Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Here we go again, as usual whenever elite government gangsters are faced with having to accept even a mild form of democracy they start shouting and raving about ‘a communist threat’ when they themselves have been the real threat all along. A fascist threat that has dominated and fooled their citizens into believing their lies and deceptions over the last fifty years at least! What these deceivers don’t care to shout about is the fact that China, a communist nation, has through giving the United States vast and continuous loans, kept its rotten fascism from going under for years on end. But now, even China can’t save American capitalism from its own corruption. The rot is just too bad and far too deep, yet America still hasn’t thrown in the towel. In vain attempts to save themselves America’s secret rulers have decided to sacrifice the entire nation if need be. Indeed, they are prepared to do anything at all, including starting a nuclear war, if doing so will maintain the pretence of their so-called ‘democracy’ and its own greedy corrupt and disintegrating banking system. A system that managed to fool many other banks all over the world into following the same devious business practices that in the end could only lead to their utter disgrace and possible failure.

That few banks have, so far, failed is due to a government bailout. So once again, taxpayer’s money has been used in a face-saving measure that has in no way corrected the many errors by a banking industry that should have had more integrity and far better judgment but didn’t. As a result, millions of people have and will continue to loose their homes and their businesses.

That the American people could tolerate an ignorant and uncaring fascist tyrant, as George W. Bush has proven himself to be, is remarkable to say the least. Though not so remarkable was that such a man was elected to their highest office in the first place. Americans have become notable for their political ignorance, and their ability to readily believe almost any lie or deception their politicians utter, no matter how blatant. They can’t even tell the difference between a socialist and a communist. Americans have been brainwashed into believing that there is no difference at all. So, when some bird-brain of a politician like Sarah Palin starts ranting about a ‘communist takeover’ millions of stupid Americans will no doubt believe her without having a second thought, which is of course exactly what Palin wants. Fear is what has kept the people of America in line, willing to do anything that keeps any ‘imaginary foe’ from having anything at all to do with running the country in any way whatsoever.

That the false fear induced by politicians has led to the trashing of the American constitution and the removal of almost all of their ‘rights’ appears to have meant nothing to most citizens. That they have been used and abused in so many ways by their so-called leaders seems not to have registered at all. That their greatest enemy is not socialism or communism but their own government, is for most American’s entirely unthinkable. Indeed, so dumbed-down have they become they rarely think for themselves at all. When brave independent leaders in other countries are elected by and truly intend to serve those who elected them Americans are all too ready to believe that such leaders are ‘communist inspired’ rather than ‘inspired by true freedom’ which was the cause of their election to the highest office, simply because American’s have never known true and real freedom, as their history clearly shows.

A huge never ending propaganda campaign has led Americans into positively believing that they live in the greatest and freest country on earth when in fact they have always been totally controlled by a tiny fascist fraction of their population that has without fail trampled civil and human rights wherever it found them beginning to flower. Slavery, of both black and white people, was hugely popular in America during its early years, and when poor people tried to organize proper unions to defend themselves they were brutally put down and replaced by corrupt thugs who always gave in to government pressure. State Governor’s and the police were always mostly corrupt, just as most still are, whilst anyone who even dared to try and organize decent honest leadership in government was framed, imprisoned or assassinated. As they still are. Whilst the claims of a free press in America are also blatantly untrue. The mainstream media in America is now and has been controlled by the CIA for at least fifty years. Just as MI5 controls the media in Britain. Censorship of the mainstream press, both direct and indirect, is absolute in both countries. What we do know about government corruption today is due largely to the Internet, never the popular press which always prominently features whatever the government wants people to believe, which is rarely the whole truth about any subject. That is why governments are so eager to take over the Internet completely, which they may well do in time. That means the CIA will be running the Internet in America and MI5 will be running it in the United Kingdom. If that does happen you can say goodbye to the truth forever, you will be lucky to see or hear it ever again.

In the meantime, the American Government is trying to think of a way it can extract itself from the current deplorable mess it has made of the country. So again, more wars will be on their agenda. War, any war, self-induced or not always takes on a life of its own and unfailingly distracts people from thinking too much about anything else. Wars also gives emergency powers to tyrants who use that vast power to put down any insurrection or revolt a population may be thinking of bringing about. An event that George W. Bush and his gang of thieves and liars are well prepared for. As are his tame generals and police chiefs throughout America, all of whom undoubtedly will ‘carry out their orders’ no matter how anti-democratic or authoritarian they may be. So those dumbed-down Americans who continually believed all of Bush’s lies over the years and their own illusions of democracy will no doubt get quite a shock when his Nazi storm troopers start shooting protesters down on the streets and start carting off the survivors to concentration camps and worse.

