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The leaders of the so-called ‘free world’, three of which are Britain, the United States and Israel, are today all shaking in their boots as never before. Not because of Iran or other mythical foreign enemies but simply out of fear of their own populations. The worldwide spread of political truth through the Internet has clearly shown anyone with a grain of intelligence how the above governments have lied to and manipulated their populations over the last fifty years at least, and people everywhere are at last finally beginning to realize how these scams that have been played upon them.

The originators of these huge political scams have used politicians, the military, paramilitary police forces and the media to enforce their deceptions, usually under the guise of protecting citizens from some supposed evil, whether that be criminals of one kind or another or foreign governments that ‘threaten democracy’ and the ‘freedom’ citizens are supposed to enjoy, neither of which has in truth been fully applied in any of the above countries. Indeed, when anyone in these countries has stood up and demanded real freedom many of them have been ruthlessly denigrated, put down, imprisoned or assassinated by their governments.

The ‘democracy’ people are said to enjoy is the rule over them by less than 1% of the entire population which is usually fronted by royalty and the wealthy few elitists who by various means control the assets of their country, while ‘freedom’ means no more than people being free to live by doing exactly as they are told by those who tower over and dominate them with an iron fist, which is hardly democracy as most people imagine it to be.

These fabled ‘freedoms’ are enforced by a continuous procession of politicians that go along with the game as they pretend to represent ‘the people’ and defend ‘their rights’ when all along they know that the only rights they will ever protect are those of ‘their masters’ which was the only reason the ‘security services’ ever allowed them to become involved in ‘politics’ in the first place. So-called ‘opposition’ political parties when in power have clearly shown themselves to be no more than a part of the same old charade that allows the deceptions to continue on exactly as before.

Research today can very quickly prove what kind of ‘democracy and freedom’ the above three countries really believe in. Britain’s military security services MI5 and MI6 and the police Special Branch have always been headed by hard headed royalists and fascists who have been quick to put down any perceived real opposition to royalty - without any reference to any law that might restrict their efforts in any way. These organizations are the strongholds of the British queens terrorists and as such, they denigrate, frame, torture and murder at will anyone they consider to be a threat to her rule. This is the kind of ‘democracy’ they protect.

The United States is no better in any respect. Indeed, it is even worse. Their National Security Agency, NSA, the FBI and the CIA, plus various other secret agencies, have spread their rejection and repression of any ‘opposition’ to the USA all over the world. Not content with denigrating and assassinating political dissidents in America they have spread their sinister phony version of ‘democracy’ to so many other countries that the USA has now become the most hated country in the entire world. So much so that even some of the dumbest of Americans are themselves beginning to question their own government true objectives, which is really saying something, considering just how politically brainwashed most Americans are!

That Israel too has literally thrown away the goodwill of so many people worldwide is astonishing to say the least. That a country who suffered so much under the Nazis, but who is now eagerly duplicating that Nazi evil against the Palestinians in many ways, boggles the mind. Who on earth can be leading them to such madness?

When countries such as the above turn to wholesale repression, authorize the torture, and murder of their own citizens plus millions of other people, what are they trying to protect? True democracies don’t torture and murder anyone, let alone their own people. But Britain, America and Israel now use torture and the worst kinds of repression simply as a matter of course. Indeed, they appear to delight in using such methods. That a huge number of their unfortunate victims are in fact innocent of any crime whatsoever seems to matter to them not at all. The end justifies the means they tell us, but what can the end result of such terror be, but more terror still – for almost everyone.

Of course, the use of such terrible methods against any perceived ‘opposition’ might simply just be a warning to us all from the authorities. For simply labeling, any ‘dissident’ as being a ‘terrorist’ will be all that is needed by them to torture and murder any of us. What was thought to be ‘our civil rights’ have been removed completely. They no longer exist under the so-called terrorist laws that have been introduced. Anyone – under any excuse that serves ‘security purposes’ can be arrested, denied legal council, imprisoned forever, tortured and murdered by any of the above countries and there isn’t a damn thing the victims of such repression can do about it – nothing!

Yet this is democracy we are repeatedly told – and indeed asked to protect it would you believe? So, these tyrannical governments, their security services and their masters have laid it on the line for us. They have shown us graphic examples of their tyranny. Agree to whatever they demand, no matter how mad, degrading or just plain stupid those demands may be. Agree with us or else they say? It brings to mind that old saying about ‘dying on your feet or living on your knees’ doesn’t it. Well, the Chinese and Koreans refused to live on their knees, as did the Vietnamese. The people of Iraq are doing the same in trying to free their own country from American oppression. And so should we. If the people in Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia and other countries can elect leaders and governments who truly do represent their peoples interests so can we. These countries aren’t our enemies they are our friends and a good example to us. Fortunately, the United States appears to be on the way out of dominating the entire world. It is broke, bankrupt and deeply in the red, only being kept afloat by huge injections of capital borrowed from China. It’s rotten greed and corruption has come home to roost as most American’s are now seeing for them selves. People who retired there are by necessity now having to think about going back to work again just to survive. It is time for a new start in America under an honest decent new political system. That goes for Britain and Israel too.

