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The only things that appear to be booming in America today are homeless shelters and soup kitchens. New York city's homeless shelter population has been mounting steadily for years, from 21,100 people per night in 1998 to 35,200 in April 2007, an increase of about 65 percent. The number of children has now increased by 18 percent, to over 14,000. Even many people there who have jobs cannot afford to eat properly. It has become a matter of paying the rent or eating, one or the other but not both. In many American states, 100 people at least are loosing their homes every day. The huge financial scandal there brought on by sheer greed has brought millions upon millions of citizens down to the level faced by other people living in third world countries. And for the third time the Americans are seriously thinking about a revolution to change the way their country is being run. There has been scandal after scandal in their country followed by so many lies they can’t be counted. They even have a president accused of war crimes and murder. Indeed, the trust in the American government has fallen to an all-time low. So much so, that plans to put combat ready troops out on to the city streets are now in force. The people have had enough – and it is finally beginning to show. They don’t just want a new president anymore they want an entirely new political system that represents them – not the corporations who have long dominated the American political system and who now all but own every politician in the country. The people want and are demanding real change and will be satisfied with nothing less.

The American Kennedy assassinations and the cover-up – Martin Luther King assassination and the cover-up – Oklahoma City bombing and the cover-up – The World Trade Center and Building Seven cover-up, the Pentagon cover-up, British London bombing cover-up and finally the latest banking scandal that has brought America and other countries almost to their knees. All huge tragedies that have in one way, or another effected every one of us. These terrible crimes should have all been thoroughly investigated and the facts concerning them fully explained and exposed to a public that cried out for the whole truth about them to be told. But it wasn’t and still hasn’t been. What we did get was evasions and lies of every description from almost every official quarter, right up to and including the presidents and prime ministers of the day. No matter how many none- government experts came out with documented evidence that effectively contradicted the ‘official stories’ of these events, they were all ‘officially’ denied a proper hearing. Indeed, the ‘official media’ goes out of its way to denigrate anyone who dares to voice an independent view of any of the many serious issues that surrounded us in the past or even today.

Whilst the United Kingdom and the United States both continually carp on about ‘freedom of speech and expression’, the only people who are truly allowed to freely vent those virtues are the ones that agree with those in power, whether they be government spokesmen or the hugely wealthy industrialists and corporations that control governments. Politicians in government who were elected to serve the interests of the people as a whole almost always remain strangely silent when vast crimes committed by governments are exposed to public view, unless of course those governments serve the vested interests of Britain and the United States, then they are supported no matter how corrupt they are. They all appear to band together as one to protect ‘the state’ no matter how barbaric or corrupt that state my have become. The few politicians who have spoken out against corrupt government actions are deemed ‘unpatriotic’ and denounced by the ‘state media’ who even go so far as to call them ‘traitors.’

Genuine patriots who refuse to be fobbed off with government fairy tales are more often than not warned off by state ‘security services’ of various kinds all of whom also band together in efforts to silence dissenters by any means available to them, legal or not. Which serves as a warning to anyone else who might in any way wish their own truth to become public knowledge? Such people might appeal to their Member of Parliament or their Congress for help or protection when such threats are directed at them but these plea’s invariably go unanswered. Politicians who supposedly represent ordinary people are usually very afraid of ‘rocking the boat’ in any serious way, least their own careers bite the dust. Indeed ‘their own careers’ seem to be the only thing that really matters to most politicians once they are elected. One thing that has now become abundantly clear is that our ‘democracies’ have been proven to be no more than the myths most people have long suspected them to be. Only fools still believe the lies, deceptions and propaganda coming out of Downing Street or the White House. These houses of power are and have been occupied by nothing more than elite corporate crooks for a very long time. Certainly long, enough to convince a tired and wary public that they have no say in anything at all that is considered as being important. The general public is simply looked upon as consumers by the authorities, and if they don’t consume they aren’t considered at all.

A peaceful revolution to right all the many wrongs visited upon the British and an American population is certainly long overdue. People have a right to decent and honest representation no matter where they live. It has become glaringly obvious that change in these countries won’t come through the ballot box. The ballots are rigged in both countries, more so today than ever before. In Britain the Queens military security services makes very sure nobody threatens her savage stranglehold over the country. They operate totally outside of any law and do whatever they wish without censure of any kind. In America, the ballot box has brazenly been thwarted by the rigged and now notorious Diebold voting machines, along with other rotten methods that crooked politicians and their minions have used to make sure that only corporations and their bought politicians continue to misrule their country.

