Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yes, Americans have had another wake-up call, and this time they are really listening to it. It is election time and yet again another two politicians are telling them the same old story that it is time for change and that they are the men to bring that change about. But the sad truth is little more than ‘a likely story’ as the British would say, because the same huge corporations financially back both of these political candidates for the presidency. They are the same corrupt corporate forces that back almost all American political candidates. And so, those corporations will as usual be first in line when the election winner finally sits in the president’s office in the White House ready to do business. Those corporate forces will then all but demand that their interests be served first, which in effect means whatever was done for them by the last president will also be expected to be duplicated by the new one. And, as both of the presidential candidates have already stated, both are intent on doing just that – it is only the extent of that intent that is in doubt.

This particular election has galvanized American public into political action as never before. After eight years of suffering under the rule of a criminal president, who has turned the United States into an international pariah, brought the country close total ruin and made it all but a laughing stock. The people have had enough. They do indeed need change. But not the usual change at election time when one President is simply exchanged for another and things go on exactly as before. No, the people now want real change, and the real accountability of those who rule over them, two things that American’s have never had before. All of their previous elections have in fact been little more than scams where a belief in American democracy and freedom were once again reinforced within a huge televised charade that promised everything but offered nothing but the same old lies and deceptions politicians have always handed out. And now, finally, many millions of Americans have come to realize just that. Another fraudulent election will bring Americans out onto the streets in their millions.

When people work hard all their lives and pay their taxes, they rightly expect and deserve fair and proper representation. And when they do retire they also expect to be able to live their last few years decently and without want. That is after all what they have worked and saved for. As most of us have and do. Having those saving stolen or frittered away by people and investors they trusted then afterwards being thrown out onto the street because they couldn’t pay their rent or mortgage as a result of that betrayal is a disaster not easily faced or forgotten. Yet, this is exactly what has happened to untold millions of American citizens that now suddenly find themselves and their families out on the street, living in tents and feeding out of charitable soup kitchens, that have by necessity grown in size throughout most American cities. It is indeed a calamity most Americans never dreamed of experiencing. Something akin to the Great Depression, they had years ago but now again being relived by them all over again.

Of course, were the United States a true democracy, there would be no doubt. Knowing what the people wanted the new president would simply carry out their wishes to the best of his ability, irrespective of who did or not help to put him in power. But as any decent researcher now knows, America isn’t a democracy. That is simply a political ploy that has been used to fool the population into believing it is. The real truth is that America is actually run by a tiny percentage of the population, whose wealth and power controls and therefore dictates almost every action their president takes.

All presidents are in effect ‘owned’ by this tiny group of corporate elitists. There hasn’t been a single president that has been truly independent and willing to do what the vast majority of the population wanted him to do. They have all followed the dictates of the huge corporations doing whatever they desired, irrespective of anything the general public might have wanted them to do, and that my friend’s is fascism. As American government’s actions in supporting other brutal fascist governments all over the world has clearly shown – fascism is America’s own true system of government. So, the blatant and now commonplace rigging of elections that support far right candidates is easily explained; that is what fascists have always done and will continue to do. That is why both sides of the American congress have never supported the introduction of electronic voting machines that deliver printouts of exactly who was really voted for. Those printouts could be used to check and verify whether or not an election had been rigged, and that is something most American politicians don’t want. But many other methods of rigging elections are also used, so the cards are well and truly stacked against anyone who truly desires real democracy from any candidate no matter who they pretend to represent.

In my own country, Britain, the security services there make very sure that anyone who in any way wishes to change their corrupt political system for the betterment of all never gets into office in the first place. Anyone who does get into any political position of note has to swear their allegiance not to the people as such but to the British queen herself, along with her minions who have never been anything else but fascists. In Britain most of the people have long been manipulated into idiocy and they are quite convinced that they live in a ‘democracy’ simply because their ‘state media’ repeatedly tells them they do, so the British too have become stupid enough to believe almost anything they read in their newspapers or see on television. Accordingly, there is little if any difference at all between the deep political corruptions in either Britain or America.