There is enough wealth in the world for all people to live decently and well. For a very few people to have untold wealth and power whilst billions of other people cannot even get enough food to eat or clean water to drink every day is a monstrous crime. Yet, Britain, America and Israel spend billions and billions on stupid horrible wars without having a second thought about it, simply to keep a few ignorant fascists in power – all under the pretence of protecting ‘democracy and freedom’. Well, my friends in those countries, if you really believe that you have those things I suggest that you use them to get rid of the tyrants who rule over you, and quickly whilst you still have the time. In trying to do so, you will undoubtedly see the real face of your country as I did mine. The rest of the world has seen the truth and it will not much longer tolerate the hate of real freedom and democracy that comes out of Britain, America and Israel, no matter what the cost of resisting that hatred may be.

That resistance is indeed taking place in the above named countries has been demonstrated by the huge increase of police powers and armaments. The authorities are looking upon simple public demonstrations almost as ‘terrorist acts’ and those committing them are hauled off to jail on the flimsiest of excuses. In any real democracy, the police would be protecting these demonstrators, standing up for their right to protest not persecuting them. But instead of that we see the police brutally attack and beat up protestors time after time, acts upon their fellow citizens that prove just how willing the police are to ‘follow orders’ no matter how wrong or undemocratic those orders may be. Honest journalists have become a prime target for these police thugs who now also see themselves as being above the law. Indeed, almost unlimited police powers under the various ‘terrorist acts’ now in force have placed the police into the position of being the new ‘Gestapo’ who can round up people at will and do to them whatever they wish without fear of any reprisal from their superiors. Again, apparently to instill fear in other people lest they too decide to stand up for their rights and protest. So, people who once believed that their police and security services could never be like the German Nazis under any circumstances are now having to think again. Fascism is a breeder of Nazis no matter what country tolerates or promotes it. And any country that does so cannot be a democracy, only a police state no matter what its leaders claim it to be.

That is why Britain, America and the Israeli governments are so afraid of their populations today. When such huge police powers are needed to control what are claimed to be free societies it becomes quite obvious over time that ‘freedom’ is just a word and unless it is allowed to flourish it simply doesn’t exist. Indeed, under overpowering secrecy laws and restrictions of all kinds, freedom cannot exist, and many millions of people are finally realizing that, some of who are becoming brave enough to dissent and protest no matter what the result of their doing so may be.

When many prominent people in any society commit dissent and protest, their governments become more afraid than ever. When ordinary people dissent, governments usually write them off as ‘cranks and troublemakers’ but when prominent highly intelligent people speak out many people listen to them. Highly respected people are looked upon as being dangerous by governments. That is why dictators and other tyrants quickly get rid of such people whenever possible. Unlike most other people who can be hoodwinked, intelligent people cannot so easily be fooled by government deceptions. They see through glib political charades and dissect them until the truth is clearly revealed. Politicians hate dissents, and other people who see through their lies. They prefer ignorance every time when people can be fooled and deceived into doing almost anything under the guise of ‘supporting patriotism’ or some other fine sounding phrase. Not something any decent person of note would ever fall for. They require proof regarding government actions and are prone to quickly speaking out when they disagree. And they can’t be bribed into silence by royal honors, medals or positions of authority as most other people are. They will settle for nothing but the truth. If that is not forthcoming, they continue to protest and expose government corruption wherever they find it. Which today, unfortunately, is almost everywhere one cares to look? I’m talking about John Pilger, Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti and other researchers. These brave people often pay dearly for their honesty. Security ‘smear artists’ trash their reputations relentlessly, and they are almost always denied real positions of authority in any profession. Indeed, in many cases they are denied any employment at all. They suffer in many ways that the general public never gets to hear about. But these men and women are the real heroes of our time. My respect for them knows no bounds. Eventually, one way or another, the whole world will become aware of their contribution to the future when real freedom and democracy does finally exist for us all.

The largest terrorist networks in the world, organized and run by Britain, America and Israel, have all committed gross human rights crimes, yet these countries dare to lecture other countries on the ‘evils of terrorism.’ This must surely be the highpoint of hypocrisy. That these terrorist states dare to try and dictate what sovereign countries worldwide can or not do is laughable. Do they really think that decent men and women would stoop to commit the same vast crimes against their own and other people as Britain, America and Israel has, and still does? They must think that everyone is a fascist.

If the mainstream media fairly reported, what is happening in our world much of the horror we face would be exposed and hopefully be ended by a huge public outcry. But it doesn’t report the truth. Simple omission of facts and gross censorship is rife throughout the industry. Many dissidents in Britain reported gross human rights abuses by the security services there, including torture, for well over ten years but not one newspaper printed a single word about what was happening. They still don’t. Web sites that dared to do so were quickly closed down. To a lesser extent, the same things happen in the United States. The mainstream media is owned by huge corporations – the same organizations that are behind much of the suffering in the world, so any article that would in any way expose these vast corporations for what they really do is simply censored out of the news. Many so-called facts put out in the media are no more than blatant distortions and lies, particularly so where articles about countries apposed to US domination are concerned. Most of what British and American’s read in their newspapers is little more than trash. If you want the truth about almost any story of note you have to do your own research to get at the real facts. You certainly won’t find them in any mainstream newspaper. Their real purpose is propaganda and they do it very well.

Dr Les Dove


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