If real democracy can take root in other countries to get rid of their corrupt and rotten dictators there is no reason at all why true democracy can’t take root in Britain and America. But make no mistake; a revolt that has real democracy for its aim will be violently apposed by the very powerful in both these countries. Their regimes like to talk a lot about ‘freedom and democracy’ but when it comes down to actually providing it, they will do everything in their power to prevent it becoming a reality. So a peaceful revolution as has happened in Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, South Africa, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia and elsewhere might not be possible. Asking for political change is one thing, demanding it is quite another. In attempts to scare the public into supporting them government spokesmen have gotten into the habit of accusing anyone apposing them of committing the same evil acts that our own governments have been secretly committing all over the world for years. Therefore, a whole gamut of charges will be brought against anyone demonstrating for true democracy in Britain or America. They will of course be accused of being ‘communists or communist inspired’, that goes almost without saying. “Trying to overthrow democracy’ will be next on the list, as will charges of being ‘subversives, anarchists’ and ‘terrorists’ along with a string of other charges all aimed at inflaming any section of the public who is stupid enough to believe anything if they read it in the state press or see on television. And let’s be honest – there are still a lot of those people out there. But they aren’t thinkers or doers; they will quickly fall in line when they see millions upon millions of good strong people out on the streets calling for real change. They always do, these people are followers not leaders.

And there is something else to consider. When the so-called leaders in Britain and America finally do realize that an open revolution is really in earnest, they won’t simply step down from office and give up their power as would happen in a proper democracy. Because they don’t believe in true democracy, they never have. So, they will turn out the police and the troops in force. They will be fully armed and be quite prepared to use those arms against anyone apposing them if ordered to do so. Whether that opposition is a strong man, a young boy or an elderly grandmother will make no difference at all. Kent State proved that, as have other incidents. The police and other security forces will also undoubtedly plant weapons and provocateurs amongst the protesters. Many of them may well be shot and killed without a seconds thought. Because that is what happens in police states, so remove any doubts you may have on that score. Britain and America have already been responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people all over the world, they won’t hesitate to kill more, even in their own countries. No matter how many people appose their dictatorships. Blood will be shed and lives will be lost. Whether or not you believed your country capable of taking such action against you simply for demanding true democracy and real freedom will be proved one way or the other. Whatever, that is the price that has unfortunately to be paid for true democracy. Real change doesn’t come cheap. It never has. But if it’s any consolation, there will be many other countries cheering the people on. Whatever sacrifice they make won’t be in vain. And the alternative media will certainly give protesters good coverage, even if the mainstream state media won’t. As will the Internet, whose many alternative Web sites can be expected to spread the news of real change in Britain and America all over the world as it happens.

Protestors should also remember that many concentration camps have already been built in the United States, along with special trains to take many thousands of prisoners to them. So, it stands to reason that the authorities have been long expecting a huge uprising from the masses of people who are no longer prepared to submit to government tyranny of any kind, particularly from their own government. As in Germany under the Nazis, these American internment camps will after an uprising soon be filled with outraged dissenting citizens. There also appears to be little doubt that prisoners in these camps will receive treatment that is any different than that dished out by the Nazis, simply because many of today’s so-called leaders in Britain and America have exactly the same mindset as the Nazis did. They have proven that over the last fifty years in other countries all over the world, so it would be foolish to believe that citizens of Britain or America would be treated any differently. I know for sure they won’t in Britain. I have already personally experienced the horrors of its police state and Nazi henchmen. My own research, along with other researchers in America, leaves me in no doubt about what happens to dissenters there now and will in the future. Indeed, military exercises have already taken place throughout the United States in case Martial Law is declared. Senators are already being pressured to allow such an action and they may well do so in the very near future. Some American soldiers who were serving in Iraq have as a precaution already been transferred back home to the states in preparation for any actions that they may have to take against their own fellow American citizens anywhere in the country.

Surprisingly ten’s of millions of people in Britain and America still somehow believe that they have some kind of protection against state tyranny under their so-called Bill’s of Rights, particularly so in America where people constantly refer to their ‘Constitution’ as it being the mother of all constitutions. However, during the last few years any protections these ‘Constitutions’ offered to citizens have been rendered totally worthless in almost every respect by the introduction of various ‘Patriot and Terrorist Acts’. So, not only will these ‘Constitutions’ not protect anyone from being persecuted, or worse, by ‘the state’ or it’s agents, protestors will in fact be considered as some kind of ‘terrorist’ by the FBI simply for referring to such a document as a defense against any actions they may take against demonstrators. The truth is that today citizens have no defense whatsoever against any actions ‘the state’ may take against them. All their so-called ‘Civil Rights’ have been removed. So, any British or American citizen who really is seriously thinking about joining ‘the revolution’ must be fully prepared for all eventualities when the true face of their government is finally revealed.

‘Patriotism means supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.’
Mark Twain


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