But these two countries aren’t alone in their political deceptions by any means. Similar fascist regimes exist all over the world, most of which call their own political systems democratic, when in fact they are nothing of the kind. Yet, such is the power of psychology and clever political ploys most of the people in all these countries will swear on their lives that they live in a ‘democracy.’ Indeed, millions of people have died in ridiculous wars believing just that, as many more millions will die on future battlefields foolishly believing they are fighting to uphold their ‘freedom and democracy’ at home, wherever that may be, whilst the corporate fascists who sent them off to die are laughing their heads off as they count the huge fortunes they are making from their stupid unjust wars. And they will continue to do so as long as we let them get away with it. Just as we do their mortgage and other banking scams that have trapped an unwary public into tying themselves into all kinds of loans they cannot possibly repay.

Yes, I know that most of these peopled should have known better than to allow themselves to be conned into all these government-approved scams. But they haven’t been educated against these rotten corruptions. They have been brainwashed into freely accepting them as being necessary and good for the economy. Borrowing and spending, they have been told is good for them. Buy a new car, live in a splendid house, wear the best clothes and eat in the best restaurants. With a good credit card, anything is possible they say. And indeed, the public came to believe that it was. And there are hundreds of millions of these foolish people all over the world living in a dream they can’t possibly afford. As so many, more of them have just discovered.

Had our political representatives and governments kept an open eye on these various business scams they could have prevented many of these corporate abuses that did and still are taking place. But they didn’t and still don’t. They gave their full approval to all of them, knowing the inevitable outcome of such reckless business policies. They knew that eventually the bubble would burst, that people would loose their homes, businesses and jobs finishing up on what can only be called a scrap heap. But they didn’t give a damn, because they had ‘got theirs’ and they couldn’t care less about anybody else, they never really had. Once in office they simply went along with the rest of the rotten politicians doing what all the others did whilst waiting for the next election that would hopefully allow them to carry on doing exactly the same crazy things as before. Only a very few of them took any real interest in the public or their affairs, those that did and dared to speak out against the corrupt political system were in one way or another removed from office or to another part of the system where they could not affect it in any meaningful way.

So yes, we do need change and a far better system of government. Not the pretence of democracy as we now have, but true democracy where politicians are instantly accountable to the entire populace and where corrupt politicians of any political color can be removed from office instantly and barred from ever standing for public office again. There can be no more ‘black budgets’ and censorship that hide illegal actions by secret security services who covertly spend untold billions on fermenting wars and forcibly overturning democracies in other countries, only to turn them into fascist dictatorships that resemble their own. Everything in our governments should be open and above board. Censorship and Secrecy breeds more secrecy that inevitably leads to widespread corruption of all kinds. We have had too much of that already. It is time to open the books, time the cleaners came in and swept away all the rotten political garbage forever, which means that politicians of the future must serve the interests of all the people not just the few wealthy elitists as they do at present. But most of all the public must be truly educated into political reality, which means the media must stop manipulating them into believing lies and deceptions and start spreading the truth for a change instead of ignoring it. And that may just turn out to be the best change for all of us.

Those people who are fortunate enough to survive the present financial crisis will hopefully keep an open mind in the future. Governments too will think twice before they start recklessly trading across borders. Trying to make a fast buck without thinking ahead is not the way to go. Leaders should concentrate upon solidly developing their own economies rather than trying to emulate other economies abroad, which may well be overblown and overpriced if not outright fantasies, as some have now been shown to be. But most of all they should think twice before involving themselves with the United States and Britain. They are the evil devious twins of commerce as history well proves. They do nothing that won’t hugely enrich their masters no matter what the cost, whether it is money, land or lives. Whatever their promises are to you, you trust their governments at your peril. They conspire together; following each other’s example, doing whatever it takes to gain their rotten fascist ends, as a viewing of the documentary video ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man’ and other research readily shows. If these countries conspire against, murder their own people and have to rig elections to remain in power, what do you think they have done and will continue to do elsewhere in the world?

“Whatever you do don’t tell my mother I work in the White House – she thinks I play piano in a whore house."

Dr Les Dove



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