Make no mistake, Gorge W. Bush or any fascist successor to him will do exactly that to hold on to their total power over American citizens. They have to if they are to survive and hold on to the fortunes they have gained through defrauding the American people. To submit to real democracy would mean the eventual arrest and public trial for all those people in and out of government who have rigged elections and all but stripped America clean, hidden their ill-gotten gains in offshore banking accounts, and started wars, declared or not, that have unlawfully killed millions of innocent civilians all over the world. These are the monsters that have brought the United States close to ruin and may yet succeed in doing so given half the chance. Their acts against the American people cannot be glossed over in any respect. These criminals must all be removed from power if the country is to regain respect internationally in any way at all. Justice must be done and indeed, seen to be done. If it is not then you can say goodbye America, forever.

To keep himself and his criminal associates out of The International Criminal Court for committing gross human rights crimes and other criminal acts, as did Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush may stage yet another ‘false flag operation’, a huge and ‘tragic distraction’ right at home in America. Not something like 9/11 mind you, that was far too small an atrocity for what he and his henchmen might now have in mind. Three thousand or a few more deaths won’t bring the results he’s looking for. He needs something really big and so monstrous it will shock every one of his syncopates into immediate abeyance and acceptance of anything that he demands, including the arrest and imprisonment of half the population if he deems that necessary for his survival. A nuclear device would do that. Were such a weapon used on Americans, Bush the tyrant would have no hesitation whatsoever about unleashing American military might and power on any government or people he wanted to including his own, which would of course mean any of the countries that now appose his fascist foreign and domestic policies. Excepting of course, those countries that also have nuclear arms and are quite prepared to use them in retaliation should they be attacked by American forces? George W. Bush is a bully. He would never dare attack anyone capable of fully defending their country. Were he to do so he knows beyond any doubt that the United States of America would be wiped off the face of the earth within a few minutes. So no, he won’t do that. What he would do is to attack a country totally unable to defend itself against nuclear weapons, after which his tame media would, as it did on 9/11, bring out fabrication after fabrication, and lie after lie to back up and excuse anything ‘the president’ had supposedly been ‘forced to do to defend the country from communism, terror and the forces of evil’. That you can bet on. And that is why the United States has always apposed the World Criminal Court. America has as a nation committed so many crimes against humanity probably every president ever elected would have been arrested by the World Court, tried and duly hung.

The American dollar today is no longer the king of currencies. It can no longer be trusted to retain its value from one day to the next. The European Euro has already beaten the American dollar into the ground, and that in its turn may well fall to the Chinese Yuan or the Japanese Yen as the most stable and trusted currencies. Indeed, the formation of new truly democratic governments in South America has already led them to believe that the American dollar has no real future at all and so they are in the process of talking about a new currency altogether, which was only to be expected considering the terrible decline of America.

If George W. Bush declares Martial Law, as he might well do if the American people decide to revolt, his so-called ‘War on Terror’ can then be fully implemented within the American mainland. That would effect every person in the country to a degree they never ever expected simply because the entire population will be viewed as potential ‘terrorists’. Indeed, some political dissenters already have been labeled as such. As may anybody else who dares to try and actually use their so-called democratic rights of protest against internal tyranny and repression in America? So those who are brave enough to join such a protest grouping might well loose their homes, if they haven’t already, added to which everything else they own will be confiscated by the state. So being carted off to some concentration camp out in the wilderness somewhere won’t be the only thing they have to worry or protest about by any means. The fact of such people, or victims should I say, not being ‘real’ terrorists won’t matter a dot. Under the present US laws now in effect the government, or any of its agents, don’t have to prove anything before they arrest any American citizen. Purely a perception of anyone being ‘a terrorist’ is enough to cast any citizen into a pit of hell they never suspected existed, possibly forever. So, welcome to the gulag and the real America folks. You will at last finally know and appreciate what real patriots, American or otherwise, have been suffering for all of these past years. But most of all you will discover the depth your ignorance and the true nature of your own country.

The mere prospect of a black American like Barack Obama taking the office of President has already brought out the worst of American racists. Threats of him being assassinated by neo-Nazis cannot be taken lightly. The hatred of white supremacists against anyone but their own kind runs deep. The real possibility of political change that Barack Obama talks about and what America badly needs may be a long way from the change Americans actually hope to get in the coming months and years.

“The CIA is not an intelligence agency. In fact, it acts largely as an anti-intelligence agency, producing only that information wanted by policymakers to support their plans and suppressing information that does not support those plans. As the covert action arm of the president, the CIA uses disinformation, much of it aimed at the U.S. public, to mold opinion. It employs the gamut of disinformation techniques from forging documents to planting and discovering “communist” weapons caches. But the major weapon in its arsenal of disinformation is the “intelligence” it feeds to policymakers.”

Ralph McGhee: a 25-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency.

"A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get."
Ian Williams Goddard

Dr Les Dove


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Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing tactics, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception - Mark Twain

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