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          On the pretext of protecting the state the British Security Services have totally undermined national security by targeting, torturing and murdering anyone of note who dares to stand up for true democracy. MI5, MI6 and the Special Branch have been turned into the most extreme fascist organizations imaginable. By infiltrating their agents into every political organization in Britain they have come to dominate British politics totally and in doing so they have turned Britain into a police state.
          By using the vast resources available to them these sinister security organizations have and indeed still do smear and destroy the careers of many true British patriots. Through gross deceptions and lies opponents of British fascism have all but been decimated.  Many of these people have been driven out of the country, many more to 'suicide' whilst others who were more tenacious have been murdered in various so-called 'accidents.' The American security services have of course fully co-operated in these measures against British subjects.
          Always susceptible to smears of their opponents being ‘communists' the NSA and the CIA have always had a deep paranoia about such charges and have always readily agreed with anything their British security counterparts suggested. As a result a 'communist menace' was always widely exaggerated by MI5 so that their security organizations could gather in huge government funds to 'combat' such allegations, money, which more often than not, was used to reinforce internal fascism and the rise of British corporations, who despise trade unions and anyone who supports them, the result of that being the demise of any organization that truly supported the common people.
Trade union leaders especially were usually smeared by the media as being 'communist inspired' whilst human rights groups were secretly infiltrated and taken over so as to cut off any real exposure of the blatant human and civil rights abuses taking place within Britain, a deception that soon became known to all who approached such organizations for help. Indeed these organizations quickly became little more than mouthpieces for the British Intelligence Services, and unfortunately they still remain so today.
This sad state of affairs has allowed British security to continually use horrifying microwave weapons in their persecution and torture of dissidents for the last thirty years at least. The aforesaid 'human rights groups' have all known of these abuses for many years but not a single one of them has raised a finger to either protest at nor stop their use. The Russia federation has already passed a law prohibiting the use of these terrible weapons against Russian citizens. The European parliament has also passed a bill condemning their use. However, Britain entry into the European Union was so watered down in matters of 'security' EMF weapons continue to be used by MI5 and MI6 and the Special Branch (Britain’s Secret Police) against British subjects completely unchecked by anyone.  
          It is quite apparent that Britain now has a secret government, as did Italy back in the early nineties with the exposure of GLADIO when their own government became a tool for their own security fascists. Back then the Italian secret services had risen to become the real power in the country, just as the secret services have done in Britain today. In Italy their secret fascist government carried out many murders and atrocities against the Italian population, just as the British fascist security services now do in Britain.
Protests and calls from the British people to their so-called representatives in parliament to end these abuses have all gone unanswered, as these 'representatives' are quite apparently all under the control of the secret services. Being so the British people are powerless to do anything to stop these gross abuses of human and civil rights. The few ministers that did try to speak out against the infiltration of fascists into the government were quickly removed from office when Tony Blair became Prime Minister. Indeed, Tony Blair was himself 'outed' as an MI5 agent by ex-MI5 agent, David Shayler, and while in office Blair himself increased MI5 powers tremendously, whilst removing the few 'civil rights' that remained in Britain, so ordinary people there are powerless to legally help themselves in any way whatsoever. Blair will no doubt go down in history as one of the worst and most repressive Prime Ministers that Britain has ever had. Though even a little twerp like him will have to take second place to Margaret Thatcher, who could never offer up enough praise for fascists no matter how many people were tortured and murdered by them. Both of these misfits will probably always be described in glowing terms by the corporate media. One reporter at the Guardian once described Tony Blair as being the world’s greatest statesmen can you believe?
          Whatever, appeals to the British media to fully expose these abuses has gone totally ignored. The notorious British 'Official Secrets Act' has totally prevented the media there from reporting anything that alludes to the repression, torture and murder of British people within the United Kingdom, so their repression continues on as before totally unabated. Indeed, so starved are the British people for any real information of value most of them don't even know of the repression taking place within their own country. They simply believe without question whatever their media, including the BBC, tells them. All of which are totally under the control of MI5.
          MI5 and the police Special Branch have for a very long time been involved in terrorist acts of all kinds. They have discredited, framed and murdered people by the score. Many people who over the years were framed and imprisoned for 'terrorist activities' were in fact later found to be totally innocent of any crime and eventually after many years in prison they were released and pardoned. MI6 - MI5 and the Special Branch however did and do commit many terrorist acts, which includes large scale drug dealing, and the torture of British dissidents, both internal and external. They have also been responsible for the bombing and the murder of many innocent men, women and children in Ireland, which they then blamed on the IRA.
The murder of lawyer Pat Finucane in front of his wife and children was particularly gruesome. A report in the Guardian (June 25th, 2007) stated that Special Branch agents were “allowed to operate without effective control and to participate in terrorist crimes.” The former Met chief also said his investigations were willfully obstructed and misled over the Finucane murder. Along with the CIA, these agents are also deeply suspected of being involved in the murder of PC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan embassy too, which was then blamed on Libya, yet not a single one of these state-sponsored British terrorists has been brought to justice for their crimes. They all protect themselves and their own misdeeds like the state gangsters they are, and they get away with it every time without censure of any kind. Therefore they have no hesitation at all in carrying out acts of terrorism against their own people let alone anyone else. They simply do so as a matter of course so long as it suits their fascist objectives. These state criminals are quite obviously prepared to do whatever they consider is necessary to achieve their aims no matter what the cost, in human lives or otherwise.
