being a part of how government works.’
Psychological warfare makes sure we continue in our stupid beliefs. Without it we wouldn’t have government’s, as we know them today. We would have honest and decent people running the affairs of state. Corruption wouldn’t flourish as it does now. Government would work for the benefit of us all, and wars would quickly become a thing of the past. Most of all people would become truly educated rather than brainwashed into idiocy. All of which are prospects our present rulers fear more than anything else. Fools are easy to manage. People who think and reason for themselves are seen as a great danger to fascist tyrants. They fear intelligence – most of all they fear being exposed for what they really are.
One of the psy-war weapons referred to in the videos below is used in Britain by the police ‘Special Branch’ against dissident British citizens, and has been so used for well over twenty five years - along with sleep deprivation, continuous harassment and other methods of coercion and repression. Over that period of time every politician in Britain has been notified of their use by dissident victims and other people, yet not a single politician from any political party has ever raised a finger in protest nor tried to prevent the use of these weapons against their own people. Every human and civil rights organization within Britain, including Amnesty International, has also been repeatedly informed of these abuses being committed by the ‘security forces’, yet they too have ignored these state criminals. They have done nothing whatsoever to expose them. This inside a country that hypocritically dares to boast about its ‘democracy and free speech’.
These deadly microwave weapons are also used in the United States against their dissident citizens. A huge list of known victims can be found on the Web site but that list is undoubtedly the mere tip of a very large iceberg.

'There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind. In the long run the sword is always beaten by the mind.' Napoleon Bonaparte

Dr Les Dove


Note: These references show how Psychological Warfare is conducted against ‘an enemy’ but remember, the enemy may well include you if you disagree with your government in America, Britain, Australia and some other countries? Remember also that Psywar actions against dissident’s includes so-called ‘none lethal weapons’ which can in fact very easily severely injure and kill you.

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