          In his book 'Spycatcher' ex-MI5 agent Peter Wright foretold of the British security services being taken over by right wings extremists. His prediction turned out to be true on every count. MI5 has been taken over by fascists, with the help of the American NSA and the CIA of course. Who have also taken over many other governments worldwide and in doing so they have used their vast powers to totally corrupt and all but take over the entire machinery of government in Britain? The British public, naive to a fault, has allowed them to get away with it every step of the way. They have become prisoners of their own ignorance, ready to believe any deception no matter how outrageous or horrific. So democracy within Britain has been completely destabilized. Which no doubt was the sole intention of these 'security organizations' in the first place. They have secured not the rule of law but, as in the United States, rule by the corporations, who are now also dictating how Britain is misled. That is why every potential Prime Minister runs to the CBI (Confederation of British Industries) with their cap in hand. For without CBI blessing today nobody can even get near to Downing Street, let alone inside the office of Prime Minister.
          Indeed, the corruption of British politics has become almost absolute. Any honest politician wouldn’t last five minutes today. He, or she, would in fact never be allowed into the political arena in the first place. MI5 and the Special Branch carry out the vetting of all politicians in Britain. They would prevent anyone getting into office unless they were corrupt. So looking to change the rotten system from within the system itself is a total waste of time.  As things now are the British people have very few choices. They can choose to become fascists themselves, leave the country altogether or start a revolution to bring back honest government. The latter however seems highly unlikely as informers of every type and over 4 million CCTV cameras constantly staring at the population, security surveillance in Britain is thick on the ground. Any type of insurrection would have to be planned and carried out in total secrecy from somewhere abroad.  An event which would require great courage, vast sums of money and a lot of brainpower, plus the fact that the ‘security services’ and the New World Order now co-operate on a worldwide basis, so that option is pretty much out of the running too.  Sad though it is the British don’t have a lot to look forward to in the coming years, unless they prefer slavery.
          Through fascism and control of the mainstream press American politics has also become all but totally corrupt. The Americans however do at least still have some freedom of expression. Mainly on the Internet, and they have used it to a huge extent. Whilst some British Internet sites highly critical of British political and police corruption have been taken down by MI5 many American Web sites have no hesitation at all in calling their own President and politicians crooks and blatant liars, to say the very least. Alex Jones in particular says exactly what needs saying whenever he gets the chance, as do other American dissidents who strive for the truth and are prepared to go down in trying to get it out to the public at large.
In Britain only David Icke now comes close to doing that. Most British Web sites that did the same have already been closed down. However many outspoken American dissidents seem to have a problem defining the difference between fascists, liberals and communists? Having soaked up so much government propaganda about the mythical ‘communist menace’ and ‘liberalism’ over the years, it seems that many American’s cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that it is their own far right, none of whom are liberals or communists, who has destroyed their constitution and turned their country into a police state. Speaking the truth as dissidents see it in either country can, and sometimes does, get some people murdered by their respective ‘criminal security services’ so being prepared to die for what you believe in has become an essential part of political dissent wherever you live. Claims by both countries of having ‘free speech’ needs to be taken in with a large dose of salt. You may well be able to say something against government corruption but that doesn’t mean you won’t in some way have to pay for your comments later? The American ‘patriot’ act, which has already been abused over a thousand times, means that there are just as many informers in America today as there are in Britain. Moreover, political power brokers who are more than prepared to blatantly murder thousands of their own citizens to gain more power have nothing to loose by murdering a few hundred more to protect their gains.
Whatever, the recent revelations of corporate corruption by some very prominent insiders has opened the eyes of many Americans who previously thought that such allegations were nothing but ‘conspiracy theories’? But when fact after fact documents the deceptive goings on of various branches of government and corporate control of it they are theories no longer, they are solid facts and can be proven to be so. But all recent attempts to remove corrupt high politicians from office mainly seem to have failed miserably. One can’t help but get the impression that many people like being misled and deceived by their rulers. Indeed it makes you wonder if there is a truly honest politician left anywhere in the world?
One fact does stand out above all others; the whole system of government needs a drastic overhaul. When so many politicians, our so-called representatives, are all so ignorant, rotten and corrupt then quite obviously there are some very serious flaws in our political systems. Unless those flaws are rectified then we our children and their children have nothing of value to look forward to. Unless you consider fascism and the slavery it always produces a blessing, which I most definitely do not. So whilst we may not be able to legally overturn our phony governments and rid ourselves of the political crooks and the gangsters who protect them, we don’t have to buy and read their lies, deceptions and propaganda in the state controlled press. Nor do we have to vote when a vote counts for nothing anyway, they are both just a waste of time. They simply gives credence to a political charade which serves only to snare and entrap the unwary into doing whatever crooked Prime Ministers and Presidents want them to. So don’t do it. Don’t read their propaganda, and don’t give them a mandate to do anything. Because whatever they do they do for themselves, never for ordinary people. So far as politicians are concerned we the people count for nothing at all, as history has well proved. We are viewed as little more than cannon fodder and consumers as we have pretty much always been by the monsters that now control us. Decency and truth in our political world now seems to have taken a one-way ticket to oblivion. As Stalin said "those who vote decide nothing - those who count the votes decide everything". There's a mountain of evidence proving that voting machines have been rigged, both in Britain and America - so the election process is now nothing but a selection process for the elite in backroom deals.
Dr Les Dove
July 1st 2007
"A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience."
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing tactics, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception - Mark Twain
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